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The Juicy Stakes login is the key to the casino.  What takes pride of place at Juicy Stakes Casino?  Lots and lots of online slots.  Besides the usual array of games, there is a newcomer on the menu… and it is capable of delivering eye watering wins!

Juicy Stakes: The ‘New Games’ Online Casino

One of the many attractions of Juicy Stake Casino is our growing list of gaming opportunities.  We like to supply fresh and exciting new games to keep our patrons happy and engaged.  Whether you hit the Betsoft, World Match, Tangente of Nucleus tabs, you are likely to find a brand-new title to tease into action.

This time, the Juicy Stakes login is the conduit to a cracker of a game.  To the untrained eye, it is a conventional fruit machine slot by Betsoft Gaming.  When you open Triple Juicy Drops slot in your browser and give the grid a good go, you will find it is not conventional at all!

What makes Triple Juicy Drops unique?  Well, let’s count the ways it differs from the rest of the genre.  For one, the action takes place on a 5 x 5 grid and not a standard reel set.

For another, there are no paylines, pay ways or bet ways at all.  Matching symbols in three or more vertical or horizontal configurations pay out.  In other words, when like symbols lie adjacent to each other in partial or full columns or rows, you are in the money.

Thirdly, the game is essentially a hybrid between a classic fruit machine and a prize wheel – but, in this instance, there are three prize wheels in play.  Do you want to know more?  Well, you can activate the Juicy Stakes login by entering your credentials onsite and figure everything out yourself… or, you can first get the inside track right here!

How to Win Big Playing the All-New Juicy Stakes Casino Slot

How do you rack up the mega wins in this innovative Juicy Stakes Casino slot?  Besides achieving payout permutations in the usual way and getting paid out according to the pay table, wining symbols play a second, arguably more important, role.  Here is how it works…

On the right of the game grid are three prize wheel meters.  Each meter has a fixed symbol cap.  When you accumulate the number of symbols defined by the cap, the corresponding prize wheel is activated.

When that happens, you have one or more chances to win one of three prizes – free spins, a relatively small instant cash payout or yummy jackpots that escalate in value from large to massive, according to your betting stake.

Prize Wheel Meters in Triple Juicy Drops Slot

Here are the prize wheel meters in Triple Juicy Drops slot, together with their respective caps and maximum payouts:

  • The Spin Mini Wheel has a cap of 5 matching symbols and a maximum prize of 2,500 x
  • The Spin Super Wheel requires 15 activating symbols for a chance to win up to 10,000 x
  • The Spin Mega Wheel is activated by 25 accumulated symbols and a shot at prizes up to 100,000 x

Now, here is where the real challenge lies.  You only have 20 spins in which to accumulate 5, 15 or 25 identical fruit symbols.  As you no doubt remember, you do that by matching symbols vertically or horizontally on the grid.  Once the symbols have paid out, they are automatically added to the meter featuring the corresponding symbol.

Once 20 spins have elapsed, the symbols on the meter randomly change and the meters revert back to zero.  So, to clarify and conclude, you have 20 spins in which to accumulate 5, 15 or 25 of the symbols displayed on the meters at that point in time.

Additional Bonus Features

Although the prize wheels are undoubtedly the showstoppers in this Juicy Stakes Casino slot, there are additional bonus features to boost the overall win rate.  There is a conventional wild symbol that weaves its magic on the reels.  It also automatically appears on the grid when you hit five of a kind.

What is more, when you create a win consisting of a row and a column of matching symbols, wilds morph into wild prize multipliers with values up to 5 x!  Now do you see why we suggest you engage the Juicy Stakes login button, visit the Betsoft Gaming catalogue and navigate your way to Triple Juicy Drops in your browser right away?

That said, as with all good things – there’s more…  To give you a full picture of what you can expect, let’s delve into the next awesome attribute of Triple Juicy Drops Slot, which involves the scatter symbol.  In addition to winning a random number of free spins on the prize wheels, there is the usual scatter-activated free game time in play.

Hit three, four or five scatters anywhere on the grid and you’ll get 10, 12 or 15 free spins, respectively!  Remember to look out for the wilds during the complimentary game time.  They too can appear with prize multiplier values of up to 3 x.

Exploit Cascading Reels Via the Juicy Stakes Login

Last but not least, Triple Juicy Drops slot is one of several cascading reels slots available at Juicy Stakes Casino.  What are cascading reels?  The clue is in the name.  Think of awesome natural cascades like the Iguazu Falls, the Victoria Falls or Angel Falls and you’ve got the idea.

In the gaming world, cascading reels are a fab little feature integrated into the best online slots.  If you are lucky, they can enable recurring payline wins… on the same paid spin!

How do they do that?  Well, the symbols that create one or more payline wins dissolve and are replaced by new symbols sets that cascade from the top of the grid – like the water plummeting over a waterfall.  If those symbols happen to form a paying permutation, the gameplay recurs as outlined above.

Thanks to the Juicy Stakes Login and the cascading reels feature in Triple Juicy Drops slot, the sky is the limit.  In fact, you can exploit infinitely recurring payout action that only stops when there are no more winning combos on the grid.

Sign Up and Play

Do you want to play an online slot where you can win over and over again on a single paid spin?  If you do, register an account at Juicy Stakes, enter your credentials on the Juicy Stakes login page and head for the Betsoft Gaming catalogue.  Triple Juicy Drops is one of hundreds of quality online slots available right now at Juicy Stakes Online Casino!

Hold up – one final thing…  The Juicy Stakes login is your access point to our promotions page featuring a cache of free spins bonuses and our legendary cashback deal.  Go on!  Sign up, make a deposit and have fun playing the best of breed online slots, video poker variants and table games at Juicy Stakes.


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