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If you are into murder mysteries, Juicy Stakes Casino is a deadly location.  Besides an array of slots featuring ghoulish creatures and mystery chests, Juicy Stakes is the home of whodunits.  The latest addition is a parody of an Agatha Christie best seller!

A Juicy Casino Slot Based on ‘Death on the Nile’

What do smart game developers and online casinos do?  They replicate the elements of current pop culture.  That is precisely what World Match and Juicy Stakes Casino have achieved – and it goes by the name of Nile’s Mystery online slot.

Now, our murder mystery writing Dame may no longer be with us.  That said, her blockbuster thrillers and crime fiction novels are here to stay.  If they feature the eccentric Belgian super-sleuth, Hercule Poirot, so much the better.

If truth be told, the timing of the release of the brand-new Juicy Casino slot could not be better.  Actor-director, Sir Kenneth Branagh and his fellow thespians launched a remake of the 1978 box office blinder, Death on the Nile, a little earlier this year.

A Real Money Cast Cut Back to Five Characters

Our delectably juicy casino slot obviously doesn’t have the size, budget or scope of a Hollywood movie.  Even then, it manages to capture the gist of the story.  While on a romantic Nile cruise with her dashing husband, a beautiful young heiress is murdered on board.

Her untimely demise triggers a spate of suspicious deaths… and the perfect scenario for a real money murder mystery.  In our 243 pay ways online casino game, the cast is cut back to just five key characters:

  • Linnet Doyle – the glamorous dark-haired heiress in a large sun hat
  • Simon Doyle – the handsome young man with a bow tie and well-manicured moustache
  • Jacqueline De Bellefort – the blonde with green eyes and bobbed hair
  • Marie Van Schuyler – a despairing looking older woman who happens to be both a kleptomaniac and American socialite
  • Hercule Poirot – a well-groomed gentleman with a goatee and moustache

Hercule Poirot – Gentleman Sleuth and Free Spins Activating Wild

The fictional detective is a primary protagonist in the book, the movie, the TV show, the computer game and now the Juicy Casino 5 reel slot!  As such, he has a very important role to play.  In Nile’s Mystery, Poirot is wild.

When he appears stacked on the reels, a little cinematic cameo follows.  It features a murder board with photos of all the suspects.  As the suspects are peeled off one by one; 2, 4 or 6 free spins are revealed and our inimitable crime-busting friend promptly doubles all prizes!

An iconic image of Egypt are the pyramids.  In Nile’s Mystery slot, they represent two special symbols featuring:

  • + 1 Free Spin – which adds one extra free game to the existing free spins feature
  • Bonus – which unlocks a pick me bonus game

In both instances, three or more matching symbols must appear simultaneously on the reels to release the associated feature.  Rewards relating to the bonus game are 2 x, 7 x or 8 x prize multipliers.  Now that is the potential game changer in our Juicy Stakes Casino whodunit!

Under normal circumstances, that would be all there is to gameplay.  Not so with our juicy casino slot.  In Nile’s Mystery there is rather appropriately a mystery symbol in-play.  When it appears on the reels, it randomly morphs into any game symbol, with the exception of the gorgeous heiress.

Grab Scatter Wins Up to $1,000

In this World Match developed online casino game, the newly wed, soon-to-be victim can transmogrify into a scatter symbol.  The only precondition is two or more stacked heiresses must appear on the gaming interface to enable the transition. When that happens, winnings of up to $1,000 are up for grabs!

What is eminently heartening about our crime-imbued gambling thriller is the hit frequency, which is positively brimming with opportunity.  Play Nile’s Mystery slot right now at Juicy Stakes Casino where there is a pay way win on virtually every reel spin!

What is more, our distinguished private eye is particularly active on the reels, popping up to complete payout permutations every other game round.   When Poirot appears stacked on the reels… well that is when the cash can begin to flow, right into your Juicy Casino account!

Now to that little matter of the pay table and betting range in Nile’s Mystery slot.  The winnings displayed on the pay table are based on the bet level.  They are the end transaction as it were, as all the calculations have been done on your behalf.

What that means is you don’t have to divide each win by the number of paylines and then multiply the sum by the posted payout.  The prizes are laid out for all to see.  What are treat!

Abridged Pay Table of Nile’s Mystery Online Slot

Here are 5 of the 12 available bet levels, together with the maximum prizes allocated to each of the standard game symbols in our murder mystery Juicy Casino online slot:

Bet Per Spin


















Blonde woman






Older woman






Boat and necklace






Champagne, handgun and knife






If you want to enjoy a feature rich online casino game where there is always something exciting happening on the reels... sign up at Juicy Stakes Casino.

That way, you can play the best World March slots over the weekend – including Nile’s Mystery online slot.  If you happen to bust your deposit, you can claim more than a third of it back in our recurring Juicy Casino cashback bonus!


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