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Poker, especially when you want to play with one aim – to win – can get a bit complex at first. There are all sorts of rules and terminology that might pop up that inexperienced player may never have heard of before. One of these things, which happens to be a key factor to consider, is a poker rake calculator.

If you don’t know what the rake in poker is all about, don’t worry! Juicy Stakes is here to give you all the information you need so you can become a skilled poker player.

What is Poker Rake?

Before we get into what a poker rake calculator is, let’s explain what the rake in poker is. In short, it is a fee that all online and B&M poker rooms charge for hosting the game. It’s how they make money and cover their overheads. Fortunately, playing at Juicy Stakes Poker means that the rake will be less compared to land-based venues as our overheads are lower.

Either way, the rake is usually a small percentage of the pot size, taken from every hand that reaches a certain stage (usually the flop). The rake can vary depending on the game type, the stakes, the number of players, and the poker room’s policy.

What is a Poker Rake Calculator?

A poker rake calculator is a tool that helps you estimate how much rake you pay to the poker room every time you play a hand or a tournament. Rake is the fee that the poker room charges for hosting the game and providing its services. It’s usually a small percentage of the pot in cash games or a fixed amount added to the buy-in in tournaments.

Why do you need a poker rake calculator? Simply put, the rake can have a significant impact on your profitability as a poker player. It all depends on the stakes, the game type, the number of players, and the rake structure. Calculating the rake ensures that you are informed – and playing the right game for your skill level and budget.

Rakeback Explained

Rakeback is another term that you might encounter when playing at Juicy Stakes. Rakeback is a form of reward that some poker rooms offer to their loyal players. It’s basically a percentage of the rake that you pay back to your account on a regular basis.

If you play at Juicy Stakes Poker, you will benefit from our 36% rakeback deal that is credited to your account once a week. This means that if you pay $100 in rake in one week, you will get $36 back to your account. That’s like getting a discount on every poker hand that you play!

Rakeback can make a huge difference in your long-term results as a poker player. It can boost your win rate, reduce your variance, and increase your return on investment. It can also help you move up in stakes faster, as you will have more money to play with!

How We Calculate the Rake at Juicy Stakes Poker

At Juicy Stakes Poker, we have a simple and transparent way of calculating the rake for our cash games, Sit&Go’s and tournaments. We take a scaled commission fee, and we use a shared method, so the rake is evenly divided among all players who were dealt cards in a hand. I.e., the rake is proportionate to the amount of money that each player puts in the pot.

For example, if there are four players in a pot of $10 and each player contributes $2.50, we will take 5% of $10 as rake, which is $0.50. Then we will divide this amount by four and assign each player $0.125 as their individual rake contribution.

For tournaments, we charge a fixed fee on top of the buy-in amount. E.g., if you enter a tournament with a buy-in of $10+$1, $10 goes to the prize pool and $1 goes will be the rake. The fee varies depending on the tournament type and structure, but it’s always clearly displayed in the lobby.

To keep things fair, we have a cap on the maximum amount of rake that we can take from each pot in cash games and each tournament buy-in. The cap depends on the stakes, the game type, and the number of players at the table.

Juicy Stakes also has a no flop, no drop policy. We don’t take any rake if the hand ends before the flop! You can find our poker rake calculator, which includes our rake structure and cap, and info our ‘no flop, no drop’ policy, on our FAQ page.

Can You Use the Rake to Your Advantage?

You might think that rake is something that only benefits the poker room and hurts your bottom line as a player… That’s not entirely true. There are ways that you can use the rake to your advantage and improve your edge over your opponents.

One way is to take advantage of our generous rakeback offer at Juicy Stakes Poker. As we mentioned earlier, we give back 36% of the rake that you pay every week. This means that you can effectively lower your cost of playing poker and increase your profits by simply playing more hands.

Another way is to adjust your strategy according to the rake structure and cap. If you play at low stakes where the rake cap is low, you might want to avoid playing too many small pots or making thin calls or bluffs. This is because these pots will be raked more heavily and you will have less room to make a profit.

On the other hand, if you play at high stakes where the rake cap is high, you might want to play more aggressively and try to win big pots or force your opponents to fold. This is because these pots will be raked less proportionally, and you will have more room to make a profit.

Of course, you should always base your decisions on the strength of your hand, the action of your opponents, and the situation of the game. Yet knowing how the rake affects your expected value can help you make better choices and optimize your results.

Play at Juicy Stakes Armed with Our Poker Rake Calculator!

Now that you have a better understanding of what a poker rake calculator is, we bet you’re ready to join Juicy Stakes! To enjoy the best online poker action, you can download our software or play instantly online. In addition to our exclusive rakeback deal, you’ll also receive a welcome bonus of 200% up to $1,000 on your first deposit.

Remember to check out our poker rake calculator to know exactly what to expect – and if you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us here at Juicy Stakes Poker!