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Money machine slots are like the ATMs of gaming.  They are packed with features programmed to pay out in big dollar denominations.  Some casino money machine games even give you the means to unlock the largesse… at an extra cost!

Why Play Money Machine Slots Online

Casino money machine games can be reel- or card-based.  They are the online slots and video poker variants of Juicy Stakes Casino.  One requires limited skills and input on your part.  The other affords you the opportunity to enhance your chances of winning.  That requires strategic decision making which can be learnt in no time at all.

For the purposes of this article, we are focusing on money machine slots.  The spin games that are more automated and hands off rather than hands on.  These are the online casino games that dish out cash prizes for matching replicated symbols on the reels.

That is what is known as the standard gaming action.  You bet and hit the spin, or auto-spin, button.  When you hit 3 or more identical icons from left to right on the reels, virtual coins come tumbling from the gameboards and into your Juicy Stakes Casino account.

That is one small facet of money machine slots.  Another, far more lucrative element, is the embedded special effects inherent in these games.  They are the so-called bonus features integrated into gameplay.

It is the special effects that are essentially behind the ‘money machine’ moniker.  If you are lucky, you really can capitalize on the bonus mechanics in the game.

What are the Special Effects in Casino Money Machine Slots?

The big paying bonus features come in a range of configurations.  Each has a dedicated role to play on the reels.  Some like the wild symbols are grand old slots’ staples.  They are what the joker is in card games.

How have wilds been adapted for the Juicy Stakes Casino money machine dynamic?  They do more than simply sub for standard symbols.  They can expand, automatically clone themselves, walk across the reels spin-by-spin and even boost the payouts to massive new heights, thanks to the multiplier effect.

Sometimes, in the best money machine slots, wilds are sticky and multiplicative.  In other words, they are locked into position.  They also multiply standard line wins.  Both mechanics are active for the duration of a free spins feature or bonus game.

When wilds appear in duplicate, triplicate or even quintuplicate – remember, they are sticky after all – the embedded multipliers are multiplied together.  That, my friends, is when the big dollar payouts can go from a dream to a reality.

These at the casino money machine games to virtually earmark.  You can do that by adding them to your favorites list at Juicy Stakes.

So too are the online slots featuring recurring respins, cascading payline wins and instant cash prizes.  The reason?  There is a better than average probability of recouping your losses.  Better still, there is always a chance of gaining a profit in genuine USD currency!

The Potential Impact of the Buy Feature on the Payout Rate

As with all casino money machines, nothing is guaranteed.  You may hit a feature on the very first spin.  Or you may struggle to accumulate a fair number of standard payline wins.  The reason is of course the fact that fortune, good and bad, is the only factor that counts.

That is until game developers, like Betsoft Gaming, introduced the Buy Feature.  What is a Buy Feature?  The details are concealed behind the shopping trolly icon.  It can be found at the bottom of the gameboard of the best money machine slots.  This seemingly innocuous feature really can turn the loss to win ratio right on its head.

The Buy Feature is exactly what it sounds like.  You have the option to buy access to the primary bonus feature in that particular online slot.  The purchase price displayed on the icon is commensurate with your current bet.

As higher wagers deliver greater real money payouts, it stands to reason you have pay more to potentially get more.  What the Buy Feature does is take the waiting for the bonus action out of the equation.  It delivers instant access to free spins.  As you know, that is the gratis game rounds that are always chock-a-block with extra ways to win.

Tips for the Effective Use of the Buy Feature in Online Slots

When is the best time to use the Buy Feature?  You can adopt one of two ‘buy it’ strategies:

  1. You can take the high-risk approach and buy your way to fee gaming at the beginning of the session.  That may or may not pay off.  It all depends upon what the reels spin in.
  2. A better tactic is to accumulate a profit first.  A larger bankroll means you have more freedom to trigger the feature on-demand.  If you lose, it probably won’t mean the end of the current gaming session.

On the occasions we have paid the purchase price to trigger free spins, we have had mixed results.  On the one hand, we paid $85.50 for 10 free spins of Woodlanders video slot and hit it big.  The total tally at the end of the comp game rounds was $831.34 – almost 10 times the actual cost.

Woodlanders is, by the way, one of our recommended money machine slots.  Besides sticky wilds with multiplicative multipliers of up to 5 x, there are mystery symbols in play.  These symbols randomly appear on the gaming interface in stacked configurations.

Mystery symbol stacks also magically morph into the same standard game symbol.  That can mean a steady stream of coins going into your Juicy Stakes Casino account.  Mystery icons are the perfect gaming foils.  They can offset the cost of the wagers going out.

That was the first occasion we paid the asking price for immediate access to free spins.  On the second occasion, we were not so lucky.  In fact, we only got $19.20 back on our $85.50 outlay.  There was, however, a redeeming feature to our ‘loss.’

When we bought in to the bonus the second time around, we were essentially using the casino’s cash.  The reason being the positive balance in the betting account due to our first mega free spins $740 plus clear win.

Find Dozens of Money Machine Slots at Juicy Stakes

Woodlanders is not by any means the only money machine slot at Juicy Stakes Casino.  There are literally dozens of feature-rich titles listed under the Betsoft, World Match, Tangente and Nucleus tabs.

Take Romantic Holiday slot by World Match, for instance.  This casino money machine has the potential to sponsor a real idyllic romantic holiday!  Some of the features include:

  • cloning wilds
  • bonus bet multipliers up to 60 x
  • free spins
  • instant cash prizes intensified by an 8 x through to 20 x multiplier effect

At Juicy Stakes Casino, you do not have to spend hours looking for the best money machine slots.  Most of the games on the Betsoft and World Match catalogues easily fit the bill.  Sign up now and check your options out.