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We have all heard of stud poker, draw poker and Texas Hold’em poker but at Juicy Stakes we like to do things differently.  Unlock our online casino games menu, wade through the myriad titles and you will find the ‘poker of tsars’.

In its current form our big hitting card game is known as Russian Poker, which is really a diplomatic doff of the hat to the nation’s arduous journey from Imperialism and communism to its current status as Federal Constitutional Republic.

Notwithstanding the utilitarian title, Russian Poker is an opulent six-card casino game that you can use to monetize the constantly recurring Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.

Russian Poker - The Flexible Casino Card Game 

What are the key features of Russian Poker?  Well, aside from the fact that you will be in the proverbial ring sparring with the dealer, you can buy cards and swop out cards, which might help you form a paying poker hand!

You can even buy the dealer a card so that play continues and you have a clean shot at winning the ante and raise bets.  If that is not enough to pique the interest, how about a seriously saucy $10k fixed jackpot?

For an optional side bet, you will have access to a mega money pot – and that is over and above the raise payouts posted on the paytable for achieving conventional poker hand rankings!

Here’s something to deposit into your memory bank…  While you are playing real money Russian Poker at the casino, you are simultaneously pumping up the value of the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus. 

‘How?’ you may ask…  Well, that would be via the wager-generated Frequent Play Points (FPPs) and virtual Gold Chips, of course!  In essence, you can win hard cash in several different ways every time you load Juicy Stakes Russian Poker onto your desktop or mobile phone!

Right, now to the finer points of playing Russian Poker right here at Juicy Stakes. 

The Game Mechanics 

The bets and initial game play are pretty much the same as you will find in all forms of online poker.  Once you have anted up, you are dealt five hole cards to the dealer’s four hole cards and one up card.  The ante is the first bet that accrues to the FPP total and the value of the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.

At that point you can fold, raise the bet or – and here is the kicker – buy a sixth card or exchange one up to five cards for a fee.  If you choose to buy or exchange cards, you have to follow normal game play by either folding or raising.

The raise bet and buy or exchange ‘fees’ are the second and potentially third bets that count towards the FPP-funded Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.

Once all the bets are on the table, the dealer’s hole cards are revealed.  Provided the dealer has an Ace-King or higher, the hands are automatically compared, and the best poker hand wins the round. 

If the dealer does not qualify with an Ace-King or higher, you have the option of trying to buy dealer qualification.  You do this by placing a bet equal to that of the ante.  A replacement card is automatically dealt and the dealer’s highest card is forfeited.

That is the fourth bet that can help you juice your constantly accumulating Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus!

Multiple Ways to Win on Every Hand 

If the dealer still does not qualify, the raise and ante bets are a push.  If the player declines to buy the dealer a card, the ante is paid at odds of 1:1 and the raise bet is a push.

If the dealer does qualify and has a better hand than yours, however, you lose all bets.  When your hand is better than that of the dealer’s you are paid out according to the raise bet paytable… but that is not the end of your winning ways.

When your hand contains a second standalone paying poker combination, you are paid out for that too.  The only proviso is that only one card in the original paying combo is used to create the second payout permutation! 

At this point you can also claim your share of the $10k jackpot but only if you have taken the optional side bet – and that is the fifth bet that can power-up the end balance of the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus.

Phew… with so many potential wagers on the table, Russian Poker has to be your go-to guy if you are intent on transforming your Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus into a hefty free cash giveaway!

OK, we have gone through the game mechanics.  We have also outlined the multiple bets you can place on the outcome of each hand.  Now for the main attraction… and that, of course, is the payouts.

Russian Poker Payouts at Juicy Stakes 

As you probably know by now, the ante bet pays even money.  The raise and jackpot bets pay according to the paytables featured below: 

Raise Payouts    

Royal Flush


Straight Flush


Four of a Kind


Full House






Three of a Kind


Two Pair


One Pair




$10k Fixed Jackpot Bonus Payouts

Royal Flush

100% of $10,000

Straight Flush


Four of a Kind


Full House






Three of a Kind


What are the chances of hitting it big when you play Russian Poker at Juicy Stakes? 

As the best gamblers know, the odds reflect probability – and the probability of accumulating anything over a full house is pretty slim… but that doesn’t mean it will never happen.

That, my friends, is exactly why playing real money games at Juicy Stakes Casino is such an exciting proposition – there is no way of knowing what the cards have in store for you!  Who knows?  There could be a Russian royal flush waiting to brighten up your day!


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