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When it comes to playing Red Dog Poker at Juicy Stakes Casino, it is all about the spread.  Get your predictions spot on, and there is less yapping and more winning on the cards.  Throw in an edge that is pretty impressive for poker, and payouts at odds of up to 11:1 could easily be yours!

What is Red Dog?

Red Dog is one of the more understated games at Juicy Stakes Online Casino.  Despite its connection to poker, it is not really poker at all.  Yes, there is an ante and raise bet but there is a stand bet too – and that is clearly a reference to blackjack rather than Texas Hold’em, Stud or Draw!

Besides the sumptuous 11:1 odds paid out for three of a kind, it is not the poker hand rankings that deliver the goods.  It is the spread that exists between two cards – if it exists at all – that is key to how much you win playing Red Dog Poker at Juicy Stakes Casino.

A Fast-Moving Predictive Card Game

In essence, Red Dog is a predictive card game with a quick turnover of hands.  In the version developed by Betsoft Gaming, which you can play right now at Juicy Stakes Online Casino, the gaming mechanics are intuitive, the animations flawless and the overall performance is first class.

How did Red Dog get its name?  When you open the game in your device’s browser, ante up and hit the deal button, an icon of a red dog’s head appears on the layout.  That, my friends, is the equivalent of Old Yeller – but he is blood red instead!  What does the Red Dog signify?  It provides you with the spread of the cards laid out in front of you in the blink of an eye.

How to Play Red Dog at Juicy Stakes Casino

The aim of the game is to predict whether the third card dealt on the layout has a value that fits between the first two cards.  That may sound awfully complicated but it is not.  Here is how the game unfolds.

You ante up with a chip value ranging between $1 and $100, two cards are dealt face up on the layout with a gap in-between.  Once you have assessed the spread between the two cards, you either raise your bet and double the existing ante bet by hitting the ride button or you stand with only the ante bet in-play.

The third card is dealt to the space on the layout.  If it has a value that falls between the two original cards, you are paid out according to the pay table on either the ante bet, or the ante and raise bet – had you made the decision to ride.

What is the Spread in Red Dog Poker?

The spread is essentially the number of cards with a numerical value that falls between the two up cards.  As an example, you are dealt two cards – 3 and 10.  Cards with the value of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 – a spread of six cards – can fit between the two and would win the bet or bets.

The wider the spread, the more likely it is you will win playing Red Dog at Juicy Stakes Casino.  As a result, it is always the best strategy to raise the bet.  If the spread is only one or two cards, the probability of winning is low.  In those circumstances, the best move to make would be to stand with only the ante bet on the table.

What Happens When There is No Spread?

When the first two cards you are dealt are a pair or of consecutive value, the round is a push and your ante bet is returned to you.  If, however, the third card dealt to a pair is of the same value, you are paid out at odds of 11:1 for three of a kind!

What Can You win Playing Red Dog at Juicy Stakes Casino?

As with all Juicy Stakes Casino games, the odds are commensurate with the probability of winning.  The higher the spread, the greater the probability is of hitting a winner and the lower the odds.  A spread of four through to 11 cards consequently pays even money.

If you are brave enough to risk your ante bet – and even your raise bet – you can win:

  • 2:1 on a spread of three cards
  • 4:1 on a two card spread
  • 5:1 if there is only one possible winner

What is the Payback Percentage of Red Dog?

We mentioned that the house edge of Red Dog is competitive when compared to other types of online poker featured at Juicy Stakes Casino.  In fact, the advantage to the house is 2.75%.  That of course means the theoretical payback percentage is 97.25%.

Red Dog RTP and Edge Compared to Other Casino Poker Games

How does that shape up against the likes of Caribbean Stud and Ride Em Poker?  The short answer is – pretty well!  Here is a few of the more popular pokers at Juicy Stakes Online Casino, together with their edge and payout rate.  As you can see, Red Dog takes top billing:

  1. Red Dog Poker – 2.75% / 97.25%
  2. Top Card Trumps – 2.88% / 97.12%
  3. Triple Edge Poker – 3.37% / 96.63%
  4. Ride Em Poker – 3.51% / 96.49%
  5. Draw Hi Lo – 3.93% / 96.07%
  6. Caribbean Stud – 5.21% / 94.79%

Sign Up and See What the Red Dog Has in Store for You!

Do you want to see what the big Red Dog has in store for you?  It only takes a few minutes to sign up at Juicy Stakes Casino.  Once you have crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s, all the casino games by all the software suppliers are yours for the taking… along with a free spins welcome bonus too!


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