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Blackjack is one of the standout games at any casino.  It is easy to master and has an edge that is so low, it is barely noticeable.  When you know how, you can go a long way towards beating the edge… before you even ante up.

Here is a clue from Juicy Stakes Casino to you.  The key to success can be found in the rules of blackjack… and we will show you why they matter!

Multiple Blackjack Games by Three Developers

Before we get into the rules, let’s explore the blackjack games that are available right now at Juicy Stakes Online Casino.  In keeping with our penchant to impress, we feature online blackjack by three game development studios – World Match, Tangente Gaming and Nucleus Gaming.

What that of course means is there are standard blackjacks, side bet blackjacks and double draw blackjacks.  There is even low, medium and high stakes blackjack and games that permit players to bet on up to five hands at a time.

Advantage to the House is… Slim

In essence, Juicy Stakes Casino is a supplier of the best blackjack online.  What is even more remarkable is the advantage to the house for the standard blackjack is around 0.70% – and that is low, dead low.

The edge does, of course, vary from game to game.  If you are as smart, however, as we know you are, you will find the casino games with the best vital statistics.  What is the best in this context?  The stats that prove the cost of playing at Juicy Stakes Casino is negligible.

Finding the Blackjack RTP at Juicy Stakes Casino

How do you find the data you need to make an informed gambling decision at Juicy Stakes Online Casino?  You load each blackjack in your browser, one by one, hit the info icon listed under the game menu and scroll down to the bottom of the rules page.

In most cases, you will find the average payout rate or return to player (RTP) allocated to the game in percentage form.  Alternatively, you can request the information from our customer support team.

Calculating the Edge in Blackjack Online

How does the payout rate determine the edge?  When you subtract the RTP from 100, you will get the house edge – the percentage of long-term bets that is retained as a ‘fee’ of sorts by Juicy Stakes Casino.  That is essentially what we use to keep our casino software and services in tip-top shape.

Here is an example.  The majority of blackjack games listed under the Tangente tab have a payout rate of 99.30%.  Do the sums – and the house edge is 0.70%.  The one exception is Double Draw Blackjack.  In this game the posted payout rate is 98.85%.  The edge is consequently 1.15%.  Simple as that.

How to Reduce the Edge

How else can you slash the advantage to the house and force us lot at Juicy Stakes Casino to get out the begging bowls?  By playing the online blackjack games that have the highest perentage of rules skewed in your favour.

There is some truth in that saying ‘the house always wins’, as costs need to be recovered somehow – and this need trickles down to the game developers.  As a result, it is exceedingly rare to find blackjack games that have a full bouquet of player-centric rules.  If they were all in your favour, all casinos would go bust!

The best you can hope for is a fair mix of favourable rules – and play strategically to beat the house!

Identifying Player-Favourable Rules in Blackjack

How do you ascertain which rules are advantageous to players?  Well, we do it for you.  As you can see, we have listed the best blackjack rules for players right here:

  • Blackjack pays 2:1 or 3:2
  • Dealer stands on soft 17
  • Double down on any two cards
  • Double down after the split
  • Game played with single or double decks
  • Re-split aces allowed
  • Early surrender

The Hard-to-Find Blackjack Rules

Now, you will be hard pressed to find any casino that pays 2:1 for a natural blackjack.  On the rare occasion, and usually as a promotional stunt, you may find those kinds of odds at brick-and-mortar casinos in Vegas.

A payout of 3:2 is more than respectable.  That is our benchmark – and one that extends to all the blackjack games at Juicy Stakes Casino.  It is worth mentioning that 3:2 is our benchmark… but it is not a universal one.  There are plenty of rogue operators who only pay 6:5 – and that is so not acceptable!

As for the early surrender rule…?  That is but a pipe dream.  In fact, it is virtually impossible to find online blackjack games that offer the surrender option at all – be it early or late!

How the Blackjack at Juicy Stakes Online Casino Fares in Terms of Rules

How about the remainder of the player-favourable rules?  Are there any blackjack games at Juicy Stakes Casino that tick off one or more of the boxes?  Let’s delve into the blackjack rules a little deeper and isolate the good from the bad.

A Snapshot of our Main Blackjack Rules at Juicy Stakes

We’ve mentioned that Juicy Stakes Online Casino pays 3:2 for a blackjack hand across the board.  As for the dealer rule, the dealer stands on 17 in our World Match games.  In all the rest of the games, the dealer hits.

The good news is you can double down on any two cards and double after the split in all the World Match and Tangente games.  That said, re-splitting of aces is not permitted and only one card is drawn to split aces.

With six or eight decks in play, and the decks are automatically shuffled after reach round, using card counting as a strategy is out.

The Verdict

In terms of player-favourable rules, the games featured under the World Match tab offer the best blackjack at Juicy Stakes Casino.  The games under the Tangente tab come in a close second.

What we do suggest either way is that you compare the RTP, edge and rules of all our blackjack variants at Juicy Stakes Online Casino – and opt for one that is already statistically in your favour.


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