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Do you want a share of Mesoamerican treasure - learn a little Aztec history?  You have to play Legend of Azteca at Juicy Stakes to be in with a chance.  In this online slot, it is all about how quickly you get the symbols to go ‘poof’… and disappear from the grid!

A Supplier of Brand-New Online Slots

Juicy Stakes Casino is many things, not least of which is a supplier of brand-new casino slots.  In this penultimate month of 2021, a flurry of fresh new titles has made it onto our download and instant play gaming platforms.  Flip through the thumbnails and you will find a superb selection of video poker variants, table games and online slots… lots and lots of online slots.

What defines a good online slot?  Elements like functionality, innovation and entertainment immediately spring to mind.  Based on those criteria, you will be delighted to know that this Juicy Stakes real money casino game is good… really good.

Let us take a look at each of our ‘good games’ criteria in a bit more depth.

Smooth and Efficient Functionality

To anyone who plays real money games online, functionality is key.  When gameplay is not smooth, efficient and seamless, nothing works as it should.  Happily, we can report that Legend of Azteca slot – as with all our Juicy Stakes cash games – operates optimally on any device.

The game loads in the browser at the speed of light.  There are adjustable settings to finetune the UX.  When you hit the spin button, the symbols fall into place with a cacophony of resounding tinkles and thunks.

Interruptions, delays and dysfunctional software is not part of the Juicy Stakes lexicon.  When it comes to gaming online, it is all smooth sailing… interspersed with a prodigious output of payline wins!

An Innovative Gaming Grid

Now to our second yardstick of a good online slot… innovation.  In Legend of Azteca slot, innovation is immediately apparent from the set-up of the reels.  In reality, the action takes place on a 5 x 8 grid embedded in the wall of an ancient Aztec temple.  It is, by all accounts, a massive gaming interface!

In the world of gaming online, the size of the can have an impact.  The larger the game board, the greater the chances are of hitting multiple configurations of matching game symbols.  A conventional reel set has 15 spaces.  Legend of Azteca online slot has 40 spaces.  That almost trebles the chances of capturing cash-generating symbol combinations on each and every paid spin.

That is not the only innovative highlight in Legends of Azteca slot.  In this Juicy Stakes Casino game, five of kinds pay both ways – left to right and right to left.  That said, all the other paying combos pay the conventional left to right.

How to Empty the Grid for Bonus Prize Multipliers

In addition to the payouts generated on the 16 horizonal paylines, you can accelerate the win rate when you empty the grid in a single spin.  How can you possibly do that?  Here is how it works…

Apart from delivering payouts in the conventional way, winning symbols automatically explode and disappear from the grid.  The icons, located immediately above, fall into their place.  That in turn leaves a progressively larger blank space at the top of the grid.

Provided there is one or more winning combinations, gameplay continues in that vein until one of two things happen:

  • you empty the grid and scoop up a 5 x prize multiplier as a bonus, over and above the base win
  • you fail to achieve a payout permutation, gameplay ceases and a new spin-activated round begins

Collect Bonus Icons to Release Free Spins

That is not where the fun ends at Juicy Stakes Casino.  Along with the wild, there are bonus icons which are randomly secreted on the gameboard.  Each time you reveal a bonus icon, it is taken off the game board and added to bonus counter located to the right of the grid.

When you accumulate all five bonus icons in a single spin, you are instantly awarded five free spins.  During the complimentary game time, the central reel is wild throughout.  What is more, the bonus prize for clearing the grid surges from 5 x to 10 x.

Enjoy Winning Entertainment at Juicy Stakes

From what we have already described, Legend of Azteca slot is clearly an entertaining gambling opportunity.  Besides the novel grid layout, concealed bonus icons and unique ‘empty the grid’ gameplay, there are plenty of payline wins to spice up the action.

Now to the question on everyone’s lips… what can you win playing Legends of Aztec slot at Juicy Stakes Casino?  Here is a quick breakdown of the payouts.

The wild symbol is the top paying icon in the game.  It pays up to 125 x the payline bet for five of a kind.  The pale blue gemstone delivers up to 50 x the line bet, while the green stone generates up to 25 x.  The aquamarine stone has a max prize of 10 x.  Thereafter, it is a standard 2.50 x for the yellow, red, pink and purple gemstone icons.

What is the top prize in terms of dollars and cents?  You can bank up to $171.87 when you hit five wilds on an active payline with a maximum $22 bet in play.  Accumulate the required bonus icons on the same spin and the jackpot soars to $859.37 in standard play and $1718.75 in the free spins round!

The Juicy Stakes Verdict for Legends of Azteca Slot

What is the Juicy Stakes verdict on the brand-new online slot from Nucleus Gaming?  A first thought is it doesn’t have the most generous pay table around.  That said, the expanded gaming interface is more than capable of capturing multiple line wins on each and every game round.

When you hit the bonus target, the complexion of the game changes completely.  In reality, Legend of Azteca is a no-nonsense Juicy Stakes slot with the potential to pay out a lot more than initially expected.

Why not download the Juicy Stakes software, login and play Legends of Azteca slot in the play money mode first?  That way, you can get an idea of the bonus icon hit rate and overall frequency of wins before upgrading to real money gameplay.

Juicy Stakes Casino is part of the Horizon Poker Network, which makes us a trusted name in the remote gaming industry.  Hit the Join Now button and become part of the Juicy Stakes family today!


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