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If dragons, random prize multipliers and flaming hot bonus rounds are your thing, hit the Juicy Stakes login button now.  Betsoft has dropped a new slot onto our game’s menu.  It is a 243 ways to win real money game – and nothing short of a hottie!

Use the Juicy Stakes Login to Release the Dragon on the Reels

If you are familiar with the Juicy Stakes login, you will know its role is to protect your online casino account.  It is also keeping the riffraff out.  As such, you’ll need to register an account at Juicy Stakes and hit that login button to get in on the action!

One of the reasons for it requiring a legitimate Juicy Stakes login is that Golden Dragon Inferno slot has all the ingredients of a gaming blockbuster.  It has more modifiers than the moon has craters.  Heck, the title character even gives you a second chance to win… and win big.

Notwithstanding the added features, there is a constant inflow – and outflow – of cash during standard play.   Yep, there are the usual paying combinations.  That said, it is the integration of mystery symbols into gameplay that maintains a steady betting balance.

Enter your credentials in the Juicy Stakes login and you are assured of one thing.  When you load Golden Dragon Inferno slot in your browser, you are in it for the long haul.  More wins translate into longer gaming sessions… and that is a repeating cycle!

Four Bonus Features to Boost the Potential Payout Tally

What can you expect from the clever devs at Betsoft Gaming?  Let’s cut to the chase.  In Golden Dragon Inferno slot, there are four bonus features to maximise the overall win rate.

Flaming wild symbol substitutes play their usual role on the reels.  In this particular online casino game, the wild is restricted to reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 – but that does not stop its frequent appearance on the gameboard.

The titular character, which flanks the reels, occasionally emerges onto the gaming interface.  Rather than breathing fire, the golden dragon blows prize multipliers onto the gameboard.  In gaming terms, the mythical creature is a nudging wild reel.

The dragon only ever appears on the third reel.  Random multipliers range from 2 x to 10 x.  Now, listen up.  If you do not hit a win the first time around, there is no need to despair.  Here is why…

Rather than reverting to standard gameplay, our friendly dragon hangs around.  In fact, it is locked into place and you are awarded one respin.  In essence, you have a second chance to bank a multiplier enriched bonanza.

How is that for generosity… and you have Juicy Stakes Casino to thank!  It is an easy way of getting money for nothing.  Who doesn’t want a slice of that?

Mystery Morphing Symbols and Bonus Cash Wins

We have mentioned the mystery symbols that randomly appear on the game board.  These mysterious icons are represented by an enigmatic big cat.  Every time the bright red symbol with a gold leopard shaped as a door knocker appears… anything can happen.

That is because the mystery symbols automatically morph into the same standard gaming icon.  Mystery symbols can appear individually or as symbol stacks.  They can also feature on more than one reel at a time.

When the mystery symbols are in play, five of a kinds are a distinct possibility – hence their potential to pay out a whack!  They also ensure your bankroll lasts and lasts.  Now do you see why using the Juicy Stakes login to access the gaming action is a must?

Before you head off to our Juicy Stakes login page, we’d like to entice you even further.  Apart from the special symbols, there is one more bonus feature in play.  This time around it is triggered by six or more flaming bonus icons.

In the Hold and Win feature, the bonus icons display cash prizes that range in value.  The amounts you can win directly correlate to the size of your wager.  Once you have activated the feature, the triggering icons are held in place for 3 reel respins.

When additional bonus icons appear onscreen, the respins tally is reset.  You are awarded 3 extra respins.  The action continues until such time as:

  • there are no more bonus icons on the reels or
  • all 15 bonus icons are frozen in place.

Achieve the latter and you will automatically bank the Grand jackpot prize displayed above the reels.  Depending on the bet in-play, the jackpot ranges from $500 to $40,000!

If you miss out on the Grand jackpot, don’t sweat it.  You are awarded the corresponding prize for each and every bonus icon that is trapped on the reels.  Again, the actual winnings are determined by your betting stake.

Advantages of an Auto-Adjusting Online Slots Pay Table

You will be pleased to know you can determine exactly how much you can win prior to playing the game.  The pay table auto-adjusts to your betting stake. That applies to both the bonus wins and the standard payouts.  The best part is that understanding it is unlike trying to solve some of the hardest math problems!

The first advantage of the adjusting pay table is it removes any ambiguity.  When you play Dragon Inferno slot at Juicy Stakes Casino, no guesswork is involved.  The second major plus is you do not have to convert posted payouts into currency.

In other words, you do not have to take the bet lines into account to come up with the cash prize.  In fact, you do not have to do any calculations at all.  The information you need is right in front of you.  You’ll know exactly how much you stand to win based on your outlay.

Hit that Juicy Stakes Login NOW!

There is only one way to enjoy the myriad of features inherent in Dragon Inferno slot.  That is to register an account at our online casino right now.  Once you have selected a username and password, you can hit the play now button and enter the details in the Juicy Stakes login.

You will be directed to the lobby, where hundreds of great online casino games are listed under their respective game development brands.  Once you have visited the cashier and deposited money into your gaming account, you can bet and spin…  It really is as easy as that!


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