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Fantasy slots have the power to whisk you away to an ethereal world populated with fairies, pixies, ogres and big dollar wins.  Find out how you can bump up your bankroll and revisit the magic of your childhood right here at Juicy Stakes Casino – the #1 gambling platform in the sky!

Every now and then we all feel the need to escape the humdrum of everyday life – and playing fantasy slots right here at Stakes Casino is one way to release the child within!  Thanks to the awesomeness of contemporary game developers, we can connect with wonderous woodland fairy tale creatures, duck and dive to avoid the ogre’s club – and tap in time to the Nordic beat as funky little trolls bow and shimmy across the reels.  All the while there is money coming in and money going out of the Juicy Stakes account – and that is exactly why playing slots at the casino is a favorite pastime for grownups all over!

What are the fantasy slots that not only turn heads in terms of graphics, audio and animations – but pay out pretty smartly too?  Well, now that you have picked up on the magical mystical ambience that always imbues great cinematic slots, it is time to get down to business.  In that spirit, let’s take a closer look at two great games that have the punch and presence of a Stakes Casino showpiece.

Ogre Empire Slot - An Epic with a Lot More than Magic 

In this beast of a Betsoft slot you will be blown away by so many terrific features it is hard to keep track.  What is immediately apparent is the animations are out of this world, the ogre is really quite a nice chap and the king and queen – who BTW only slip out at night – may be hard to pin down but when you do, there is the potential to hit pay dirt. 

On second take, you will be hard pressed to beat the big wins emanating from the rather exotic bloom that expands to randomly transform symbols into payout permutations… and nice fat chunky payouts they are.  In fact, during our auto spin spree we picked up a grand total of $280 for doing nothing more than appreciating the delicate pink petals of the money flower… but we do confess, it came at a cost of $12.50 a spin at the time.

Whack and Wait for a New Symbol Set 

Settle in to appreciate this 25 fixed payline slot and you will be amazed at the minutiae that are integrated into the action to give you a sensational Stakes Casino experience.  Firstly, you will soon cotton on to the fact that every time the ogre whacks the reel set with his club – a sight to behold especially considering the animation involved – you stand to bank quite a bit.  Why?  Well, the force of blow shatters the existing symbols and a new set falls into place.

Even if you don’t win a bucketload of coins, the sheer theatrics behind the spectacle is infinitely amazing.  You will never get tired of watching the ogre’s random reel attack – available now as an action replay right here at Juicy Stakes!

Two Unique Game Modes 

Then, of course, there is the fact that the game automatically transforms from day into night when the moon fills the middle reel; rewarding you with a 6 x bet multiplier as an afterthought.  When it’s dark and the moon is out, the ogre is fast asleep and his club inactive – but don’t fret; that is precisely when the king, queen and joker emerge from the shadows to deliver seriously WOW wins. 

Quite how much…?  That is something you’ll have to find out yourself by playing Ogre’s Empire slot at Juicy Stakes!  We can almost guarantee that you’ll hit royalty on the reels.  Then…  Night turns into day when the sun comes out, pays 4 x the stake and shakes the ogre out of his slumber.  It is then back to bet, spin, whack and win all over again, with the extraordinarily lucrative scented flower making an indelible mark on your Juicy Stakes Casino account!

What’s Hot in Ogre’s Empire Slot? 

  1. Fabulous graphics and animations
  2. Day and night modes with unique bet multipliers
  3. A standard and expanding wild
  4. Random club-activated symbol cascades
  5. Big paying nocturnal royalty who pop up as additional game symbols

Faerie Spells Slot - An Evocative Journey into Childhood 

With a delightful collection of fairy tale characters crafted in the trademark brilliance of the Betsoft Gaming brand, Faerie Spells is awash with memories of childhood – fairy goddesses, pixie princesses, gnarled tree gods and delicate will-o-wisps.  It may appear ethereal to the eye but when it boils down to dollars and cents, this super slot at Juicy Stakes Casino is brimming with payout potential.  Along with conventional game features like wilds, scatters and free spins, there are instant win toadstool treasures in the form of bet multipliers that can reach 20 x and more.

Toss in a potion-based bonus game that is part of the legendary Betsoft bonus trail system and you stand a chance of winning one of four Betsoft network jackpots that currently range from $10k to $84k.  The shared jackpots are the key game features in the free spins bonus round – but there is a neat little twist in the tail, especially for players who failed to trigger the free game time...  You can, at any stage of the game, use the innovative Buy-In Feature to activate the maximum 25 free spins on-demand.  There is, however, no guarantee at all that you will win anything at all – so it is a straight gamble, but a fun one at that, like everything else you do right here at Juicy Stakes Casino!

What are the Standout Features in Faerie Spells Slot? 

  1. An average return to player (RTP) of 96.03%
  2. Four network linked progressive jackpots
  3. Bet multipliers up to 20 x
  4. A maximum of 25 free spins available on demand… for a fee, of course
  5. A potion-infused trail bonus game  

Best of the Rest 

Ogre Empire and Faeries Spells are but two of the fantasy themed slots you can play right now at Juicy Stakes Casino.  The other games that deserve an honourable mention include Charms and Clover, Greedy Goblins and LOT Land of Trolls, a 6-reel slot that has an RTP of 98%.  Say what?  Yup, this Nordic money spinner may be naïve in design and limited in entertainment value but with that kind of payout rate, it has to be on your to-do list at Stakes Casino!


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