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You’ve heard about Casino War but how about Russian War?  And no, there are no Bolsheviks in the cross-hairs.  Instead, there is a 50/50 chance of winning the ante.  If you are brave enough, you’ll raise your bet, play Russian roulette and fund your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus! 

What is Russian War? 

Russian War is an exciting variation of Casino War.  It is an exclusive addition to the Juicy Stakes online casino platform and one that is certain to attract a legion of trigger-happy bettors.  Besides the conventional game-play there is a shiny six-shooter on the virtual table that you can use to ‘go to war’.  In addition to offering sweet odds on the ante, you have a good chance of winning even money on a tie. 

A Quick and Easy Multi-Bet Game 

What is more, Russian War is a multi-bet game.  That means you can fast-track the process of juicing your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus by simultaneously betting on one up to five positions on the table. 

As you are undoubtedly aware, the more money you bet per round, the more Frequent Player Points (FPPs) you earn and the quicker you build a total that can be converted; first into Gold Chips and then into $5 increments as part of your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus!

How to Play Russian War at Juicy Stakes Online Casino

Russian War is essentially Casino War but with a bit of light artillery on the side.  Your objective is to get a higher card than that of the dealer.  When that happens, you are paid out at 2:1 odds.  If the dealer’s card wins, you lose the ante bet.  If there is a tie, it is lock and load time!  

Surrender or Go to War 

When your card matches the exact value of the dealer card, you have two options.  You can surrender, humbly accept the title of yellow belly and lose the bet.  Or you can ‘go to war’ and in this variation of the classic casino game you don’t have to burn and turn cards to decide the winner. 

Win or Lose It is Russian Roulette!

Once you have raised your bet, a bullet is inserted into one of six chambers of the hand gun and the software randomly spins the cylinder.  You then pull the trigger by hitting the ‘shoot’ button on the gaming interface. When the gun fires, you lose the ante and raise bets.  If not, you win even money on the raise bet and the ante bet is a push and returned to you in its entirety.

The Win Probability is in Your Favour 

You now know how to:

  1. play Russian War at Juicy Stakes online casino and
  2. boost the value of the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.   

The question is; why would you want to play a casino game based on a card flip?  It all boils down to probability.  As with a coin toss, there is a 50/50 chance of winning each game round.  Either your card wins or the dealer card wins and that applies whether you have one bet or five bets on the table.

One of the Better Bets at Juicy Stakes Online Casino 

In statistical terms, you actually have a 50.27% chance of beating the dealer.  That is what makes Russian War – and by extension Casino War – one of the better bets at Juicy Stakes online casino.  How about the raise bet?  What is the probability of losing that?

All things being equal, there is a 1 in 6 chance of the gun firing.  That means the odds of losing the tie are 5:1 and the probability is 16.7%.  That leaves you with plenty of wriggle room in which to win even money – and avoid the ‘loaded gun to the head’ analogy!

What About the House Edge and Average Return to Player? 

All good gamblers know exactly what they are up against.  Besides the odds and probability, the key indicators of a good, bad or indifferent casino game are the built-in advantage to the house and the corresponding average return to player (RTP) or payout rate.

The easiest way to build a positive balance in your casino account – and strengthen the value of your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus - is to bet on the games that have a low to moderate house edge.  What is considered a favourable edge?  Anything above 96% gets the nod.

Exploit the Moderate Edge in Russian War  

How does Russian War perform when it comes to edge versus RTP?  We are delighted to report that the long-term average payout rate for Russian War is 96.54% and the edge is consequently 3.46%.  

What that means is the casino only gets a tiny cut of all the bets that are wagered on Russian War over the long term.  That is obviously great news as the bulk of the bets is paid back to players… just like you!

Where to Find Russian War 

Juicy Stakes online casino is a multi-software gaming platform.  As a result, we have listed our games in two ways – according to popularity and game development brand.  Russian War is one of several casino games arranged under the Tangente tab. 

How do you get access to our casino games?  By clicking on the ‘Join Now’ button on the top right of the page.  Once you have submitted your details online, you will have instant access to all our games… and that means you can cash in on your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus right away!


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