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Whether you buy a house, sign-up for motor vehicle insurance or claim a sizzling hot Stakes Casino bonus… the devil is in the details.  What we mean by that is it’s the fine print in the contract that is the backbone of any agreement.

When you do not understand the fine print or can’t be bothered to read through the terms and conditions (T&Cs), that is when you can burn your fingers by taking on more than you can handle.

Before you rush into any financial commitment, it is essential to understand exactly what is expected from you - and that you can always find in the fine print.

Find Juicy Stakes Casino Bonus T&CS Posted Online  

At Juicy Stakes Casino hiding the bonus terms and conditions of use is not our game.  Our mission is to be as upfront and transparent about everything, from payout rates to random number generator (RNG) certification.

That is exactly why we feature the terms and conditions of all our bonus offers in easy to read bulleted points - to ensure there is absolutely no ambiguity around the important stuff like playthrough requirements, cashout limits and how long you have got to satisfy your end of the bonus bargain!

Unpacking the Casino Bonus Terms  

If you are a gambling novice you are probably scratching your head in bemusement.  Playthrough rules? Cashout limits?  What on earth do those terms mean? 

At Stakes Casino, we are here to help and our bonus terms and conditions guide is designed to do exactly that. Let’s take a look at the key variables that you have to bear in mind when you claim any bonus or promotion, at any casino online.

The Bonus Playthrough 

One of the most important elements to take into account is the playthrough.  This is essentially how many times you have to wager the bonus - or the deposit and the bonus - before you are entitled to cashout the winnings associated with that particular free offer.

The bonus playthrough can also be referred to as the wagering requirement, roll over or turnover.  It is traditionally represented by a numerical value followed by an x to denote the number of times the bonus has to be played through, wagered or rolled over.

Take our Juicy Stakes Casino Free Spins Welcome Bonus as an example.  Claim the bonus and any winnings accrued during the free spins have to be played through, wagered or rolled over 30 x.

What does that mean in real terms?  Well if you happen to win $17 playing one of the four bonus Betsoft slots for free, you have to spend $510 at the casino before you are entitled to withdraw the $17 in bonus generated cash.

What is the playthrough on the other Stakes Casino bonuses?  The Cashback Bonus is subject to 10 x playthrough, the blackjack bonus 15 x and the Slot of the Month Bonus 30 x - all of which are more than compliant with industry standards!

The Cashout Limit 

Most bonuses have a cashout limit.  This is the maximum amount in dollars that you can actually bank as winnings.  At some casinos the cashout limit is so low it is hardly worth redeeming a bonus coupon.

However, at Juicy Stakes Casino we are renowned for our generosity.  Take our free spins offers for instance. 

In all our slots bonuses you will soon discover that you can keep up to $250 in winnings.  The only proviso is you have to satisfy the 30 x playthrough first.

What’s more, at Stakes Casino we even offer freebies that have no cashout limit at all… zero, nothing, nada.  One such offer is our legendary Cashback bonus.  

When you claim cashback on your losses right here at Juicy Stakes, you can use the complimentary cash to fund free gambling forays.  You are also entitled to hold onto all the winnings, notwithstanding the dollar amount you end up with! 

Now that is pretty awesome… even if we say so ourselves!

The Playthrough Time Limit

In some instances, you may be required to satisfy the playthrough within a defined time period.  The shorter the period, the more difficult it is to meet your obligations as outlined in the bonus T&Cs.

One of the few Stakes Casino bonuses that does have a playthrough time limit is our blackjack bonus.  According to the T&Cs you have to complete the playthrough within 3 days.

As the value of the bonus is fixed at $100 and the roll over is just 15 x there is ample time to meet your obligations.

A word of caution.  Even if there is no prescribed time in which to satisfy the wagering requirements, you may find that your play is suspended until such time you have met your obligations outlined in the T&Cs.

At Stakes Casino we believe in giving our players a bit more leeway.  If you decide you no longer want to complete a bonus playthrough, we will remove the bonus and related winnings from your account.

That way, you can get on with what you love doing best… and that is betting on realplay money casino games right here at Juicy Stakes!

Sign Up Now: Exploit the Bonuses and Juicy Stakes! 

We have unpacked all the bonus terms, presented the information in a comprehensible way and even drawn your attention to possible snags.  You are for all intents and purposes equipped for the big time!

Now, the rest is up to you.  If you decide you really do want a slice of the money action it is time to sign up at Juicy Stakes Casino, deposit cash into your account and claim the free spins Welcome Bonus by entering the corresponding code onsite.  Job done!


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