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Have you ever gone to a store to buy shoes? You can’t just walk out with new shoes; you have to pay for them!  In the same way, you can’t play poker at Juicy Stakes Poker or any other poker room and walk out without paying. Poker rake is the way poker players pay the room!

Why Do Poker Players Think the Rake is Important?

Some poker rooms have an open ended poker rake.  This means that, especially in high stakes games, the rake can get quite high!  At Juicy Stakes, we cap the rake at $3 per hand.  The primary reason is that we can stay open and turn a fair and reasonable profit with a capped rake.

There is another reason we cap the rake in our games: we feel that some poker players might obsess over the rake and fail to give proper attention to other poker factors that are a lot more in their control.  Even in a game with an open rake, the rake is not in the players’ control.

Because the rake at Juicy Stakes is capped, we encourage poker players who prefer to play online, to play at Juicy Stakes Poker.  By the way, we know that there are some poker players who prefer playing at land based poker rooms.

We invest some effort trying to convince these players to move to an online poker room!  That will be the subject of a future article!  For now, let’s see what people obsess about that they should let go!

Each of the items in the article is something that many people obsess about.  If you can see the absurdity in these obsessions, you can see the irrelevance of the poker rake to your overall skill at poker.

How Old are You?

Age is truly not important in adults!  Some people are so obsessed with age that they refer to themselves as, for example, “seventy years young”!  All in all, from the time we reach out twenties, age is an irrelevant aspect of life that far too many people obsess about.


We are told ad infinitum that to lose weight we need to limit and count calories.  This led the early Weight Watchers people to bring an actual scale to restaurants!  Calories are important but if you want to eat 1000 calories per day and you eat 1100 calories one day, you’ll still lose weight!

The same applies, by the way, to people who are into intermittent fasting.  If you want to be on an 18-6 program and it turns into a 17-7 program, you will still benefit from the program!

The Developed World is Obsessed with Diets

Even as few as 100 years ago, most people still wondered wheeler they would be able to feed their kids every evening.  Today, people know that they eat too much junk food, a category of food that didn’t exist 100 to 150 years ago!

We are obsessed with fad diets and bemoan our “weakness” in not being able to stick with this month’s diet of all diets!

What Happened to My Endorphins?

When we exercise, we are supposed to produce endorphins that are supposed to make us feel mentally happy.  A lot of people bemoan the seeming lack of endorphins when they run, walk, swim, and so on.

Even if the endorphin rush you had hoped to get doesn’t materialize, you will still benefit from the exercise!


It would be much better if people obsessed about powerful thunderstorms that can cause flooding and knock down electric lines.  It would be quite proper to prepare a little for a short loss of electricity.  It would be smart to stock upon on a few essentials long before any weather crisis arrives

Nevertheless, most people wait for reports of a blizzard or hurricane coming before they rush to the supermarket to stock up on essentials and, them, what do they most obsess about?  Why, toilet paper!


A workable definition of a celeb might be someone with limited talent who does have the abundant ability to make average people care about everything they do!  We watch awards shows where an entertainment segment gives itself awards!

How Many Years Does it Take to Realize that a TV Series Has Become Boring?

Once a show is a hit, it can live on as people arrange their schedules around “the next episode”! The hit series Friends started to get boring around the fifth year and then was so boring that if could have won Emmys for boredom!

The Oh, Monty, Monty Bucket List Syndrome

Having a bucket list is a good thing especially in the almost-post corona virus era!  But some people obsess about what they should include on their bucket list.  We have a bucket list that is at least 100 items long and we are well aware that we will be lucky to see ten percent of the places on the list!

The same applies to people who are obsessed about “reading the classics”!  No one can read all of the classics!  Some people are so obsessed with reading the classics that they devote time that would be better spent actually reading instead obsessing about how much they will neve get to read!

Another part of this category is the “what gift should I give list”!  Have you ever been on vacation with someone who wants to buy gifts but can’t decide what to buy?


Pets are important companions for many people but when we start to buy entire wardrobes for our pets and to color coordinate their clothes, we are in obsession territory.

People also color coordinate themselves!  It is one thing to coordinate a top and a bottom.  It is another thing to add one’s hand bag to the color coordination list.  The really obsessive people color coordinate their clothes with their dog’s clothes!

Being on Time

It is often very important to be on time!  Some people come to a meeting so early that they end up walking around the block a few times until the time of the meeting


One of the main areas of obsessive self-doubt is in the desire to not appear stupid about wine or whisky!  We need to realize that a lot of people pretend to know what they are talking about when it comes to wine and whisky.


We could not complete a fun article like this without a shout out to the lowly toothpaste tube.  Should we fold it up from the very first squeeze or should we let the tube be until we want to get a few final squeezes out of it?


We also have to admit that a little minor obsessiveness is often the driving force between being average and being above average. We should embrace uncertainty to a certain extent.  Poker is a game that takes uncertainty to the highest level.

Many other games of skill actually have very little uncertainty.  Chess is often called the King of intellectual games but chess is entirely open!  There is no real uncertainty involved at all!  Poker has large measures of uncertainty and, as long as we don’t obsess too much about these uncertainties, we can become better poker players.

One thing is certain for sure: If you play online poker at Juicy Stakes Poker, you will have every opportunity to excel at the poker game of your choice and at the stakes level of your choice!



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