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Hey budding poker buffs. How do you double your money for nothing? You claim the poker welcome bonus at Juicy Stakes. That way, you get a 200% bankroll booster – and it is yours for FREE. Here is what you need to know about bonus redemption and why it is a boon to players like you!

How the Juicy Stakes Poker Welcome Bonus is Structured

As a new player at Juicy Stakes, you are entitled to a poker welcome bonus. It is a one-time offer linked to your first deposit. Transfer at least $25 into your Juicy Stakes account and we will top it up by 200%!

As with all our promos, incentives and gratuities, the welcome bonus is entirely optional. You can take it or leave it. It is up to you.

What does a 200% match deposit bonus look like? Let us use the minimum deposit as an example. When you fund your account with $25, we will give you an extra $50 to play with. That leaves you with a total bankroll of $75! Not bad for doing nothing much at all!

Get Up to $1k in Bonus Cash!

If you are feeling flush you can obvs deposit more than that. As the cut-off point for the poker welcome bonus is $1k, first-ever funding transactions of up to $500 are perfectly acceptable.

You have claimed the poker welcome bonus at Juicy Stakes. Now what? Do you have instant access to the lump sum bonus as you would at the casino? The quick answer is ‘no.’

At Juicy Stakes we release the poker welcome bonus in $5 increments. The speed at which the funds are available is based on only one factor – your activity at Juicy Stakes Poker. When we say activity, it can be playing our cash games or participating in our poker tournaments – or both!

Releasing the Poker Welcome Bonus

The key to unlocking the welcome bonus is Frequent Player Points (FPPs). They are our version of comp points. All the players at Juicy Stakes automatically earn FPPs. Here is how the rewards system works.

Every time you play Texas Holdem, Omaha or Omaha Hi-Lo ring games or buy in to a tournament, FPPs are added to your individual points tally. You can keep track of your FPPs by clicking the Rewards tab in your account.

Once you have accumulated the requisite number of points, they can be exchanged for $5 in bonus funds. In essence, that makes the poker welcome bonus a type of rakeback deal.

FPP Facts and Figures

Now for the facts and figures. You earn 1 FPP for every $1 raked. Plus, you get 7 FPPs for every $1 you pay in tournament fees. Accrue 83.335 FPPs and $5 is moved from the bonus section of your account into your real money account. What could be easier?

Listen up, folks. There is one proviso to bear in mind. The poker welcome bonus has a 90-day ‘earn out’ limit. In other words, you have 90 days from the date of your first deposit to earn the FPPs required to release the full quota of funds.

If over a period of 3 months you fail to ‘clear’ the bonus, the cash remaining in the pending bonus section of your account is forfeited to Juicy Stakes. Sign up, claim the welcome bonus and your modus operandi is clear:

  • The more frequently you play at Juicy Stakes Poker
  • The more points you earn
  • The quicker you get your hands on the full tranche of bonus funds!

That’s a wrap!

Online Poker Bonuses for Everyone

At Juicy Stakes we offer targeted bonuses to our loyal punters too. Scan the promo page and you are sure to be blown away by the variety of our offers. That is the published promos people. Wait until you see the free stuff that we send directly to your personal email account!

Now for a bit of basic information about our standard bonuses. Our rakeback deal is, well, a big deal.  It is casino cashback on steroids. All you have to do is play poker with real money and you get 36% of your rake back.

Yep. That is THIRTY-SIX percent. Think about it. More than a third of what you spend at Juicy Stakes is returned to you – week in and week out. You do have to request the deal from the support team at Juicy Stakes Poker to get ‘cash in the bank’.

What is more, the rake at Juicy Stakes is far from punitive. It is based on just two factors – the game stakes and the number of players participating in the game. Based on those metrics you can expect to pay a nominal rake of $0.50 through to $5 – but never more than that!

The Best of the Rest

If an above-average rakeback is not enough to prompt you to sign up, how about a race for a share of a $4k cash prize? The weekly promo is a free-for-all and decided by the number of points you have earned over the preceding seven-day period. Hit the top of the leaderboard and you will have $500 extra to play with! Sweet.

Then there are regular freerolls, special satellite tournaments and Gold Chip events. Tournament play is an exhilarating way of pulling in the bucks – particularly when the entry is free. Pick your tourneys carefully and you could be in line for GTD prize pools of up to $10k and more!

Get the Juicy Stakes Poker Welcome Bonus NOW!

The new player bonus is a ‘howdy’ from us to you. The rest of our promotions are recurring incentives for everyone. If you know what is good for you, take the next step.

What is the next step? To register and fund an account at Juicy Stakes, enter the poker welcome bonus coupon code in the cashier and play. Besides our poker room, you can enjoy unlimited access to the instant play casino, its bonuses and cross-category online casino games!