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What’s shaking at Juicy Stakes Casino?  How about the inimitable Mr Macau slot, the latest creation by Betsoft Gaming?  If you think Vegas is the fun capital of the world, wait until you see what our stylish Chinese host has in store for you…

Find the Best Bonus Features and Payout Rate

How do you bolster your bankroll playing online slots at Juicy Stakes Casino?  You choose the game with the best bonus features.  If it happens to have an above average payout rate, you have hit the proverbial jackpot.

That may sound perfect on paper – but where do you find the best slot in terms of payback percentage?  That is easy… you rely on Juicy Stakes Online Casino for direction.

A Recommendation from Juicy Stakes Casino

Right now, we are pointing at Mr Macau, a 5 reel and 20 payline slot with sticky wilds, multiplying wilds and free spins.  Shoot, the game is so generous even the title character wants you to win… even when there are no paying combos on the reels!

Sticky Wilds Deliver Frequent Payline Wins

Now we assume you know what sticky wilds are…  If not, they are the equivalent of the jokers or wild cards in poker.  In this Juicy Stakes Casino game, all wilds spun on the reels in the base game remain in place for two additional spins.

The upshot of the sticky wilds is frequent payline wins.  In fact, you can count the times there are not virtual coins tumbling into your casino account.  Even if you do happen to hit a cold streak – which is rare indeed – Mr Macau himself can come to the rescue.

No Wins, No Worries… There is Mr Macau’s Wild Boost

How can an inanimate game symbol turn your gaming fortunes around?  When the mood takes him – and it often does – Mr Macau delivers a ‘wild boost’ which enhances the probability of sticky wilds appearing on the reels.  That is precisely why we have invited him and his entourage to Juicy Stakes Online Casino… to turn up the tempo of payline wins!

Mr Macau’s psychic powers are randomly released on non-winning spins – but you will know exactly when he is boosting your probability of winning.  How come?  Mr Macau’s Wild Boost is announced by a blaze of light from the neon lamps trimming the playing area.

Get 10 Free Spins

We have determined that wilds are a dime a dozen on the reels and remain in place for two game rounds.  In addition, Mr Macau can conjure up the sticky symbol substitutes on a whim to help you create paying combinations.

There is a third feature with the potential to power up the payout rate.  It is triggered by three or more Triple 7 scatter icons and consists of 10 free spins.

Free Game Rounds are Potential Cash Cows

During the free game rounds, wilds have a more versatile role.  Besides their conventional function as a standard symbol substitute, the free spins wilds can multiply and remain in place for the rest of the round.

In practical terms, that means it is entirely possible to have five or more wilds on the gaming interface at the same time… and for multiple spins of the reels.  If you are lucky and hit the higher paying combinations, you can easily win three or four figures… for FREE!

What are the Payouts Like in Mr Macau Slot?

As a low variance slot, Mr Macau provides frequent payline wins of nominal value.  In fact, the highest paying symbol in the game delivers just 18.00 x, which is more than double that of the next best win.  That said, the sticky wilds more than make up for the prizes by completing payout permutations on virtually every spin.

Add the free spins round into the equation and there is a distinct possibility of hitting big wins commensurate with the value of your betting stake.  As all seasoned slots players at Juicy Stakes Casino will tell you, it is the bonus rounds that deliver the loot – and Mr Macau slot is no different.

An Eye-Popping Long Term Payout Rate

There may not be huge payouts on the pay table but the latest addition to the Juicy Stakes Casino games suite has an average return to player (RTP) of 97.07% and an edge of just 2.93%.  That puts the bonus-heavy Betsoft slot into the same league as skill-based table games like Let It Ride, Pai Gow Poker and Caribbean Hold’em Poker!

Fun Facts About Macau

How much do you know about the former Portuguese colony?  Other than its role as the gambling capital of the Far East, Macau is one of the richest territories on Earth.

The 4th Richest Country by GDP Per Capita

In fact, its GDP per capita is currently only eclipsed by Qatar, Ireland, Singapore and Luxembourg.  Despite the economic devastation wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the semi-autonomous Chinese state managed to accrue cash reserves of $78 billion in 2020!

Gaming Revenue Five Times That of Las Vegas

When it comes to the global gambling market, Macau is king.  The total gaming revenue of $36.6 billion in 2019 was more than five times that of Las Vegas.  There is so much cash floating around, the government pays its citizens $1,250 per year rather than taxing them!

The Most Densely Populated Place on the Planet

Along with close on 40 million visitors per year, Macau has approximately 683 000 permanent residents squeezed into an area of just 115.3 square kilometres.  When you compare that to the USA, for instance, it is roughly 33 times smaller than Rhodes Island.

In fact, Macau is the equivalent size of the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia!  As you have probably guessed, the city state is the most highly densely populated place in the world.

Sign Up at Juicy Stakes Online Casino and Have the Time of Your Life!

At Juicy Stakes Casino we are not confined by borders and we can’t boast the same gambling turnover or visitor numbers as Macau.  What we can do is offer you the best casino games online.  Why not sign up, claim the welcome Juicy Stakes Casino bonus and have the time of your life?


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