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Ever since the WSOP started spewing out multi-million dollar winnings, poker tournaments have soared in popularity. Now there are several different types of competitions, many of which are featured at Juicy Stakes Poker. If you don’t know your deepstack from your bounty or think satellites are gadgets orbiting Earth, we are here to help!

Why Play Tournament Poker Online?

Poker tournaments are big for two reasons. The first is the fact that anyone with a deep enough chip stack can compete for some pretty amazing prize pools. The same cannot be said about the big cash games. They can be difficult to get into, especially when the pros are prowling about.

The second reason is the adrenalin factor. When you go far and win the pot there is nothing quite like it. The odds are the tournament pot is significantly larger than what you can win in a cash game. That makes the hours spent at the table figuring out the next moves all the more worth it!

If you want to test your skills against tens or even hundreds of other players, multi-table tournaments (MTTs) are the way to go. The trick is to understand one key element. When you play cash games online at Juicy Stakes Poker the ultimate aim is to win. In tournaments, the objective is to hang around long enough to be in the money!

Basic Guide to Juicy Stake Poker Tournaments

How do you know which Juicy Stakes Poker tournaments to compete in? By looking at the various formats, buy-ins, and prize pools. Here is a basic guide to the types of events featured on the tournament schedule at Juicy Stakes:

Satellite Poker Tournaments

Satellite tournaments are qualifying events for larger, more expensive contests. They give you a chance of competing against some of the best poker players – online and at live events. Rather than offering cash prizes, satellites typically cover all or part of the full entrance fee.

The last 10 or 20 players remaining in the game usually gain entrance to the big event. It is one of the easiest ways of getting into high stakes poker, even with limited funds at your disposal. Juicy Stakes Poker offers regular satellites to events with GTD prize pools of $10k or more. Buy-ins can be anything between $5 and $15!

Freezeout Tournaments

Most MTTs are freezeouts. In this type of competition players aren’t allowed to rebuy into the tournament. In other words, once you have exhausted your chip stack, you are out. There are no second chances.

The downside of freezeouts is the guaranteed prize pools are typically lower. That is because re-buys and add-ons are not around to boost the bottom line.

Juicy Stakes Poker hosts dozens of freezeouts every day. Buy-ins range from a few cents to $50 or more. Guarantees are variable and max out at around $1,5k.

Deepstack Tournaments

Deepstacks are self-explanatory. These tournaments start with a large chip stack in relation to the blinds and ante bets. Blind levels also increase more slowly than usual.

In deepstack poker the strategy is to play aggressively and selectively. It allows you to play more hands and take more risks. You also have the luxury of being able to bluff more and capitalize on your opponents’ mistakes.

At Juicy Stakes Poker there are regular deepstack tournaments with up to 10,000 starting chips and five-minute blinds. In this particular format rebuys are only available for the first 12 levels. Prize pools range from $150 to $750 plus.

Bounty Tournaments

In bounty tournaments, each player has a bounty on his or her head. It is funded by a portion of the buy-in – which is typically half of the fee. When you eliminate a player, you get the bounty as a bonus!

What makes these types of tourneys so popular is you can win and still lose the pot. It makes for some exhilarating action at the table. If you happen to be the last ‘(wo)man standing’ you get your bounty back as part of the winnings.

Bounty tournaments can be straight knock outs. In these events, all the players have a bounty of the same value. Depending on where you play poker online it can be around $2 to $20.

Then there are progressive knock outs.  They are the go-to events at most poker rooms and online platforms – including Juicy Stakes Poker. As for the reason being? The bounties increase in value as the tournament progresses.

How are the bounties boosted in value? When you eliminate a player and win the bounty, you get to keep half of the bonus. The other half is added to the bounty on your head. If you reach the final table, you’ll already have plenty of cash in the pocket. That’s without taking the pot into account!

Juicy Stakes hosts plenty of straight and progressive KO bounty tournaments on a daily basis. Buy-ins are affordable and range from a few dollars to $50 or more. Some have GTD prize pools. Others are funded by Gold Chips – the Juicy Stakes equivalent of a no deposit bonus!

Experience the Rush of Tournament Poker NOW!

Tournament poker is the best way to hone your skills, fine tune your strategic thinking and maximise risk management. It is fun, mentally stimulating and potentially rewarding.

If you want a shot at a GTD prize pool or like the idea of being a bounty hunter for the day, sign up at Juicy Stakes Poker. Once you have funded your account and claimed our welcome bonus, here is what you have to do - browse through the tournament schedule, register for the event of our choice and play. It’s as easy as that!