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When you learn how to play Texas Hold Em, you generally learn the basics of the game first.  That is however not nearly enough to see you through, especially against tougher opponents!  What is required is an understanding of the weapons you can add to your arsenal.  4-betting is one such armament.

How to Play Texas Hold Em: 4-Betting

In Texas Hold Em Poker, 4-betting can be an effective tool.  When used sparingly and in the appropriate circumstances, it is more warhead than artillery.  As with all the action in online poker, the trick is to catch your opponents off-guard.

When gameplay is unpredictable, the pressure is on.  That applies as equally to other players as it does to you.  Since betting is at the heart of how to play Texas Hold Em, the easiest way to apply pressure is by raising and re-re-raising until your adversaries fold.

What is a ‘4-bet’ in Texas Hold Em Poker?  It is an online poker betting strategy that is best implemented pre-flop.  It is the natural progression from a 3-bet, where a player re-raises the initial raise bet.  The 4-bet is when you re-raise that player.

In other words, a 4-bet is the second re-raise in a betting round.  It is typically part of the action in the initial stages of the game, prior to the community cards being dealt to the table.  What that means is you 4-bet on the strength of your hole cards.

When is 4-Betting in Poker the Best Approach?

The standard how to play Texas Hold Em guides focus on the fundamentals.  As a consequence, it is not always clear when 4-betting is the best approach.  Is it a tactic to deploy when your holdings are strong or weak?

As a rule, there are two reasons for considering 4-betting as part of your how-to-play Texas Hold Em strategy:

  1. You have a premium hand, want to extract maximum value from the other players and build the pot
  2. You have a poor hand you cannot call to the 3-bet and use the 4-bet as a bluff.  Your goal is to get your opponents to fold.

When, for instance, you are holding pocket kings or pocket aces and facing a 3-bet, re-raising is always considered best play.  It is one of the unwritten rules of how to play Texas Hold Em poker.  It says something like this…

“When holding premium hands, adopt an aggressive approach rather than slow-playing in the hope of bamboozling your opponents.”

There is a third scenario when 4-betting can be effective.  When playing out of position, 4-betting is a technique that is successfully used against players who lack confidence in their skills.  These people typically capitulate easily to aggressors… and fold.

If you are not sure what playing out of position (OOP) means, it is a reference to the order of play.  In this context, you must act first.  In other words, you have to call, raise, re-raise or fold before the other players in each betting round.

Tips for an Optimal 4-Betting Strategy

If you want to learn how to play Texas Hold Em poker and win, getting advice from more experienced players is the key.  Here are few 4-betting strategy tips to help you improve your game:

  • Observe your opponents prior to implementing a 4-betting strategy.  Their style of play and approach to the game should inform you as to the occasion and frequency of your 4-bets.
  • Add the bluff to your 4-betting range.  It is a useful tool when tournaments go deep at Juicy Stakes Poker.  Similarly, it can be extremely helpful when going head-to-head with a more experienced opponent with a deeper chip stack.
  • 4-betting is the clearest indication yet that you have confidence in both your ability and your individual hands.  It can be an invaluable tactic for extracting value from hands you may bluff on, further down the line.
  • Avoid the indiscriminate use of a 4-bet.  It should be used sparingly and only when the circumstances dictate.  Semi bluffs that can convert weak hands into competitive holdings on the turn or the river are overambitious and should not be randomly added to gameplay.
  • 4-betting is particularly useful when used against loose aggressive 3-bettors.  These players have the propensity to re-raise an initial raise with a wide cross-section of holdings, not only premium hands.

Adopt a Practical Approach to How to Play Texas Hold Em

The easiest way to master Texas Hold Em poker is to play the game online.  It won’t take nearly as long as it does to become a Shaolin Kung Fu Master – a few decent hours and betting sessions with your ‘how to play Texas Hold Em’ strategies at hand will do the trick.

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