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Along with a reputation for high stakes, killer promotions and attentive support services, Juicy Stakes Casino offers real money games that are a little bit different from the norm.  

Take our LuckTap Gaming developed Blackjack as an example.  This is a game that provides action on multiple levels – with four optional bet types, relaxed player rules and a slick gaming interface that delivers a high-performance user experience… every time.

The Technical Stuff is All in Your Favour 

Anyone who knows anything about gambling is aware that live and online blackjack has the very real potential to be a money machine.

If you know your business and the cards fall in your favour, you really can exploit the edge and gain a one-up over the house.  We all know what that means – more cash in your Juicy Stakes Casino account to spend on our awesome selection of online slots, video poker variants and table games!

Why do we refer to blackjack as a money machine?  Well, let’s take a look at the technical stuff first. 

Exploit the Low Edge in LuckTap Gaming Blackjack

We have already mentioned the edge – you know, that built in advantage to the house that applies to all casino games, everywhere?

In reality, the edge is basically a slice of all wagers that online and mobile casinos skim off the top to keep their virtual doors open.  After all, there are actual employees dedicated to ensuring that your experience at the casino remains fun, streamlined, safe and secure.  Yet what remains after this little skimming is paid out to players in the form of winnings.

You would think the casino would take a nice chunk of the turnover, right?  Well, in the case of LuckTap Gaming Blackjack, however, the edge is just 0,64%!  In layman’s terms, that is 64 cents in every 10 Euro, US Dollars or Aussie Dollars.

How About the Return to Player? 

What is left is referred to as the payout rate, win rate or average return to player (RTP).  The RTP for LuckTap Gaming Blackjack is consequently 99,36%.  That is a whopping €/$9,93 in every €/$10 bet on blackjack at Juicy Stakes Casino that is paid out to inspired punters!  Now can you see why the casino card game with 21 at its heart is a veritable money spinner? 

Before you get too excited, it is worth reiterating that the RTP is a statistical reflection of the average winnings that are paid out to all players over time.  The key word here is ‘average’. 

In other words, there is absolutely no guarantee you will bank cash every time you load LuckTap Gaming Blackjack onto your PC or phone – but the chances are good nonetheless! 

Adopt the Optimal Blackjack Strategy 

The good news is you can improve the odds of winning even further by adopting an optimal blackjack strategy.  What is an optimal strategy?  Well, it is basically a blow-by-blow account of how to play the game in the mathematically correct manner.

The even better news is the optimal blackjack strategy is readily available in table form on the World Wide Web.  Say what?  Yup, all you have to do is conduct an online search, download the strategy table and either save it in your documents or print it out.

Along with this, follow our free gambling tips – and the next time you play Blackjack right here at Juicy Stakes Casino, you will have the best-practice tactics as a reference point right by your side.  That is most certainly a tip worth its weight in gold!

Benefit from Multiple Blackjack Bets  

We mentioned that LuckTap Gaming Blackjack has a certain x-factor.  It takes the form of an added layer of features designed to rev up the action.  One such feature is the multiple bet types – and more bets can mean more money in it for you, the player.

In conventional versions of the game there is only one possible bet.  That, of course, is a wager on your hand beating the dealer’s hand.  You can achieve this by hitting 21 or accumulating cards of a higher value without going bust.

At Juicy Stakes Casino you can also bet on the possibility of hitting a coloured blackjack, a suited blackjack in clubs or two or more blackjacks in one round – and that is over and above the conventional blackjack bet!

What is more, you have the option of selecting from multiple chip values that range from 1 to 500 in your preferred gaming currency… juicy stakes in anyone’s books! 

As blackjack pays at odds of 3:2, insurance at 2:1 and a winning hand at 1:1 – plus the fact that you only ever lose your original wager when the dealer has blackjack – you really can skewer the stakes and enjoy a big fat gambling BBQ!

Capitalize on the Relaxed Player Rules 

Right, now onto the unusually relaxed player rules.  In the normal course of events, splitting is usually capped at two hands and the cards have to be identically matched in points value to enable the split.

On the other hand, when you play Blackjack at Juicy Stakes Casino, you are perfectly entitled to split up to four hands.  Moreover, any ten-value cards are fair game in the split… whether they are matched or not.  That is pretty significant when it comes to improving the odds of winning at least one of the split hands!

Thereafter the rules are pretty standard across the board.  Aces can only be split once.  You can double down on any two cards – and after the split.  The dealer hits on soft 17 and takes a sneak peek on tens, face cards and aces.

Sign-Up, Skewer the Stakes and Bank Frequent Wins Playing Blackjack Online 

Now that you are completely up to speed with the game mechanics of the Blackjack you can play right here and right now, it is time to sign-up at Juicy Stakes Casino. 

It only takes a few moments to register a new online account – and then the wonderful world of animated real money gaming, big wins and bigger bonuses will be yours to plunder at will!


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