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As a connoisseur of online slots, you will know Juicy Stakes free spins are a common feature.  They provide complimentary game rounds liberally anointed by enhanced gameplay.  Nowadays you can gate crash the party and buy your way in to potential big wins.

Why Buy Juicy Stakes Free Spins?

Even before you start adding in the extra game mechanics, Juicy Stakes free spins offer incomparable value.  In most cases, they are the difference between a positive and negative win rate.  Hit the feature quickly and you could have more time and money to spend at Juicy Stakes Casino!

As with all bonus features, it takes plenty of patience to trigger Juicy Stakes free spins.  In the traditional way of doing things, you usually have to hit three or more scatters on the gameboard.  As the sequence of the symbols on the reels is randomly determined, it is anybody’s guess when that will happen.

Yet the reality is that we live in a time of instant gratification.  Everybody wants everything now.  Waiting to get that new car, house, appliance or job promotion isn’t an option.  It has to be now or never – and patience has largely gone out the window.

So, in keeping with this trend, game developers have integrated a bit of instant gratification into slots.   You will find it in the games with a shopping cart icon amongst the controls.  Just this one icon has the power to do one of two things, being either to:

  • deplete your bankroll or
  • deliver a bonanza of instant cash prizes.

What Does It Cost to Buy Access to the Juicy Stakes Free Spins Round?

Th shopping cart icon represents the ‘buy feature’ in select online slots.  It allows you to access the Juicy Stakes free spins bonus feature on-demand.  In order to purchase entry, you have to pay a defined amount calculated as a multiple of your betting stake.

The cost of triggering Juicy Stakes free spins can be anything from 30 x to 150 x the total bet.  The higher the wager, the more you pay.  As for the prizes generated during the unpaid game time, nothing changes there.  Whatever you win in terms of matching symbols on the reels is reflected on the pay table and multiplied by the line bet.

How is the purchase price calculated?  It represents the average number of paid spins it would usually take to trigger the Juicy Stakes free spins.  This is a long-term average determined over tens of hundreds of game rounds.

Take the buy feature in Betsoft Gaming’s Gold Tiger Ascent online slot as an example.  It is set at 32 x the stake.  Working according to the above premise, players at Juicy Stakes Casino can expect to activate the free spins feature every 32 or so paid spins.

That does not mean you will unlock Juicy Stakes free spins after 32 rounds or even 100 rounds.  When you play slots online, outcomes are purely determined by luck… and if you are lucky, you may hit the feature almost immediately.  Alternatively, you may never gain entry at all – although this is unlikely over the long run.

What that fundamentally means is there are no monetary advantages to making a purchase.  The cash you could save in base game bets is spent on the free spins purchase price.  What this feature does offer you is the option to save time.

Chase the Big Bonus Wins On-Demand

The Juicy Stakes free spins buy feature is critical in one respect.  It allows you to chase the big bonus wins whenever you want.  It may be when your bankroll is about to run out or it may be the second the Juicy Stakes Casino slot loads in your browser.

What is important here, is the buy icon in online slots maximises your choices.  It is an optional feature that you can make use of or avoid.  As with most things in life, you have to weigh up the pros and cons of activating the feature.

In reality, the buy feature is considered a good option when:

  • You have ample funds in your bankroll.
  • The features in the free spins bonus round have the potential to deliver high value prizes.
  • You get a thrill from chasing big wins and aren’t afraid of the risk involved.  In the real world, that would make you a shoo-in for the most dangerous jobs in the world!

The only other time you may want to consider buying Juicy Stakes free spins is when you are showing a profit.  That way you can double or even treble the gains.  That is the best possible outcome of the buy feature.  If, by chance, you do not win anything at all, it won’t affect your bottom line.  How come?  The cost of the buy-in would have been funded by Juicy Stakes Casino’s own cash!  Now that is a good gaming tactic!

Where to Find Online Slots with the Buy Feature at Juicy Stakes Casino

If you are seduced by the idea of triggering the free spins feature on a whim, register an account and login to Juicy Stakes Casino.  Navigate to the Betsoft Gaming catalog and you will find plenty of slots with the optional boy feature.

High hit rate options include:

  • Book of Helios slot where you can purchase 10 free spins with either expanding wild reels or prize multipliers up to 5 x.
  • Alkemor’s Elements slot has 12 free spins with one of four elemental features ‘for sale’.
  • Thai Blossoms slot has up to 20 free spins with sticky wilds and instant cash prizes integrated into the action.
  • Stay Frosty slot has a 10, 15 or 20 strong free spins feature, ably complemented by sticky wilds, which could be yours… for a fee.

We are always looking for ways to diversify what we offer to our loyal patrons.  You’ll see this in our ever-growing game menu, and in the variety of our bonuses and promotions.  In an age where instant gratification has become a thing, the Betsoft feature checks that box.  Whether you prefer to practice patience or try your luck with the Juicy Stakes free spins buy-in feature is entirely up to you!


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