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Did you know Juicy Stakes Casino is the stomping grounds of famous characters from history, mythology and literature?  When you play slots online, you can interact with the A-listers of our epoch.  How about a brilliant detective who has smashed the ‘best sellers’ lists?

Anticipate the Best Gaming Sessions… EVER

If you think online slots are one-dimensional and boring, think again.  At Juicy Stakes Online Casino, we have cherry picked the best games by the best software suppliers.  What does that mean in the greater scheme of things?  You are guaranteed an outstanding gaming experience all round.

What Defines an Optimal UX at Juicy Stakes Casino?

How do we define a great UX?  Does above average payouts, rapid load times and lag-free functionality sound about right.  Well, the Juicy Stakes Casino slots offer precisely that… but hang on, there is one equally important element which we have in abundance.

Enjoy Awesome Diversity in Game Themes

Once all is said and done, it is the sheer diversity of our game themes that is core to our high player ratings.  When you know where to look you can invite super sleuths, demi-gods and heroes and heroines to tread the reels… and pull in payline wins on your behalf.  Who are we referring to?  Well, let’s take a quick journey back in time…

Hercules: The Invincible – A Feature-Rich Mythological Slot

Hercules was renowned for his strength, stamina and penchant for getting tricked and beguiled.  The son of Zeus and Alcmene was a Greek hero, demi-god and the character title in the high hit rate slot featured at Juicy Stakes Online Casino.

Hercules dodged death and pulled off amazing superhuman feats.  He did, however, suffer like an ordinary man rather than a divine being.

The Strongman is the Best Paying Standard Symbol

Here is an important observation.  When Hercules appears simultaneously on multiple positions on the reels, suffering is arguably furthest from your mind.  The perfectly ribbed hero is the highest paying symbol in the base game and one who pays up to 1,000 x the line bet.

As a player at Juicy Stakes Online Casino, gaming sessions are generally pleasant.  The same cannot be said for poor old Hercules.  His life was a bit of a nightmare from beginning to end.

Strangled Serpents and Slaughtered Children

Even as a baby Hercules was under siege.  The wicked Hera sent serpents to destroy him in his cradle but the slippery fanged creatures came off second best.  The infant Hercules wrung their necks instead!

One day when Hercules was much older, he became enraged.  He was so enraged he went on a murder spree and ended up killing helpless little children.  When he came to his senses, Hercules was quite rightly suicidal and promptly consulted the Oracle of Delphi.

The 12 Labours of Hercules

What did the oracle do?  She devised the 12 labours of Hercules, which involved killing lions, cutting the heads off nine-headed monsters, capturing hinds with golden antlers and cleaning out the Augean stables.  Phew… and that is not the full quota of labours by any stretch of the imagination!

Earn Multipliers on the Bonus Wheel

Now, in the context of the slot you can play at Juicy Stakes Casino, the twelve labours of Hercules are not really laborious at all.  In fact, they allocate the respective prizes in a wheel-based bonus game. The prizes are multipliers one and all!

What Else is in Store for You in Hercules Slot?

In addition to standard game play, the golden helmet delivers up to 100 x the stake and unlocks 12 free spins where all wins are doubled.  There is a nasty looking club which is wild and we have already mentioned the icon-activated bonus game.

Besides getting up close and personal with Hercules in this 20 payline slot, you have the flexibility to activate as many paylines as you want using bet levels which extend from $0.01 to $0.50 per line!

Sherlock Slot – A Cunning Casino Game with Inspired Payline Wins

Sherlock slot is set in the dank murky streets of 19th century London.  It is a tribute to the most famous fictional detective of all time.  The eccentric fellow known as Sherlock Holmes was first created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and remains a cult hero to this day.

An Eccentric Bohemian with a Brilliant Mind

The brilliant British private detective is Bohemian, enjoys a good shot of morphine and cocaine now and again – and alternates between ‘listless lassitude’ and energetic activity.  Such is the fame of this literary character, the who’s who of the silver screen have tried and often failed to capture the essence of the man.

Actors like Peter O’Toole, Rupert Everett, Christopher Plummer and, more recently, Robert Downey Junior and Benedict Cumberbatch have all breathed life into the inimitable private eye.

Sign Up at Juicy Stakes Casino and Make Sherlock Your BFF

Let’s move a little closer to home.  For avid gamblers like me, home is Juicy Stakes Casino.  Now, provided you are a registered member of Juicy Stakes Online Casino; you too can interact with one of the greatest minds ever to work with Scotland Yard!

When you open Sherlock slot in your browser, Sherlock Holmes and his fabled deerstalker are part of the action.  Better still, you are not expected to use logic or acute observation to win.

Hit Dr Watson for High Value Payline Wins

All you have to do is line up Sherlock’s side kick, the monocled, constantly maligned Dr Watson on the reels to unlock cash payouts of up to 2,500 x the line bet.  The travel chest is the next best symbol and delivers 1,000 x the payline wager.

Fixed Paylines and a Wide Betting Range

When one considers the fixed bet levels range from $0.25 to $50 per spin and there are 25 paylines in-play, there is plenty of money secreted on the reels of Sherlock slot.  Besides the standard wins, Sherlock is wild but it is arguably the free spins round that has the most payout potential.

Claim 10 Free Spins with 2 x Multipliers

When you line up the free spins icon anywhere on the screen, you bank up to 150 x the total stake.  What is more, there are 10 free spins to enjoy at your leisure and all payline wins are automatically doubled!

Sherlock may have been an Oxford or Cambridge graduate – no-one is certain which – but he has the temerity required to fob off all the other snobs and help you win piles of coins at Juicy Stakes Online Casino instead!


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