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How do you strike it rich at our very own Juicy Stakes Casino?  You hit a progressive jackpot.  There is a ‘but’ in here somewhere and it is a big ‘but’ at that.  The odds of banking a mega prize are not in your favour.  Here are a few tips to help you achieve your dream!

Does Juicy Stakes Casino Have Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Here is a fact.  Juicy Stakes Casino is considered one of the best casinos online.  The reason being is our awesome selection of online slots.  We’ve got games supplied by Betsoft, World Match, Nucleus Gaming and Jackpot Software.

What does that tell you?  Yep, along with regular slots, you will find a good few progressive jackpot games.  Before you jump in the air and click the heels, here is a head’s up – what you won’t find are any multi-million-dollar pots here.

That may initially disappoint you but hear yet the good news is coming.  Rather than featuring jackpots funded by all players at all online casinos in a particular software network, we offer localised prizes.  What that fundamentally means is the progressive jackpots at Stakes Casino might be lower in value.  Why is this not a bad thing?

It is actually quite simple!  Unlike where you’re competing against countless players for network-jackpots, the number of players competing for the same prize is reduced too.  In fact, that number is significantly lower.  Now, you know what that means… the probability of someone like you pulling off a cash heist is that much higher!

Whether you play online keno, online roulette or progressive slots at Juicy Casino, it all boils down to chance.  When you gun for a network funded jackpot, you probably have around a 100 million to one chance of grabbing the loot.  Go for a localised jackpot at Juicy Stakes Casino and your chances improve dramatically.

What Happens When the Jackpot is Won?

The first thing you can be sure of is someone, somewhere had a major party.  The second thing you can bank on is the jackpot is juiced all over again.  In other words, it is reset at a defined value in a process known as ‘seeding’.

Depending on the type of progressive jackpot, it can seed at $100, $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000 or more.  The pots at Juicy Stakes Casino are funded by the casino.  The actual value of the jackpot seeding amount varies from slot to slot, and according to game development brand.

Network funded pots obviously seed at a much higher value.  They also grow at an exponentially faster rate.  That is because a percentage of all bets placed by all players on the same casino network are automatically diverted into the jackpot.

To recap.  When some lucky player wins a progressive jackpot, the winnings are paid out according to the Ts & Cs of that particular gaming platform.  The pot is then replenished or seeded at a certain amount.  It then increases in value as participating players contribute a share of their wagers.

How to Win a Progressive Jackpot

In the vast majority of progressive slots at Juicy Stakes Casino, you have to bet max to qualify for the jackpot.  That may mean betting the maximum number of coins per bet line.  Alternatively, it may mean wagering a prescribed amount as per the information posted on the pay table.

If you don’t satisfy that basic condition, you are out of the running.  That is precisely why it is so important to carefully go through the pay table and the game rules before you start playing.  Imagine how disappointed you will be if you hit the winning jackpot combination only to lose out on the loot because of a technicality?

Your choice of progressive jackpot game is also key.  As a rule, these games have a high variance.  The online slots with really juicy jackpots have the highest variance of all.  To offset the impact of the variance, you want to play the game with a low edge and high average payout rate or return to player (RTP).

You will find that some of the software suppliers at Juicy Casino publish the RTP of their games.  As an example, Betsoft Gaming posts the average payback percentage on its official website.  You can find it by Google searching for Betsoft and a particular progressive jackpot title.

The ideal as far as the RTP rate is concerned is 96% and above.  If you can find a progressive jackpot slot with that kind of RTP, you have a higher theoretical chance of winning more than you lose over the long-term.  That of course does not mean winning the jackpot.  It simply means winning more cents for each dollar wagered.

Why Proper Bankroll Management is Critical

We mentioned that progressive slots generally have a high variance.  What that means is the average hit rate is low but the prizes are nice and lucrative.  As a result, you can expect plenty of cold streaks where there are no wins at all.

If you do not have sufficient funds to get you through the dry runs, there is a danger of depleting your bankroll and getting zero back in return.  The best way to mitigate your losses is to play the maximum bet at the lowest available coin denomination.

That way, you are eligible for the progressive jackpot if and when you achieve the corresponding combination.  Plus, you can extend your gaming sessions at Stakes Casino and exploit the see-sawing volatility of the game.

Are you ready to hit the slot playing progressive jackpot slots with Lady Luck on your side at Juicy Stakes Casino?  If you are not a registered member, hit the Join Now button at the top right of the page and follow the prompts.

If you are, here are a few progressives by Betsoft Gaming you can play… but remember to keep your stakes nice and low:

  • Greedy Goblins
  • Treasure Room
  • Charms and Clovers
  • The Glam Life
  • Legend of the Nile
  • Slots Angels
  • Mega Glam Life
  • Back to Venus
  • Enchanted

Juicy Stakes offers regular casino bonuses that can be cleared by playing online slots.  Why not fulfil the wagering requirements in double quick time and give yourself a chance of hitting the jackpot?  Now there’s a no-brainer!

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