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Are there advantages to using your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus, or your own cash deposits, to play more than one hand of video poker at a time?  In truth, the answer is yes and no, as it all depends on your personal playing preferences.

Find Multiple Video Poker Variants and Modes at Juicy Stakes Casino

As a regular at Juicy Stakes Casino, you will be aware that online video poker is available in several variations.  All are essentially based on draw poker and share common elements with Jacks or Better – yet where you will find obvious discrepancies would be on the respective pay tables.

All the Fields are Adjustable – From Bets to Lines

Notwithstanding which video poker variant you play, you can adjust the stake by modifying the coin denomination and betting one up to five coins per hand.  At this point you can also play one up to five lines – one being the equivalent of the single hand mode, and two, three, four or five lines representing the multi-hand configuration of the game.

Fundamental Gameplay Remains the Same

Whether you choose to play one hand or five hands simultaneously, the game mechanics are precisely the same.  Five cards are dealt face up and you hold the card, or cards, with the best theoretical probability of forming a paying poker hand.  You do so by clicking or tapping on each card individually.

The hold cards are automatically replicated across all the lines.  Thereafter, the draw takes place, at which point new cards are dealt to each line.  Winning hands are paid out according to the pay table and a new game round begins…  The more rounds you play, the more Frequent Player Points (FPPs) you earn, which ultimately determines the value of the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus!

Multiple Bets for Multiple Hands

It may appear as though the multi-hand mode offers a clear advantage to the player, simply because you can hit up to five paying combinations per game round.  That may well be the case.  It is, however, important to emphasize the fact that the betting outlay is also higher.

Anticipate a Higher Betting Outlay

Here is how it works.  Each line – or hand – is covered by a bet, which effectively means the total stake per round in a multi-hand game would be two to five times more.  In other words, a $5 bet in the single hand mode increases to a $25 bet in the five-line multi-hand format of the game.

Earn More FPPs and Build the Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus Fast

Where you do benefit with multi-hand video poker at Juicy Stakes Casino is in terms of the FPPs.  Due to the enhanced stake in-play in the multi-hand mode, you automatically earn more casino comp points, which, as you know, contribute towards the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.

Even if you do not form one or more paying poker hands, you are still in the pound seats.  FPPs become Gold Chips which boost your Loyalty Levels status and the intrinsic value of the incentives.  This means more prizes and other player perks, curtesy of the constantly accumulating Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus!

Does the RTP Increase with Multiple Hands In-Play?

The question is, can multiple winning hands enhance the payout rate?  The answer is no.  The average return to player (RTP) remains exactly the same, whether you play one or five lines of video poker at Juicy Stakes Casino.

In essence, all you are doing is playing five single-hand games simultaneously.  The house edge and RTP are consequently not affected either way.

Expect a Higher Variance in Multi-Hand Video Poker

What does change is the variance, or the swings in fortune, most evident in your bankroll.  Due to the fact the outlay and potential rewards are so much higher in multi-hand video poker, the variance in multi-hand video poker is higher.  Let’s illustrate the point with an example…

Say for instance you get a two pair or three of a kind in the initial deal.  In the multi-hand mode, the odds of hitting four of a kind or full house are obviously shorter, simply because there are more opportunities to form paying hands.  On the flip side, the losses are obviously greater when a poor initial hand is extrapolated across all the lines.

Optimal Video Poker Strategy Applies to Both Modes

The only way to lower the edge in video poker is to play the game according to the optimal strategy.  The question arises, does the strategy change when multiple lines or hands are in play?

Provided you apply the best video poker strategy to the cards you hold to the draw, the number of lines on the table is immaterial – so the answer is ‘no’.

Prepare for an Adrenalin Rush

The one area where the multi-hand mode is tops – other than escalating the value of the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus in double quick time – is the adrenalin rush one gets when there are multiple wins on the table.  Nothing beats seeing two, three, or four high paying hands form before your very eyes!

The Winner is...

Truth be told, conclusively declaring single-hand or multi-hand video poker as the best version is not as clear-cut.  This is since, from a statistical standpoint, neither one has the edge – simply because the average payout rate and strategy is precisely the same.

On the other hand, if you take risk into account, the multi-hand mode has a higher variance… and this equates to a ‘high risk, high reward’ scenario.  Whether that can be deemed ‘better’ or ‘worse’ depends upon your particular playing style and appetite for risk.

In final consideration, the better format to play in terms of thrill-factor and the eventual value of your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus is undoubtedly the multi-hand configuration.  The more rounds you play, the greater your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus becomes – and if this is what you're after, opt for multi-hand video poker instead.


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