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You’ve got a $1k poker welcome bonus burning a hole in your pocket. There are 90 days to clear the cash. It is a countdown… Do you play at low stakes or high stakes or is there another way of achieving your goal at Juicy Stakes?

To some players this might be a no-brainer and the way forward will be crystal clear. To the rest – those of you who’d like to know how to optimize your Juicy Stakes Poker welcome bonus – keep reading!

3 Options for Poker Welcome Bonus Clearance

The question you have to ask yourself is this. Can I win consistently playing at low stakes or high stakes? The answer depends on two factors. The first is your poker-playing skills. If you are still a bit of rookie, low stakes may be the way to go.

The second factor is how many hands you intend to play per hour, per day and per month to achieve your objective. That is the key to claiming the full welcome bonus. If you do not have the time or inclination to be in the action night and day, low-stakes cash games are out.

How about jacking up the chase for the entire poker welcome bonus? That may not be as difficult as you think. By virtue of the fact every dollar in tournament fees earns more in terms of comp points, that could be your saving grace.

Here is another element to consider. Winning has nothing to do with poker welcome bonus clearance. It is simply an added boon. Here is why.

Winning is a Bonus but Every Dollar Raked Counts

Whether you lose more hands than you win, every dollar raked counts. The reason being you earn Frequent Player Points – the Juicy Stakes equivalent of comp points – at a rate of 1 FPP for $1 raked. If you go on to win the pot, that is great.

Is playing poker at low or even micro stakes the best way of releasing the full poker welcome bonus? It could be. Statistically, the average win-to-loss ratio when playing $0.02/$0.05 games is around 80 to 20. That is in terms of hands played.

The problem is your points earning capabilities are severely curtailed by the stakes. You have to play loads of rounds to achieve the required FPP tally – and that is to unlock just one $5 increment of the poker welcome bonus.

The bottom line is when you play low-stakes games there is a higher probability of winning. The reason being it is simply not the domain of experienced players. The big negative is it will take you an eon to clear the bonus. You literally have to be at the tables 24/7.

High Stakes: Win Less, Clear Quickly

Move up the stakes to $10/$20 games and here is the deal. At higher limits the average win to loss ratio drops to approximately a 60 to 40 split – and that is when you are having a good session. You also have to play at a consistently high level over the long-term to get anywhere near those numbers.

Higher stakes obviously attract better players. That translates into more variance. When variance is high, the odds of winning consistently are not in your favor.

What playing at high stakes does achieve is an improved FPPs earning rate. When you play poker at high stakes you can clear the poker welcome bonus in double-quick time. The downside is if your skill levels are dodgy, you lose - and not necessarily only once in a while!

Tournament Play: #1 Poker Welcome Bonus Clearing Mechanism!

How about the third option for clearing the poker welcome bonus? That of course is competing in online poker tournaments. In this scenario you earn 7 FPPs for every dollar you pay in tournament fees at Juicy Stakes.

That immediately accelerates the rate at which the bonus is incrementally awarded. By that measure alone, tournaments should be your go-to option – but which type of tournament is the best? At Juicy Stakes Poker, options range from freeze outs and deep stacks to freerolls, satellites and bounty events.

Why Bounty Poker Tournaments Rock

Why do we recommend bounty tournaments as a poker welcome bonus clearance option? In this type of event, you can win not once but twice! Here is how it works.

Each player in the contest has a bounty on his or her head. It can be anything from $1 to $10 or more. When you eliminate an opponent, you are awarded their bounty. The more opponents you KO, the greater the rewards.

That is cash you earn over and above the money in the tournament. What that effectively means is when you participate in a bounty tournament you win even when you lose. You also get a taste of some real gambling action.

In this type of event participants are incentivized to take more gambles. They are inclined to throw lots of cash on the table to achieve a knockout. It is a fast and furious way of banking plenty of loot, provided you have the requisite skills to withstand a bounty hunt of your own!

What you can be sure of is this. When you play Juicy Stakes poker tournaments you are moving at pace to achieve the core objective. That of course is clearing the poker welcome bonus before the 90-day window period elapses!

Get Your Poker Welcome Bonus at Juicy Stakes NOW!

How do you get your share of free cash? You register an account at Juicy Stakes, deposit at least $25 and enter the poker welcome bonus code in the cashier.

We will top up your funds by 200% up to a maximum of $1,000. Then it is up to you to earn FPPs by playing cash games at the stakes you are comfortable with. Alternatively, you can sign up and give our heart-pounding tournaments a go.

Either way, you can get your hands on the bonus cash. It is available in $5 increments. Go on… Sign up – and play! Besides the action in the poker room, you have any time access to hundreds of awesome online slots, video poker games, specialty games and table games at Juicy Stakes Casino!