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It’s undeniable that a poker bonus code is a key gambling component.  It unlocks free cash, after all, which provides vital funding that can make your bankroll last longer.  When that happens, the sky is the limit.  Finding the best one is where the challenge lies…

What Poker Bonus Code Means

If you are mystified by the term ‘poker bonus code’, you are not alone.  Unless you happen to be a seasoned gambler, you probably think it is some kind of complex algorithm or encryption technique used to protect or secure the poker bonus.  Well, you would be wrong.

A poker bonus code is simply a combination of letters and numerals used to identify a particular bonus.  When you enter the code at the Juicy Stakes Poker room, the corresponding bonus is released into your account.

When we talk about the best poker bonus code, we are really referring to the bonus itself… the money behind the tagline.  Online casinos and poker rooms typically offer an array of bonuses, most of which are published on the free offers or promotions page.

Some are match deposit bonuses.  Others are reload bonuses, free spins offers, and cashback and rakeback deals.  Not all these freebies are identified by codes.

The rakeback deal at Juicy Stake Poker, for instance, does not need a bonus code.  That is by virtue of the fact that the rakeback has to be requested from the cashier or customer support team.

Code-Activated Juicy Stakes Poker Bonuses

Now that we have the semantics out of the way, let us get back to the original question – what is the best poker bonus code at Juicy Stakes Poker?

In reality, there are currently only two code-activated bonuses available at Juicy Stakes – a 200% poker welcome offer and a 100% reload bonus.  Both are structured as a conventional deposit match bonus.

Determining which bonus is the best is not totally reliant on the amount of free cash that is up for grabs. There are other, equally important, factors to take account.

What to Consider When Selecting a Poker Bonus

When selecting a poker bonus, there are a few factors to consider, such as:

  • The total amount of the bonus
  • What you have to do to clear the bonus
  • And how much time you have to clear the bonus

The first factor is self-explanatory.  The second and third, not so much.  Here is a quick overview of what it means to clear a bonus – and how to go about it at Juicy Stakes Poker!

The first thing to note is there are rules governing the redemption of a bonus code at an online poker room.  These rules, or ‘terms and conditions’, if you will, outline basic player obligations that have to be met in order to release the bonus.

At Juicy Stakes Poker, you have to play real money poker games.  That way, you earn a predetermined number of Frequent Player Points (FPPs).  Only once the points’ tally (which we explain further below) matches the prescribed playthrough requirement, is the bonus, or a portion of the bonus, cleared, and available to use as free bets or tournament fees.

Why Percentages are Critical

Now back to our primary selection criteria – the bonus amount and the clearing requirements.  In the first instance, it is not so much the amount of money that is available – it is the percentage you get on top of the deposit that counts.

In the reload bonus, the deposit is matched dollar for dollar.  In the case of the welcome poker bonus code, the casino matches double that.  When you deposit $50, for example, you get an extra $50 and $100 on the reload and welcome poker bonus codes, respectively.  That is strike one for the welcome offer.

Bonus Clearing Criteria

Now to the clearing criteria as we mentioned earlier on...  At Juicy Stakes Poker, we pay bonuses in $5 increments.  To release each $5 increment, you have to accumulate precisely 83.335 Frequent Player Points.  Points are earned as follows:

  • 1 FPP for every $1 in rake
  • 7 FPPs for every $1 in tournament fees

Now, if you happen to claim the welcome poker bonus code and make a first deposit of $500, you would get an extra $1,000, payable in 200 x $5 increments.  In order to clear the entire bonus, you would have to spend $16,667 in rake.

As you can see, big is not always better when it comes to bonus codes!  That said, if you lower your expectations and the initial outlay to $30, you only have to clear $60 and contribute $1,000.02 in rake!

Last but not least, you have a limited amount of time in which to clear the bonus.  In the case of the welcome offer, there is a 90-day window period.  The reload bonus, on the other hand, has a 30-day limit.  That is strike two for the Juicy Stakes Poker welcome bonus code!

The Verdict

When you weigh up the core criteria of the welcome bonus versus the reload offer at Juicy Stakes Poker, there is a clear winner.  Not only is there a higher percentage of free cash available to first-time players at Juicy Stakes, but the clearing time limit is three times more relaxed.

On the downside, the welcome bonus code is only redeemable once.  That, of course, is when you first sign up at Juicy Stakes Poker and deposit funds into your account.  Although that is strictly true, what you have learnt from our article applies to all the free offers at Juicy Stakes, now and well into the future.

It will also serve you well to remember that we are always incentivising our players in one way or another.  Keep tabs on the promotions section and be sure to keep an eagle eye on your inbox for special offers – and maybe a poker bonus code or two!  Who knows what Juicy Stakes Poker has in store for you next…? Well, we do!

All things considered, the best poker bonus code is still and always will be the one that is quickest and easiest to clear.  All you have to do is register an account, check out your options and make the informed choice.  That way you can boost your bankroll, extend your time at the tables and hopefully win a lot more pots playing Texas Holdem and Omaha online!


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