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Hit the Juicy Stakes login, visit the Tangente page and what do you see?  ‘Virtual Vegas’ in lights.  It is listed alongside online table games and video poker…  So, what is it?  Here are a few clues.  It’s Vegas, it’s virtual and it can pay out a whack!

Here is What the Juicy Stakes Login Reveals

We all know the Juicy Stakes login is the key to the casino.  It is a security portal strictly reserved for registered patrons.  Without it, you can’t see further than the generic tabs cataloged under ‘Casino’ on the Juicy Stakes homepage.

Concealed behind the username and password-activated online gateway is a platform featuring games.  All are neatly arranged under a variety of headings, one of which represents Tangente Gaming.  That is where our mystery title resides.

Unpack the contents and what do you find?  It is the flagship of all gaming establishments, from Vegas to the virtual depths of cyberspace.  Over time, it has enjoyed a range of titles like fruit machine, one arm bandit and gaming machine.

Yup, you have guessed it.  Virtual Vegas is an online slot machine – a 5 reel and 25 payline coin-operated gaming machine to be precise.  In its current iteration right here at Juicy Stakes Casino, it isn’t so much coin-operated as it is bankrolled via your Juicy Stakes account!

Why Virtual Vegas is a Jackpot Software Flagship Slot

You are probably wondering why we have focussed on this particular slot.  There are literally hundreds of other equally enticing reel-based online casino games to pick and choose from.  Why Virtual Vegas?

How about ginormous prizes or free spins with double the posted payouts?  What about a pick-a-sign bonus game with jaw dropping instant cash wins?

If that is not enough to get you to formalize your Juicy Stakes login details, listen up.  There is one more exciting revelation.  Virtual Vegas has a progressive jackpot in play .  The only proviso is betting maximum is a mandatory requirement.  That is if you have any intention of gunning for the major money prize.

In every other way, Virtual Vegas is a conventional online casino game.  It has a standard 5-reel structure and fixed paylines.  Bets range from $2.50 to $1,250 per spin – so there is plenty of flexibility when it comes to how much you’re prepared to lay on the line.

When you load the game on your desktop or phone, you are assured of one thing.  The entire performance is in keeping with a Jackpot Software slot developed on the HTML5 platform.  What that means is that the action is smooth and lag free and the graphics are crisp, clear and immersive.

Turn the audio up and you have the authentic sounds of a genuine slot machine.  All in all, you will be forgiven for thinking the Juicy Stakes login is the access point for an out-of-body experience.  It goes something like this…

Enter your deets, hit the Juicy Stakes login button and you are at the Bellagio, MGM Grand or Caesars Palace… just like that.  What is equally weird is you haven’t left the comfort of your easy chair!

Wouldn’t that be awesome?  A Juicy Stakes login that unlocks access to all the B&M casinos in Vegas?  Now back to reality and why Virtual Vegas deserves its name in lights.

Play for Prodigious Real Money Prizes

We mentioned ginormous payouts.  The fact of the matter is you have to hit five of a kinds to be in the money.  How much money are we talking about?  The wild delivers a top prize of 2,500 x the line bet.  Do the sums and that is a win of $125k in hard currency.

Thereafter it is only the treasure chest that significantly loosens up the largesse.  Match five icons across a payline and you will bank 1,000 x the payline wager.  What is that in real money?  Does $5,000 sound about right?  We bet it does!

The remaining seven gaming icons deliver between 5 x and 150 x apiece.  That is for the complete set.  You will find the payouts for three- and four-strong permutations are noticeably lower.  This is definitely not a drawback…

The discrepancy in prizes is happily offset by the slot’s high hit frequency.  Add the bouquet of four in-game bonus features and you are more than adequately compensated!

Let’s delve into our overview of the extra ways to win inherent in Virtual Vegas progressive jackpot slot that a simple Juicy Stakes login will afford you.

Benefit From Four Big Paying Bonus Features

The key special effects in this Juicy Stakes Casino slot are the scatter, wild, free spins and bonus game.  The scatter is represented by the free spins icon.  It pays up to 62.50 x the total stake when five matching icons appear anywhere on the game board.

The scatter also triggers 10 free spins.  During the free game time all the posted payouts, with the exception of the jackpot prize, are automatically doubled.  The wild plays the conventional role of a joker – aka a replacement symbol – on the reels.

Now, here is when things can get really interesting.  When you hit a five-for in wilds, you get paid the top 2,500 x prize.  You also bag the progressive jackpot – but only if you have a maximum bet in-play!

The good news is the jackpot seeds at $1,000.  Thereafter, 1% of every wager is added to the pot.  By simply playing after your Juicy Stakes login, you’re effectively funding one of the best investments that could be yours.  As for keeping track of the current jackpot balance – there is a live and ticking meter displayed above the reels.

The potential to hit paydirt does not end there though.  The Mega Bonus sign is both a paying symbol and a bonus trigger.  Hit three or more icons and you are transported to a second screen featuring four identical neon signs.  Select one to reveal cash wins of up to 200 x the line bet!

Are you ready to visit Virtual Vegas, no headset required?  If that is your game plan, then sign up, enter your Juicy Stakes login credentials and play.  To enjoy the full online gaming experience, we suggest you claim a bonus along the way – and we have plenty of them!


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