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Juicy Stakes is a brand in itself, and a well-renowned brand at that. Not only do we offer a world-class casino with premier software brands behind our games suite, but we also have one of the most competitive poker rooms in the industry!

Play the Best Poker Online with a Competitive Edge

What sets out online casino poker apart from the games offered in our exclusive poker rooms? Competition, rewards, thrilling action – and the ultimate glory of being the best poker online player! Who doesn’t want to see their name at the top of the leaderboard?

If you’ve never played tournaments at poker rooms before, there are a few things you need to prepare yourself for first. Tournaments at Juicy Stakes Poker are nothing like playing online poker at our casino platform. Here is a list of some of the key differences that you need to know before buying into a tourney:

  1. Level of Competition: Online casino poker is more relaxed in that it is literally only the player versus the house. In online poker rooms, the pressure is on as you're playing against a more dedicated group of players who are specifically there to play in poker tournaments.
  2. Rewards and Prizes: While both online casinos and online poker rooms offer rewards and prizes, the rewards offered in online poker rooms are often larger and more lucrative, as poker tournaments tend to have larger prize pools.
  3. Types of Games: Online casinos typically offer a wider variety of poker games and variations, while online poker rooms, including Juicy Stakes Poker, usually focus on the most popular types of poker tournaments such as Hold'em and Omaha.
  4. Tournament Structure: Poker tournaments in online poker rooms typically have a different structure than the poker games offered at online casinos. Tournaments have buy-ins and blind structures that make the game more competitive and challenging.
  5. Skill Level: Because of the competitive nature of poker tournaments at online poker rooms, the skill level of players tends to be higher than in online casino poker. This makes the games more challenging and satisfying for experienced players, yet it might be intimidating to new players.
  6. Faster Game Pace: Many online poker sites offer the option to adjust table speed. At Juicy Stakes Poker, we give you the choice to play ‘normal’ or ‘turbo’ speeds. That said, even ‘normal’ speed at the best poker sites can be 10 times faster than what you’re accustomed to.

How to Prepare Yourself for Tourneys at Online Poker Sites

We’ve mentioned ‘skill’ and ‘experienced players’ – but it’s not to say that new players can’t have some fun at online poker sites. The best poker sites give players a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing what type of tournament they want to join, and this is where you can benefit.

If you play at top-notch poker rooms like Juicy Stakes Poker, we give you full control over the experience. After entering the poker rooms lobby, you can apply filters and adjust the tournament schedule to feature games that are tailored to you. This includes:

  • Game Type: Hold’Em or Omaha
  • Limit: No Limit or Pot Limit games
  • Stakes: Low, Medium and High (note that some gave tournaments with no buy-in at all)
  • Table Size: 2 players, 3 to 6 players, 7 to 9 players
  • Table Speed: Normal or Turbo

Beginner tournament players at online poker sites will do well with Pot Limit games, playing at low stakes, with a normal speed setting – and perhaps starting out with just one opponent. As you gain confidence, you can move on to more aggressive tournament options such as No Limit, High Stakes game in turbo mode! It will take you a while to get there though.

Using Free Online Poker Games to Learn & Practice Strategies

In fact, before you even consider tournaments, whether it’s the best poker online or not, the best strategy is to start with a strategy. You don’t go free solo climbing the Rockies right off the bat! You start out with indoor climbing, bouldering, then maybe free climbing… Finally, after many hours of training – and if you’re ready to take the risk, then sure, try a solo climb.

If you’re fuelled by adrenaline, then the best poker online is like a solo climb. It’s thrilling, with high stakes, big risks and great rewards when you reach the summit. So, before you go all out at Juicy Stakes, known as one of the best poker sites, we recommend you start at the very beginning. Where’s that?

How about the other half of our poker rooms, Juicy Stakes Casino! At Juicy Stakes you can practice playing Omaha and Hold’Em poker at your own pace, with cents as bets. There’s no clock ticking away pressurising you into making a decision – you can carefully construct your strategic gameplay.

That brings us to strategies. There are endless resources on the internet where you can find the perfect strategies for any poker game. Since playing at Juicy Stakes poker rooms is your goal, you’d need to learn the best strategies for Hold’Em and Omaha.

Print the strategies out if you must, try and memorize each move until it’s ingrained in your mind – and apply that knowledge to your online poker games. If you really put your back into it, you’ll be ready for the thrilling action that awaits at Juicy Stakes Poker!

A $1000 Poker Bonus Could be Yours

We say ‘could be’ as this is a bit of a catch-22 situation. All new players at Juicy Stakes Poker are entitled to claim a 200% match bonus up to $1000, but… Yes, there’s a but. You must be a new player across the board. In other words, if you deposited funds into Juicy Stakes Casino, you won’t be able to redeem the poker bonus.

The best solution is to turn to poker training apps – that’s if you don’t want to forfeit your $1000 poker welcome bonus. Go to any app store and you’ll find a whole bunch to choose from. If you’re happy with redeeming one of our casino welcome bonuses instead while ‘in poker training’, then go ahead!

Either way, we look forward to seeing you join our red-hot poker rooms where tournament action is ‘round the clock, non-stop, filled with entertainment – and pretty cool prize pools too!