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Here at Juicy Stakes Poker, we have been aware for some time that poker has grown in popularity every year and is now global in scope. Global poker is a phenomenon that took a long time coming and then exploded in popularity.

The Internet of All Poker Games

While many people still play poker at on-land poker rooms, it has been the internet that has allowed poker to gain global reach and become global poker. There are four concomitant explanations for the great growth of poker online.

Juicy Stakes Poker Leads the Way

While Juicy Stakes is a major online poker room, we are not alone. The internet has allowed online poker to flourish. One of the many benefits of online poker is that players can play many different poker games and they can start at low stakes.

It isn’t always possible to play at micro-stakes at an on-land poker room!

YoutubeHas Become s a Major Player in the Online Poker Boom

Simply put, YouTube carries many poker highlights and not a small number of lowlights! The great World Series of Poker win by Chris Moneymaker gave online poker players the feeling that they, too, could win large sums of money playing poker.

The fact that Chris Moneymaker qualified by winning online poker tournaments added to the draw that online poker had and continues to have on players.

Big time winners in poker can earn over one million dollars per year and even at single tournaments.

Play from Home

The fact that there are many excellent online poker rooms such as Juicy Stakes Poker means that poker players can play without having to spend money travelling.

This is extremely important since the money saved can be used either to play poker, to study the game, or for any other worthwhile purpose!

Speed Makes a Difference

Texas Hold’em was made popular only in the 1950’s. Before that it was greatly popular in West Texas but the news had not yet gone out that there was a great, new poker variation about!

The technology of communication was not yet fully developed even in the 1950’s! people didn’t know about Texas Hold’em until it was brought to Las Vegas in the 1950’s.

What was once−and very recently−a local poker variation, has now become a global poker variation!

Is Poker a Business?

For a small number of professional poker players, poker is a business. Poker is also a business to poker rooms both online and on land. For the vast majority of poker players, poker can qualify as an entertainment, a hobby, or a happy pastime.

Affluence Has Driven Poker in the Post-war Era

We often forget that before the end of World War II, the entire world was mired in a deep depression. Wartime spending brought high employment to most countries that were directly involved in the war.

Still, there was widespread fear that the depression would come back as soon as the war ended. It was a great relief to find out that war manufacturing quickly turned over into domestic manufacturing throughout the most established economies.

It was the affluence of the 1950’s and beyond that spurred on many economic sectors such as gaming, travel, clothing, music, and many more. Gaming and travel worked together in a kind of happy synergy as many people TRAVELLED to a land-based casino to PLAY casino games including poker.

Every business sector that flourished in the post-war boom economies became a global phenomenon.

Affluence and Entertainment

The great post-war affluence affected the amount of disposable income a family or an individual had for entertainments. One quick example from the world of baseball fits in well here.

Until the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, a baseball team in the United States could feel that season had gone well from the attendance standpoint if over 1,000,000 people had come out to watch games in person.

As ticket prices rose, the unexpected result was that attendance shot up. Now, a seasonal attendance of over 2,000,000 people is considered essential. There has been one dramatic change in the composition of attendees at baseball games. Whereas families used to make up a large percentage of attendees, now families are almost shut out by the high ticket costs.

As a result, baseball stadiums are seeing a lot more people out on a date attending baseball games.

Affluence Begat Land-based Poker Rooms

Before online poker rooms appeared in the 1990’s, poker was exclusively played at on-land poker rooms. Players were reluctant at first to play poker online. There was a feeling that landed poker gave players more information about a hand.

It is true that on land amateur poker players gave away a lot of information through tells that opponents could not see online. Soon a lot of players who generally lost on land had discovered online poker where their telegraphing of important information through their body language no longer happened.

Covid 19 Began the Golden Age of Online Poker

When the crisis hit and government officials were at a loss as to how to handle the crisis, they decided to close down entire economies. Land-based poker rooms were closed for months.

Suddenly, millions of poker players came to Juicy Stakes Poker and other online poker rooms! In addition to being able to play poker online as often as they wished to do so, the new online poker players discovered other equally important reasons to stay at online poker rooms even when the land-based rooms had finally reopened.

No Travel Costs

Does any poker player have something to do with former travel money? We know that the answer is a resounding YES! By saving on travel costs, poker players have found a massive number of options for said money.

Low Stakes Beckon New Players

At land-based poker rooms, it might not be possible to find a game at the low stakes a player is most comfortable with. Juicy Stakes offers games at very low stakes for neophyte players, players who need low stakes to stay within a budget, or players who simply feel most comfortable at low stakes.

There is Very Little Intimidation in Online Poker

Any amateur who has locked horns with Phil Helmuth knows how powerful intimidation can be. Helmuth is not afraid to berate an amateur for “playing a hand wrong” even if by playing the hand “wrong” they beat the Great Helmuth!

Poker Has Always been Popular among Friends

Poker among friends is a great way to spend a Friday night! Still, friends are all local. Online poker has the ability to make poker global. At Juicy Stakes Poker, players can play against people from every corner of the globe.

Ergo global poker!

Juicy Stakes Poker is the great online poker room for all types of poker players!