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Are you brave enough to play bone-chilling, teeth-rattling slots after dark?  At Juicy Stakes Casino, our spooky slots are guaranteed to give you nightmares… and plenty of payline wins.  Here is how you can ramp up the fear factor by spinning the reels online.

Match Creepy Characters for Payline Wins

If the creepy character in The Clown does not create a sense of foreboding, there are equally unnerving characters in our supplementary online slots showpieces – Ghost Night and Rock Vampire.  All are sourced from the World Match catalogue and available right here at Juicy Stakes Online Casino.

HD Graphics, Seamless Functionality and Animated Narratives

Along with eerie imagery and hair-raising audio, our spooky slots feature immersive high-definition graphics and the kind of streamlined functionality expected of best quality online casino games.  Look a little closer and you can pick up extraordinary character animations in two of the three online slots, animations that tell a story all of their own!

Let us take a closer look at our World Match reel-spinners, purpose-designed to chill the blood:

Rock Vampire Slot – Multiple Scatters and Prolific Payline Wins

Of the three scary slots at Juicy Stakes Casino, Rock Vampire is the least forbidding.  That is not to say the vampire and his victim will not stir a kernel of fear deep in the gut.  When you play this 5 reel and 15 payline game in the dead of night, the fleeting images of bats flitting across the screen are enough to give you goose bumps.

Login For a Bonus Feature Fest

Besides the vampire theme, it is the bounty of bonus features in Rock Vampire slot that are truly remarkable.  Throw in a pay table which will no doubt impress even the most battle-hardened gambler at Juicy Stakes Casino, and there is plenty at stake.

Why the Scatters Matter in Rock Vampire Slot

In a departure from the norm, it is the scatter symbol that is the most sought-after icon in the game.  In fact, in Rock Vampire slot there are two scatters – the bat and the stallion – both of which are linked to three bonus games.  One bonus game is interactive, the other is a pick me feature and the third, an automatic entry into free games rounds!

Expect an Equal Spread of Payouts

Here is a spoiler alert… you need five scatter icons on the gameboard to unlock the bonus games.  As you are well aware, that is not an easy feat to achieve.  That said, the payline wins come in thick and fast, generating a fair spread of payouts from the low, medium and high paying symbols.

Grab Up to $1k in the Base Game

With a top prize of 1,000 x the payline bet and bet range of $0.15 to $15 a spin, the most you can win in standard play is $1k – and that is a lot of money in anyone’s estimation!

Now to the next spooky slot at Juicy Stakes Online Casino, the inimitable…

Ghost Night Slot – Free Spins and Instant Prizes

When it comes to entertainment value, Ghost Night slot is a step ahead of Rock Vampire.  How come?  Well, Frankenstein’s monster and a witch stirring a cauldron flank the 5 x 3 reel set to set the scene for a distinctly disturbing gaming experience.

Great Character Transformations

What we love about this Juicy Stakes Casino slot is the transformations that occasionally take place when symbols are involved in payline wins.  For just a few seconds, the grinning girl morphs into an ogre, the jack-o-lantern spins around and the bloodied ghost launches an attack on you, the player.

In fact, every gaming symbol becomes animated for the briefest moment in time.  If you are not vigilant, it is easy to miss the show!  That is the theatrics inherent in Ghost Night slot, now to the nuts and bolts.

Dip into a Generous Pay Table

As far as the payouts go, the top prize is 2,500 x the line bet.  With 25 variable paylines in play and a maximum bet of $25, the most you can win playing Ghost Night slot is $1,000.  That is precisely the same as the top payout in Vampire Rock online slot.

Benefit From an Active Wild Symbol Substitute

How about the in-game features?  How do they compare?  In this Juicy Stakes Casino slot, the wild is particularly active, delivering payline wins on every third or fourth spin.

The scatter pays up to 150 x the stake and unlocks 12 free spins where all prizes are doubled.  To top it all, there is a pick me bonus game offering instant cash prizes.

Bank Recurring Real Money Wins at Juicy Stakes Online Casino

Play Ghost Night slot at Juicy Stakes Casino and the gameboard is frequently filled with cascades of gold coins… which in reality is an animated indication of recurring real money wins!

Now to the Juicy Stakes Online Casino game in the scary slots’ genre, we believe is the showstopper – the one and only…

The Clown Slot – Creative Cameos, Bonus Games and Random Multipliers

With an ominous circus soundtrack and a desolate looking clown, this Juicy Stakes Casino slot is not a light-hearted game.  That said, when you take the pay table and bonus features into account, the complexion of the game changes completely.

Character Animations Add an Extra Dimension

Before we get into what you can win playing The Clown slot at Juicy Stakes Casino, here are a few words on the creativity inherent in the game.  Again, the standout feature is the little cameos that occur behind each winning symbol.  The brutal killing of the clown is one such example… and it really does add an extra dimension to the overall gaming experience.

Notable In-Game Bonus Features

The artistry may be memorable in The Clown slot but the bonus mechanics are notable too.  The wild is a regular visitor on the reels, completing payline wins with pleasing alacrity.

The scatter symbol is also a potential game changer.  It enables access to one of three bonus games that have the ability to adjust the balance in your Juicy Stakes Casino account from a negative value into a positive!

Enhance Payline Wins by Up to 8 x

The peach in the game is a random 2 x multiplier; a special symbol that really can ramp up the payout rate.  Hit multiple multipliers simultaneously on the reels and prizes can be boosted in value by as much as 8 x!

Join Juicy Stakes Casino and Play Spooky Slots Online

All things considered, The Clown slot is the game we can recommend the most highly.  It has all the ingredients of a real money gaming extravaganza.  If you're brave enough, go on, sign up, login to Juicy Stakes Casino and let the circus begin!


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