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If you’re planning on playing casino games for real money online, you should take a few minutes to explore what does wagering mean at the online casino. Wagering online involves multiple steps including creating a casino account, having your account validated, funding your casino account, betting according to your personal betting preferences and withdrawing your wins.

Online casinos differ in their wagering requirements. Some casinos are extremely security-focused and are strict in their demands regarding deposits and withdrawals. Other casinos take a more easygoing approach to wagering but make the process of withdrawing payouts quite difficult.

Age limits for wagering vary from one casino to the next and from one jurisdiction to the next, fees differ from one online casino to another and you can’t always be certain that you will be able to transfer your payouts into your own currency.

Finally, policies regarding crypto payments and withdrawals differ from one casino to the next. Some casinos welcome crypto transactions with extra bonuses for crypto users while others disallow cybercurrency transactions altogether.

In short, if you’re planning to play online for real money, check out each casino’s wagering requirements to ensure that you can make transactions that are convenient for your personal betting needs and expectations.

Should You Bet?

Before you place a wager on your casino game, you need to consider whether or not you should, in fact, bet.

First, think about whether or not you are familiar with the game that you plan to play for real money.

Some games, like slots, and lottery games like bingo and keno, are purely dependent on luck so there’s no real reason to worry about how well you know the game – just try out the game in the Free Mode a few times so that you learn the basics of the game, its levels and its bonuses and then go ahead and make your deposit at any preferred betting level.

Other games like poker, blackjack and roulette involve an element of skill. You simply won’t have the same advantages as seasoned gamers if you don’t understand the pay tables, the odds and the basic strategies of the game. For that reason, it’s best to learn more about those games before you start playing them for cash.

Secondly, be real about your financial situation. If your entertainment budget is lavish, go ahead and bet on a VIP level and enjoy all the benefits that the casino grants to high rollers. If, however, your entertainment budget is limited, bet accordingly.

If you’ve finished your entertainment budget for the month, simply play in the Free Mode for free until you’re ready to start betting again.

How to Bet?

When you place your first real money wager, you’ll need to link your casino account with your preferred method of ebanking. The online casino accepts multiple methods of currency transfers including wire transfers, cybercurrency payments, credit and debit cards and evouchers and ewallets.

To connect your account with your ebank, navigate to the Juicy Stake’s Banking page and pick your preferred ebank. The casino supports Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit and debit cards, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin cybercurrencies, EFT Electric Fund Transfer, Interac, CashtoCode, Neosurf and eZeeWallet ebanking institutions.

All of these methods feature instant processing times and low minimum deposits of between $10 and $25. Withdrawal amounts are dependent on the method used – cybercurrency withdrawals allow you to withdraw up to $2500 per withdrawal while other withdrawal maximums let you withdraw anywhere from $180 to $800.

Each player must decide for him or herself which is the optimum method of depositing and withdrawing funds for his or her gaming events.

Terms of Service

All real money players are urged to read the online casino’s Terms of Service before embarking on any gaming activities. Juicy Stakes online casino reminds all players that it is their responsibility to adhere to these terms of use. Some of the terms that pertain to real money betting at Juicy Stakes that you should keep in mind include:

  • All payments and payouts are calculated in US dollars.
  • All fees and interest that your ebank levies are your responsibility.
  • Juicy Stakes has the option of restricting the number of tables on which you are playing or the speed at which you are playing if they feel that you are playing too fast or losing too much money.
  • Juicy Stakes is not responsible for any accidental bets that you place – this often comes when a gamer plays at multiple tables or switches tables too quickly so it’s your responsibility to make sure that this doesn’t happen.
  • You must fulfill the Frequent Player Points requirements in order to collect Poker Bonuses. These poker bonuses are paid out in increments of $5 and are credited directly to your account.
  • After you achieve 100 Frequent Player Points (FPPs) you can begin to make withdrawals.
  • It is each gamer’s personal responsibility to report any wins to the relevant tax authorities and pay the taxes as required by their jurisdiction.
  • Players are permitted 1 (one) transfer per day.
  • Each player can make deposits in his or her name only.
  • The casino reserves the right to verify each player’s identify, age and banking information.
  • The casino reserves the right to void any player’s account if they don’t abide by the Terms of Service.
  • The casino will close the account of any user who doesn’t log in over the course of one year. At that point, the player’s entire account balance and accumulated promotional items will be deemed forfeited.