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Every now and again, a brand-new online slot is released at Juicy Stakes Casino which challenges all the norms. The Tower of Fortuna by Betsoft Gaming is one such casino game… and you are destined to fall under its thrall.

A Classic 3-Reel Slot with Cutting Edge Gameplay

Why is this particular Juicy Stakes Online Casino slot so special?  Truth be told, it has taken the classic 3-reel slots format and turned it right onto its head.  Notwithstanding the fact the payline structure and game mechanics are standard, it is in the gameplay where this slot truly shines, as it happens vertically and horizontally.

Explore the Real Money Roman Era at Juicy Stakes Casino

At first glance, Tower of Fortuna looks like any other 3 x 3 online casino slot.  The only obvious exception is the thematic approach, which is usually the domain of the 5-reel games.  In this re-imagined gambling opportunity, the reels are separated by Doric columns favoured in the Roman era.

Game symbols support the theme and include a grey-haired Caesar, with a laurel wreath planted on his head. Stylised images of a lion, eagle, bull and the playing card icons, jack through ace, complete the 3-reel symbol set.

Vertically Shifting Reels

It is only when you adjust the stake to suit your pocket and hit the spin button, that the innovative creativity in Tower of Fortuna slot comes to the fore.  For every paid reel spin without a payline win, the reel set shifts vertically upwards.  That is the first ‘party trick’ awaiting you at Juicy Stakes Online Casino.

Incrementally Increasing Prize Multiplier Values

The other, decidedly more lucrative feature, is the flag-waving cherub floating next to the tower.  As the reels ascend – or rather, as the virtual player climbs another level of the tower – the little fella reveals an incrementally higher prize multiplier.

The actual layout of the gameboard does not change but you know you are ascending the tower, as the calm Italian scene flanking the reels slips further below the virtual eyeline.  Paired with the vertically shifting reels, Tower of Fortuna is truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Climb All the Way to Outer Space… Via Juicy Stakes Casino

How high is the tower in Tower of Fortuna slot at Juicy Stakes Online Casino?  Well, what we can say for sure is… high enough.  In fact, the tower can reach way beyond the stratosphere and extend into space, where only dark skies, twinkling stars and a constellation of payouts await!

Hit Multipliers of 28 x and More

Due to the seemingly infinite height of the tower, multiplier values can – and do – soar to dizzy amounts.  In our experience, multipliers of 28 x and more are a distinct possibility.  Reach that elevation and you would have conquered most of the tower – and endured 27 straight reel spins without a payline win!

A Lack of Payline Wins Means a Big Win is Pending

Rather than the inactivity in the balance of your Juicy Stakes Casino account leaving you in despair… the silver, gold or platinum lining is the undeniable fact a big win or mega win is pending.

This might sound bizarre but it is all based on statistics and calculations.  Payline wins, when they do come, are the payouts published on the pay table.  They are multiplied by the current multiplier value – which, as we know, can easily reach 28 x or more.

So, what happens when you achieve a matching symbol set on one or more of the nine permanently active paylines?

Tower of Fortuna Game Play Following a Payline Win

When matching symbols appear on the reels, the standard payout is calculated according to the paytable and displayed on the screen.  That amount is then multiplied by the current multiplier value before being added to the credit balance.  The multiplier value is reset to 1 x and you begin your climb up the tower all over again.

That is a brief synopsis of the standard game play in this beguiling Juicy Stakes Casino slot.  As you no doubt expect, there is a lot more to our state-of-the-art online casino game than that.

Wild Reels to Maximise the Payout Probability

In addition to escalating multiplier values – which continue to increase by increments of 1 x for every non-paying spin – there is a conventional wild symbol substitute.  In this Juicy Stakes Casino slot, the wild is represented by the red pennant embroidered with a golden eagle.

Although the wild only ever appears on reel 2, it has a habit of filling all the spaces on the reel.  The result?  A maximised probability of hitting one or more paying permutations on a single spin.

Scatter Activated Free Spins with Climbing Multipliers

The sun scatter unlocks 10 free spins featuring a 2 x climbing multiplier as the starting point.  During free spins you continue your ascent up the tower, accumulating constantly richer multiplier values as go.

Here’s the kicker.  In the free spins round, the multiplier values increase… regardless of whether you hit a paying permutation or not.  That of course means you are guaranteed as sizeable ROI for absolutely no outlay on your part – hence the ability to buy your way in to the free spins bonus round at any stage of the game.

Tactical Buy-In Feature Enables On-Demand Access to 10 Free Spins

As the bonus round is where you can ramp up the payout rate at Juicy Stakes Casino, the buy feature is a strategic tactic you can use in two ways.  You can buy-in when your credit balance is low, knowing the chance of hitting one or more big wins is almost a certainty.

Alternatively, you can increase the stake, purchase access to the free spins for a higher amount and exploit multiplier enriched mega wins commensurate with your bet value.  Whatever tactic you employ, there is a better than average chance it will pay off!

Join Juicy Stakes Casino Now

Do you want to climb your way to a small fortune?  Tower of Fortuna slot is one of hundreds of outstanding real money games at Juicy Stakes Casino.  All you have to register an account, login to Juicy Stakes Online Casino, fund your account using one of our convenient payment processors and play… it’s as easy as that!


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