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How do you boost the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus and have a hog-killin’ time?  By playing Wild West themed online slots by Betsoft.  If the Yukon gold rush, mean-looking outlaws and pistol-packing lawmen pique the interest – it is time to unleash the cowboy within.

When it comes to ‘best’ in terms of game mechanics, Gold Canyon and The True Sheriff slots are streets ahead of the rest.  Here is why Betsoft Gaming – and our star-rated Wild West themed slots – are considered oh so awesome!

Exploit the Player-Friendly Game Mechanics of Top Online Slots

What is so great about slots by Betsoft?  Well, it is not so much the rousing game themes, inimitable character symbols, in-your-face 3D graphics and awesome animations that capture the attention.  Rather, it is the player-friendly game mechanics that hit the spot.

Sign up at Juicy Stakes Casino, load one or both of our Wild West themed slots onto your gaming device and you will know what we mean.  At first take, the bonus features may appear to be commonplace – which, theoretically, they really are.

Is the Frequency of Payline Wins a Game Changer?

It is, however, the frequency of the payline wins and alacrity at which the wilds and scatters appear to pump up the credit balance, that elevates Gold Canyon and The True Sheriff slots into a class of their own!  That, my friends, is what really counts!

Throw in the animated theatrics, which define the Betsoft Gaming brand, and you have got unfettered access to real money gaming excellence.

What is equally notable is the fact that bets generate Frequent Player Points (FPPs) and Gold Chips which, in turn, determine the value of the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus!

That is our Wild West themed Betsoft slots in broad brush strokes.  Now to a more in-depth analysis of each slot:

Gold Canyon Slot – 5 Stars for Payability

Themed on the Yukon gold rush and featuring quintessential icons of the Wild West, Gold Canyon slot has a conventional 3 x 5 reel set and 20 paylines.  Fast moving reels enable a rapid turnover of spins, which is especially gratifying, considering there is literally a payline win on every other reel activation.

In this Juicy Stakes Casino slot, the payouts are comparatively mediocre, culminating at just 300 x the line bet for five gold ingots.  However, the frequency of the payline wins more than makes up for the average pay table.

Special Features are Always Around

That is the standard gaming action.  How about the special feature symbols – the wild and scatter?  How effective are they?

The expanding wild cowboy is more than capable of delivering back-to-back big wins.  In fact, when we gave the reels a roll, we banked $91.50 and $80.75 over three spins with a $3 wager in-play… all thanks to the wild.

In this game, the dynamite scatter pays up to 30.00 x the line bet, rather than the total stake.  However, the scatters can explode.  When that happens, they are replaced by a new set of symbols for one free respin – and that provides a second payout opportunity.

Easily Activated Free Games Feature

Along with generating prizes and possible respins, the scatter activates free games at a rate of one free game for every exploding scatter.  As a result, the number of free games is usually around four or five… but, to compensate players, the feature is activated within every 25 to 30 spins!

Bet Big and Build the Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus Quick-Quick

Here is a free tip for you.  Bet as much as you can comfortably afford on Gold Canyon slot.  Not only are the prizes commensurate with the value of the wager.  You can accumulate FPPs at a quicker rate, move through more loyalty levels and, in so doing, increase the value of your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus!

The True Sheriff Slot – 5 Star Entertainment

Where Gold Canyon slot provided enhanced game mechanics, arguably at the cost of aesthetics; The True Sheriff slot is loaded with both these elements.  In fact, in terms of spectacle, this is one of the best Betsoft slots to hit the reels at Juicy Stakes Casino.

Besides an animated sheriff blasting the reels from the side lines and photo-realistic graphics that leap from the screen, what else is awesome about the 5 reel and 30 payline slot?

How to Get Juicy Payouts at Juicy Stakes

How about a juicy pay table, surprise wilds and sheriff’s badges that accumulate to deliver sizzling hot prizes?  Well, there is that and more…

First, to the pay table.  In this humdinger of a game, you can bank up to 1,200 x the line bet when the sheriff lines up five-fold on the screen.  That is paydirt according to the standard gaming symbols.  When you hit the wild pistol, the top prize soars to 3,000 x the payline bet.

A Wild Activated Bonus Round as an Added Attraction

The wild plays its traditional role as a symbol substitute.  When it appears sandwiched between the sheriff and the outlaw – or vice versa – on paylines 1, 2 or 3, a heads or tails bonus round is activated to pump up the payout rate… or not!

Scatter Meter Tally Unlocks Extra Free Prizes

The scatter is the sheriff’s badge that pays a top prize of 3,000 x the line bet and unlocks up to 15 free spins.  During the free game rounds, each badge that appears is added to a meter and the eventual tally determines the value of yet another bonus prize.

What is the RTP for The True Sheriff Slot?

The True Sheriff slot is an action-packed bonus rich casino game.  It is the kind of the game that has so much going on, it is hard to keep track.  With an average return to player (RTP) of 97.03%, this Juicy Stakes Casino game is worthy of its status as one of the best Wild West themed slots.

An Oscar for X-Factor

How does True Sheriff slot compare with Gold Canyon slot?  In the context of game mechanics and payout rate, there is little to separate the two.  When it comes to x-factor, the True Sheriff slot takes gold.

What is cast in stone is the impact both the games can have on your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.  When it comes to FPP earning capabilities, all Betsoft slots award three FPPs for every $100 wagered at Juicy Stakes Casino!


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