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At our Juicy Casino, you are always assured of high-end gaming entertainment.  That is why we feature online casino games based on iconic snippets of pop culture.  Now you can slip into a Scorsese-style online slot, where there is pure dynamite on the reels!

A Juicy Casino Online Slot Based on Real-Life Events

The gangs of New York are no figment of the imagination.  They were groups of tough and uncompromising men who aligned with either native Americans or Irish immigrants.  Now World Match gaming software developers have come up with a tribute to the likes of The Dead Rabbits and Bowery Boys.

In this all-new gaming iteration, New York Gangs online slot, your job is to match the gangster, his moll and a small arsenal of weapons on the reels.  The prize?  A defined multiple of the payline wager correlating to that particular game symbol.

How juicy are the payouts?  Well, as you would expect from any slot at Juicy Stakes Casino, they are more than sufficient.  Let’s start off with the coin denominations.  There are eight betting options, ranging from $0.01 to $0.02.  Since the game has 20 fixed paylines, your chosen value with be multiplied by 20, resulting in a minimum bet of $0.20 and a max bet of $40.

The gang leader with this slicked-back hair generates prizes of up to 1,500 x.  In the movie Gangs of New York, our guy is played by Daniel Day Lewis.  His pretty little sidekick is none other than Cameron Diaz.  What value does our lady friend potentially add to the bankroll?  How about a super cool 800 x the bet line.

Since line wins are calculated as bet/number of lines, multiplied by the symbol value, you can be in for some serious cash returns with these two symbols alone…  and being a low volatility slot with an RTP of 95.02%, this could be more often than you think.

The other notable symbol is the pistol, which pays 500 x the line bet.  Lastly, there are regular playing card symbols – A, K, Q and J – which pay from 300 x to 150 x your bet.  Even the lower paying symbols can result in a sizable single win if you’re playing at higher stakes.

Benefit from a Plethora of In-Game Features

As you are no doubt aware, the money embedded in Juicy Casino slots is not limited to standard gameplay.  It is the special features that are so darn hot.  In New York Gangs 5 reel slot you will find there are plenty of surprises in store for you.

For one, there is a wild symbol in play.  It is represented by the typical star-shaped shiny sheriff badge.  When one or more of this symbol pops onto the gaming interface, it will complete payout permutations with consummate ease.

Then there is a money clip filled with a wad of dollar bills.  That is the scatter symbol that unlocks 5 through to 15 free spins.  You need to hit three or more scatters anywhere on the gameboard to be in luck.  How is your quota of free spins determined?  Quite fittingly, you have to pick a safe, and the randomly allocated free game time you get will be revealed.

That is not the best of the gameplay, not by far.  In this Juicy Casino World Match slot, there are two bonus symbols.  Each symbol is linked to a standalone bonus game...  Yep, that means that the New York Gangs slot offers two bonus games.

Unlock Two Bonus Games on the Reels

Hit the red Chevy icon three-fold on the reels and you will have the opportunity to select two money bags for the corresponding cash prizes.  The dynamite symbol triggers a slightly more complex and interactive bonus game.

You are presented with three crates stuffed full of money.  Each crate is cordoned off by impenetrable steel shutters, arranged in segments.  Your mission is to select drawers containing different coloured dynamite in order to smash through segments of a matching colour.

Once one of three segmented shutters is fully open, you are in the money!  Quite how much money you win depends upon two things:

  • the value of the current stake and
  • which crate you ‘blast’ your way into.

New York Gangs slot might not go overboard with bonus features and all the trimmings, but it is a deserving slot for its rich payouts and low volatility.  If you’re looking for some sleek action with a bit of jazz playing in the background, then this slot is worth a spin at Juicy Casino!

All About the Real Gangs of New York

In the Martin Scorsese movie of the same name, our gangster, Bill the Butcher, features prominently.  In real-life, this guy was a bare-knuckle fighter called William Poole – a butcher by trade.  Poole headed up The Bowery Boys, one of the gangs that operated from the dirt-poor Manhattan neighborhood known as the Five Points.

His adversary was an immigrant Irishman, John Morrissey, played by Leonardo di Caprio.  He was an inveterate gambler, boxer and all-around tough guy.  Morrissey, the leader of The Dead Rabbits, was hired by the city fathers to do just one thing – prevent Poole from rigging the election.

Despite the notoriety of the respective gangs, things didn’t end in all-out bloodshed.  Rather than a gunfight, the two men agreed to meet in the boxing ring.  History tells us that Morrissey won the fight.  His reward?  Permission to open a gambling den – just like Juicy Casino – in the heart of New York!

What is even more astonishing is that our hero ran for congress – and actually served two terms.  Bill the Butcher Poole, on the other hand, was gunned down in a saloon.  As far as the pretty lady is concerned, no-one really knows whether she actually existed.  If she did, her end story has been lost in the mists of time!

Sign Up at Juicy Casino for a bit of Gangland Drama

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