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The best online slots offer bonus features over and above payline wins.  That’s the norm.  Now players at Juicy Stakes Casino can take advantage of an additional gamble – and it is a sweet one at that!  Do you want to know how to double your winnings?  It’s as easy as ‘pick, tap and play’!

How to Boost Your Winnings in One-Step

When you open the video slots listed under the Betsoft and Nucleus tabs you are in for an awesome treat.  Apart from the quality and functionality of the software, the game themes are varied and interesting.  Along with unique features likes cascading symbols, walking wilds, free spins and multi-level games-within-games, there are some slots where you can boost the balance in your Juicy Stakes Casino account – pronto!

We are of course referring to the double feature, a gamble that you can take to double, or even quadruple, the winnings generated by the preceding payout premutation on the reels.  That effectively means that whatever you win in the base game you can double, simply by tapping on the corresponding button on the gaming interface.

Double Feature Game Mechanics  

The actual mechanics of the double feature can be in the form of a heads or tails coin toss.  In some of the games at Juicy Stakes Casino you have to pick a colour or suit and wait for a playing card to be dealt in order to determine whether you have won the gamble… or lost.

The double up rules do change from slot to slot.  In some instances, you have the option to gamble half or all of your latest winnings.  What’s more, you can carry on gambling as many times as you want, provided you keep on choosing the correct side of the coin or colour or suit of the card.  In other Juicy Stakes Casino slots, you may have to go for broke and risk your entire payout in a one-off attempt.

What is standard across the board is the double feature is only available after standard payline wins.  That of course means winnings generated during the free spins round or in the bonus game cannot be gambled.

Impact of the Gamble Feature on the Edge and Payout Rate 

You may want to know whether the double feature has any impact on your overall win rate?  The easy answer is no.  As you are probably aware, all online casino games are designed with an inbuilt advantage to the house.  This is known as the house edge.  

On the flip side of the edge is the average return to player (RTP).  The RTP is quoted as a percentage and is basically the long term payout probability of a particular online slot.  As the double feature is essentially a standalone gamble, it has no effect on the edge or the RTP.  Those statistics are basically set in stone.

Probability of Doubling the Winnings in Online Slots 

What is the probability of winning the double gamble?  That depends entirely on the kind of gamble you have to take.  If it is a coin toss, there are only two possible outcomes – heads or tails – and that means it is basically an even money bet with a calculated probability of just under 50%. 

If, however, you have to choose one of four playing card suits – spades, hearts, diamonds or clubs – there is a one in four chance of winning and doubling your winnings.  As a result, the probability of picking the correct suit is around 25%

When you compare the gamble option with many other bets at Juicy Stakes Casino – and any other online casino for that matter – it is one of the better bets.  It is also one you should consider taking but only under certain circumstances.

What About the Game’s Volatility?

You now know the double gamble cannot influence the established payout percentage or house edge.  How about the volatility?  Can it affect the level of risk inherent in a slot game?  This time the answer is an ambiguous ‘yes and no’.  Here’s why.

When you gamble winnings of nominal value, the risk is low.  Even if you do lose it won’t really have a major impact on your bankroll or how much time you can spend playing the game at Juicy Stakes Casino.  However, if you choose to gamble payouts of $50 or $100 or more, the risk increases and with it the game’s volatility.

When to Gamble Your Winnings in Slots

The point we are trying to make is adopting a strategic approach to the double feature is a good idea.  In other words, only gamble the winnings you can afford to lose.  When you do that there is zero chance of busting your bankroll all in one go.  At the end of the day, it all boils down to playing the ‘long game’ at Juicy Stakes Casino and whether you are inclined or averse to risk!

Which Juicy Stakes Casino Slots Have the Double Feature? 

Listing all the slots at Juicy Stakes Online Casino that invite players to double their winnings would basically fill up a few pages.  Instead, we have cherry picked a few of the high hit video slots from the Betsoft and Nucleus game libraries – and here they are.

Betsoft slots with the double up feature: 

  • Spinfinity Man
  • Viking Voyage
  • Chillipop
  • The Ancient Owl of Athena
  • Bamboo Rush
  • At the Copa

Nucleus Slots where gambling the winnings is optional: 

  • Pixie Magic
  • The Ogre Village
  • Ruby Jade
  • Kitty Cutie

Now that you know the pros and cons of hitting the Double button in slots, why not sign up and see whether you can add a bit of extra cash to your Juicy Stakes Casino account?


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