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Take Olympus slot may not refer to a hostile takeover but it is a coup nonetheless.  Open the brand-new Betsoft slot in your browser, throw a little money at the action, and you are one step closer to a cashable Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.  Can the pantheon of mythical gods deliver juicy wins?

What is the Cycle of the Gods?

Take Olympus slot is one of the more unique and exciting casino games from the Betsoft Gaming studios.  It features the Cycle of the Gods which is really four distinct god cycles – or games within a game – that take place in evocative and beautifully rendered settings behind the reels.

Each cycle, which consists of ten spins of the reels, is linked to one of four ancient Greek gods of Olympus – Apollo, Poseidon, Hades and Aphrodite.  The cycles are randomly activated, so there is no way of knowing exactly which god will preside over the reels at any one time at Juicy Stakes Online Casino.

Upwards and Onwards to the God Event

What we do know is the same god, and by extension the same god cycle, does not appear back-to-back.  As a result, the game moves swiftly ahead as there is always something fresh and exciting to look forward to.

Besides the payline wins that are racked up during the normal course of events, each cycle ends with a resounding bang, thanks to a payout packed ‘god event’!

How does playing Take Olympus slot boost your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus?  As you are probably aware, every wager you make on Betsoft slots generates Frequent Player Points (FPPs).  Once there are sufficient FPPs, they are transformed into Gold Chips which can be converted into a free cash Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus!

What Do the Gods Have in Store for You at Juicy Stakes Online Casino?

Each of the ancient gods of Olympus is imbued with special powers.  These powers are only ever active during their respective god cycles.  In addition to the gods themselves, there are standalone game symbols associated with each god.  These symbols are as effective as their principals at creating payout opportunities on the reels.

Here is a brief overview of how the gods of Olympus can help you win loads of loot and encourage you to build your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus at the same time:

Apollo – whenever Apollo or the bow and arrow icon appears onscreen, an animated arrow thuds into the gaming interface to mark the spot on the reels.  The marked positions are sticky and remain in place for the duration of that particular god cycle.  On the tenth and final spin, all the symbols on the marked positions turn wild and you are paid out accordingly.

Aphrodite – the goddess of love and the leaf icon also mark the gaming interface for the duration of the cycle. On the final spin of the reels, the marked positions become mystery boxes which are then transformed into a randomly selected standard gaming symbol to deliver multiple payline wins.

Hades – the god of the underworld, together with his three-headed dog Cerberus, automatically increase the multiplier value displayed on the right of the reels.  This multiplier value is then applied to any payout permutations generated during the tenth spin.  Depending on how may underworld icons appear during the cycle, it is possible to achieve multiplier values of 10 x or more.

Poseidon – the god of the sea and his trusty trident contribute to a respins counter whenever they appear on the gaming interface.  The total number of respins are awarded at the end of the cycle to deliver copious payline wins… for free.

Right, that is how the four gods of Olympus can beef up your Juicy Stakes Online Casino account.  How about the fifth god?

How Zeus the Supreme Deity Shakes Things Up!

When it comes to the god of gods and the supreme deity of Olympus, Zeus is wild and the harbinger of free spins.  He is also the top paying symbol in the game.  How is Zeus involved in triggering the free spins feature? Well, it is not only his presence that is required to activate the free game time, it is the simultaneous appearance of the entire pantheon of gods.

Here is how it works.  When Zeus appears on the reels and expands to fill four positions, you have just won 10 free spins... but wait, there is a catch.  All the other gods – Apollo, Aphrodite, Hades and Poseidon – have to be present as well or you will have to make do with the wild enabled payline wins.

What Can You Win Playing Take Olympus Slot at Juicy Stakes Online Casino?

In short, you can win a nice amount of cash, especially during the multiplier enriched Hades god cycle.  When it comes to the actual payouts on the pay table, Zeus is the major money generator, paying up to 270 x the line bet for five of a kind.  That translates to $243 on a maximum wager.

What is more, you can bank up to 90 x for Apollo, Aphrodite, Hades and Poseidon, 54 x for Zeus’ lightning bolt and 36 x for all the other icons associated with the gods.  With the maximum $45 bet in-play that means you can win up to $81, $48.60 and $32.40 respectively – and that is not bad for a few hours of excellent entertainment at Juicy Stakes Online Casino!

The great thing is even if you do not win anything remotely like the top pays mentioned above, you will have added to the value of your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus – and that is a win-win situation if ever there was one!


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