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What is better than the Juicy Stakes Casino free spins bonuses?  The constantly growing cache of online slots, of course.  This time around, it is clearly a vexed tiger holding sway in Jungle Stripes slot – a brand-new Betsoft creation with a roaring RTP!

Jungle Stripes Slot – A Predatory Kind of Online Casino Game

If you are into the predatory kind of game that sends tingles up the spine and dollars into the Juicy Stakes Online Casino account, we have you covered.  Along with a menagerie of animal themed slots, there is a tiger on the loose in Jungle Stripes slot.

Cash In on Multiple Payline Wins

The 5 reel and 10 payline Betsoft Gaming developed online casino game is set in a fantastical tropical jungle.  Your job is to match luminescent lotus flowers, crystal shrooms, detached rhino horns and delicate little lady birds on the reels for payline wins.

To help you on the way to multiple paydays is the king of the jungle – a seriously ribbed wild cat with a nasty demeanour.

Benefit from an Expanding Wild

Do not be fooled by the Disneyfied styling of the prodigiously striped wild.  When the tiger appears on the gaming interface, it expands to its full height to fill the entire reel.  As a regular at Juicy Stakes casino, you will know precisely what that means – a seriously strong probability of hitting multiple payout permutations!

A Locked-In Tiger for Reel Respins

We all know the tiger is a stealthy hunter.  In its role as an expanding wild in Jungle Stripes slot, this feline freezes in place for up to three reel respins… and that enhances the payout rate by leaps and bound.

Get a Bankroll Booster with 10 Free Games

Besides our unusually active furry friend, which announces its entrance with a throaty, low frequency roar, the moonglow symbol is more than a delightful design element.  When three or more appear anywhere on the gaming interface, it is free game time – and 10 free games to be precise!

What You Can Win in Jungle Stripes Slot

What is our assessment of the Jungle Stripes slot pay table?  We will leave it up to you to decide.  At 37.50 x the line bet, the lotus flower is the top paying symbol in the game.

Thereafter, it is the crystal mushrooms, rhino horns and ladybug, which pay up to 18.75 x, 7.50 x and 7.50 x, respectively.  The low value icons of Q through A offer up to 2.25 x a pop.

Wide Betting Range

When you consider a betting range of $0.10 to $100 a spin, the most you can bank in a single win is $375.  Add the fact that this Stakes Casino game pays both ways and there is a better than average chance of ending your gaming sessions with your bankroll intact!

A Better Than Average RTP

In essence, Jungle Stripes slot is a low variance online casino game and one likely to appeal to all our players at Juicy Stakes Online Casino.   It is fast moving, the wild is a regular visitor on the reels and an RTP of 97.03% is way above average.

More Big Cats Prowling Around Juicy Stakes Online Casino

There is another, equally enjoyable Betsoft-developed tiger themed slot at Juicy Stakes Casino.  In terms of graphics, it is a more authentic portrayal of the big cat.  What are we referring to?  Tiger’s Claw, a 720 ways to win slot billed by an awesomely rewarding free spins feature.

More Free Spins Than You Can Imagine

Besides the fact that you, or any other player at Stakes Casino, can earn up to 96 free spins in one go, the scatter pays up to 50 x the total stake.  What is more, you have the opportunity to gamble your payline wins in the Double Up feature.

Fun Facts About Tigers

Tigers may be on the prowl at Juicy Stakes Online Casino but they are not the ferocious felines found in the wild.  If you want to know more about the big striped cat, here are a few interesting facts about tigers.

Largest of All Big Cats

Weighing in at 365 kg and measuring more than three metres in length, tigers are the largest wild cats of all.   They are four times the weight of an average healthy young man and almost two and half times ‘taller’ in length.

Present from the Pleistocene Age to the 21st Century… and Beyond?

Tigers are also the oldest extant cats, having consistently roamed the earth for two million years.  What that means is they were around at the same time as woolly mammoths, sabre toothed cats, mastodons and giant sloths – all of which have long been extinct.

Endangered in the Wild

Once found in great numbers right across Asia, tigers are now endangered.  In fact, there are only around 3,900 animals left in the wild.  It is not their hunting skills that have let them down – they are and always will be formidable at catching prey.

Accomplished Hunters

Tigers are perfectly adapted for the hunt.  They can leap 10 metres in the air, reach a top speed of 65 kph and swim great distances, thanks to their webbed toes.  They also have a night vision estimated to be six times better than ours.

Ferocious Carnivores

On average, tigers consume about 1.5 tons of meat each year.  Thankfully, the tigers featured at Juicy Stakes Online Casino do not have to be fed.  We can use our cash reserves to pay out our players instead!

Striped Patterns Unique to Each Beast

If you want to identify a tiger, all you have to do is make a mental note of the stripes, as they are the equivalent of a human fingerprint.  Do not get too close though… or you may be consumed, along with the 60 or so large bodied prey they gobble up… year in and year out!

The tigers we have ensnared on the reels at Stakes Casino may not be docile but they can generate wads of cash.  Why not register a Juicy Stakes Online Casino account? That way, you can play our feline-flavoured slots… and any other online casino games that catch your fancy!


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