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What has more punch than the Juicy Stakes login?  If you are a cash gamer, not much.  Besides unlocking a bounty of bonuses, it provides access to wonderfully entertaining World Match slots… and the delightful dinosaur themed game is tops!

What the Juicy Stakes Login Unlocks

The Juicy Stakes login is more than the key to the casino.  It is a security mechanism, a privacy protocol – and an exclusive entry portal for patrons only.  When you enter your details in the Juicy Stakes login, you are assured of some of the best real money gaming around.

What makes gameplay at Juicy Stakes Casino so special?  A couple of things… like our responsive gaming platform, and our friendly customer support personnel.  Then there is the scale and diversity of our online casino games.

Along with dozens of titles cherry picked from the Betsoft, Tangente and Nucleus Gaming studios, World Match (WM) is a key supplier.  It is also one of the most active game development brands in the industry.  How does that optimise gaming at Juicy Stakes Casino?

In our neck of the woods, ‘active’ means industrious.  In other words, you can count on World Match to frequently launch new games.  Scan your eye down the WM catalogue and fresh new online slots titles leap from the page.

Right at the top left is an online casino cracker.  It is in the form of The Tyragnez – a 5 reel and 20 fixed payline slot with a slew of special features.  Only the Juicy Stakes login permits access to this dynamite of a Juicy Stakes Casino game!

What is Tyragnez?

What does Tyragnez mean?  In this dinoverse set in the Cretaceous period over 68 million years ago, the Tyragnez is an unbelievably cute dummy-sucking baby dinosaur.  What makes him so special is he is the product of two distinct species.

Mum is a Styracosaurus with three horns and a set of sharp spikes embedded in her pretty purple and yellow neck frill.  Dad, on the other hand, is a business-like Tyrannosaurus Rex with a briefcase and badly knotted tie.  The former is a four-legged herbivore, the latter a bipedal carnivore.

Mum is around 1.8 metres tall, 5.5 metres long and tips the scales at 2.7 tons.  Dad is a massive 3.96 metres tall, 12.4 metres long and weighs in at 8.4 metres.  Together these two behemoths created a clutch of brightly coloured eggs.  Each contains an exact replica of our gurgling blue-eyed title character.

Why the Tyragnez Slot Rocks

Graphics, animations and rock n roll music aside, The Tyragnez slot is rich in both features and payouts.  In that respect, it is one of the standout online slots at Juicy Stakes Casino.  Isn’t that a good enough reason to sign up and use the Juicy Stakes login as your free ticket to the big time?

Here is how much you can win playing The Tyragnez slot at Juicy Stakes Casino.  The cracked egg offers the top prize in the base game.  Land five matching icons on a payline and you will bank 2,000 x the line bet.  That is $5,000 in cash with a maximum bet in play!

Dad and mum pay up to 1,000 x and 500 x, respectively.  The T-Rex TV set, cooking pot and grave stone deliver a maximum win of 400 x, 300 x and 250 x, apiece.  Even the low paying card icons are generous to a fault, generating 100 x through to 200 x for five of a kind.

Access to the pay table is one main advantage of using the Juicy Stakes login.  The other is the ability to unleash special functions symbols on the reels.  The funky skateboarding dino with the rainbow-coloured frill is wild.  When he appears three-fold and stacked on the same reel, you are awarded a random number of free spins.

Get Free Spins and More at Juicy Stakes Casino

During the free game time, the triggering wilds, plus any other wilds, are sticky for the entire feature.  That my friends is where large stashes of cash can be made, all thanks to the Juicy Stakes login.  How likely is that to happen?

When we played The Tyragnez slot at Juicy Stakes Casino, we hit the free spins feature twice in 100 spins.  We banked a total of $65 and $110.50 in our allotted 4 and 3 free spins, respectively.  That is not a shabby return for absolutely zero outlay!

Land three egg bonus symbols simultaneously on the gaming interface and you are whisked away to a second screen.  Your task is to select one of five dinosaur eggs for instant prize multipliers. Potential prizes max out at 75 x.  When a bonus icon appears during the free spins round, you are awarded one extra spin.

When two of the highest paying cracked egg symbols appear stacked on a reel, they morph into our baby dinosaur.  These little babies are the scatters that pay from two matching symbols and up… anywhere on the gameboard.  Achieve five scatters and you are deep in the money to the tune of 1,000 x the total stake!

In The Tyragnez slot, there is even a mystery symbol in play.  It is in the form of a startled looking goggle-eyed fly trapped for eternity in amber.  This symbol has the power to randomly transform into any of the paying symbols.  The one exception is our cute as can be baby dino!

Travel Back in Time Via the Juicy Stakes Login!

The mass extinction of dinosaurs took place around 66 million years ago.  Just that one episode is proof of the immense power of the Juicy Stakes login.  By entering your email address and password, you can time travel back to the Cretaceous period when Styracosaurus, T-Rex and their virtual hybrid offspring, Tyragnez, stomped around the Earth!


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