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If you didn’t know any better, you’d probably give 3-reel slots a wide berth, right?  The 7s, bells and cherries icons are boring, the sounds effects jarring… but hold up people.  What if we said there’s a fabulously entertaining next gen version of the classic slot  and it’s available at Juicy Stakes Casino?

Find Real money Gaming for Everyone at Juicy Stakes Casino

Are you looking for a high-octane online casino game with flashing lights and techno beats?  At Juicy Stakes Online Casino, we aim to fill the generational gap.  That is why we supply classic gaming with a youthful twist.

Exploit the Sweet Odds of 3-Reel Slots

Now, you are probably wondering why we bother with 3-reel slots at all.  If you know your stuff, you will be aware the odds of hitting cash wins are that much sweeter.  How come?

Think about it.  There are three reels, one to five paylines, and around seven or eight symbols.  When you compare the classic gaming elements to that of the 5 reel and 20, 30, 50 – or more – payline slots, there really is a much higher probability of matching icons on the reels.

Ask yourself why you play online casino games at Juicy Stakes Casino in the first place.  Yes, to have fun… but an even bigger YES to winning money!  To be fair though, it is also about the quality of entertainment, the bonuses and promotions, plus the variety of games we provide.

Probability, Aesthetics and Bonus Features

Theoretically, classic 3-reel slots are the best slots to play in terms of payout rate, at Juicy Stakes Casino, or any casino for that matter.  Aesthetically, they typically leave much to be desired.  With regards to any in-game bonus features… again, they mostly fall short.

That, of course, is a sweeping generalisation about classic 3-reel slots in their most conventional form.  At this precise point in time, we are here to direct you to something decidedly different.  Although a bit of an oxymoron, let’s call it a modern classic slot.

Find a Classic Slot That Has It All

How about a Juicy Stakes Online Casino game with the payability of a classic slot and the aesthetics and bonus features of a video slot?  No need to fantasize about a game that ‘has it all’ as one of our premier software suppliers has already come up with the perfect gambling hybrid.  Get ready to hear more!

Total Overdrive Slot – A Hot Little Number for the Younger Set

Tap on the Betsoft tab at Juicy Stakes Casino, navigate your way through the long list of game titles and you will encounter Total Overdrive slot.  When you open the game in your device’s browser, the first thing that assaults the eye is a collection of funky neon icons trimmed in brightly coloured electric filament.

The three reels are divided by small flashing lights, like the ones found on vanity or Hollywood backstage dressing room mirrors.  In the background is a futuristic mega-city.  A hold meter filled with wavy lines, lies to left of the reel set.

Electronic Beats, Bright Lights and Rapidly Revolving Reels

Besides the ultramodern aesthetics, it is the electronic soundtrack that gets the heart beating in time to rapidly revolving reels.  In short, Total Overdrive slot is a rave of a game – and awaiting your attention right now at Juicy Stakes Casino.

Bonus Features to Boost the Bottom Line

That is the aesthetics covered.  Now how about the bonus features?  How do they stack up?  Well, considering Total Overdrive is a classic 3-reel slot, there is a lot going on for players in terms of potential bankroll boosters.

The Overdrive Multiplier is, in all fairness, a showstopper.  The moment you hit a payline win, the hold meter spits out a 2 x multiplier which increases incrementally for as long as you are matching symbols on the reels.  Hit a multi-win hot streak and it is possible to amplify the posted payouts by up to 10 x!

Get Sticky Multipliers Too

What kind of feature has the potential to eclipse the Overdrive Multiplier in terms of value?  Well, it is not so much a different feature as a sticky version of the existing showstopper.  In its sticky iteration, a multiplier value remains in-play for eight spins… and it does not evaporate when the payline pot is empty.

What that essentially means is you do not have to wait for the natural trajectory of the multiplier to juice the payout.  When you hit a paying symbol combo at Juicy Stakes Casino, you are immediately paid out according to the sticky multiplier value – whether its 3 x, 7 x or the max 10 x!

Win Up to 50 x the Stake

What is the low-down in terms of the Total Overdrive slot pay table?  Well first off, there is a wild symbol weaving its usual winning magic on the reels.  Land three simultaneous wilds across the reels and you bank 50 x the stake.

Thereafter the triple and single sevens pay 7.50 x and 3.00 x the bet, followed by cherries, diamonds, bells and bars – all of which have enjoyed a cool contemporary makeover!

Why Lock and Load Total Overdrive Slot at Juicy Stakes Casino?

Although the posted payouts may appear to be on the low side, the escalating multipliers drive the total winnings up… and up again!  What are the standout features in Total Overdrive 3-reel slot?

  • Audio is so techno authentic it leaves you gasping for breath
  • The functionality of the reels is smooth and super-quick
  • Animated multiplier values zip in from the hold meter onto the payline wins to convert mediocre payouts into mmm… take a look at that!
  • Wilds deliver wins of 50 x the stake, which can be multiplied time and time again!

Do you want to cash-in on a classic of a different kind?  Sign up at Juicy Stakes Online Casino right now!


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