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A brand-new Betsoft online slot has landed at Juicy Stakes Casino… and it is almost too hot to handle!  It is a tribute to Helios, the Greek god of the sun.  You too can bask in the warmth of big wins, where a buy feature is an optional access point to super-rich free spins.

Who is Helios in the Book of Helios Slot?

What is the claim to fame of the titular character in the all-new Juicy Stakes Casino slot?  According to Greek legend, he is the dude who brings light and warmth to the world each day.  Safely ensconced in his fiery golden chariot pulled by four winged steeds, Helios soars across the sky from east to west.

In the Homeric poem in his honour, the powerful all-seeing god is described as tall and handsome.  That is not so much the case in Betsoft Gaming’s Book of Helios slot.  Rather than featuring his trademark purple robes and a dazzling aureole of light around his head, our guy is dark, scary and ominously ugly.

In the mythical world, Helios is more than the sun god.  He is guardian of the oaths and deity of sight.  The fabled son of Hyperion and Theia is also a prominent character in the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Many moons ago in the real world, worshippers constructed a 33-metre-tall statue of the god.  The legendary Colossus of Rhodes and one of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World was so big it straddled both sides of the Mandraki port.  An earthquake unfortunately destroyed the gigantic golden statue around 226 BC.

Now, real money gamers at our Juicy Stakes Casino can exploit the golden allure of Helios.  We may not be able to catch a ride as he travels relentlessly from dawn to dusk… but what we can do is benefit from his role as the highest paying symbol in the game!

Here is what you can expect when you play Book of Helios slot at Juicy Stakes Casino

Book of Helios Slot Payouts

First to the pay table.  As with many Betsoft Gaming slots, Book of Helios is a low variance online casino game.  What that means is the payouts come in thick and first yet the actual value of the wins is mediocre.  In this Juicy Casino slot, it is most definitely the hit frequency that counts.

As we have already mentioned, Helios delivers the highest prize in the base game.  It takes the form of 8,00 x the payline wager.  The glamorous tomb raider pays up to 6,00 x.  She is followed by the bow and arrow and whip that deliver up to 4,00 x apiece.

All four themed icons pay out in cash for two matching symbols and up.  Thereafter, it is the playing card icons – 10 through ace – that generate between 2,00 x and 3,20 x for five of a kind.  They start paying from three replicated symbols and up.

Bonus Features in Book of Helios Online Slot

Now to the bonus features.  They may be on the sparse side but boy can they ramp up the payout rate!  The book is both wild and scatter.  In appears frequently in its iteration as a symbol substitute, completing paying permutations with alacrity.

Three or more books of Helios on reels 2, 3 and/or 4 automatically change the configuration from wild to scatter.  When that happens, you are awarded 10 free spins… and that is where the money magic begins.

The free spins round begins with a change to the gameboard.  Helios and his trusty steeds morph from stone statues into animated beings.  The scene behind the reels is red and fiery.

During the intro, one of the standard symbols is randomly selected as a special symbol.  When this icon lands on 2 or 3 reels or more and forms a winning combo, it replicates to fill the reels.

Now when scatter books appear during the free game rounds, they too replicate vertically.  They also reveal a random prize multiplier of between 1 x and 5 x.  It is this feature that is the potential game changer in book of Helios slot.

Why Play Book of Helios at Juicy Stakes Casino?

When we gave the Book of Helios a twirl at Juicy Stakes Casino, we triggered the free spins feature twice in 75 paid spins.  In the first instance, the ace was selected as the special symbol.  We were also awarded a 2 x prize multiplier via the scatter.  Our total tally was $109.40 with a $2 bet in play.

In the second instance, the king was the random replicating icon.  During this tranche of free game rounds, we hit the scatter on two occasions, generating a 2 x and 3 x multiplier, respectively.  We bagged $210.40 for our efforts!

If you find it is taking an inordinate amount of time to activate the free spins feature, there is a solution.  You can purchase 10 free spins by activating the shopping cart icon.  The cost is determined by the size of your wager.

What you have to weigh up is whether the potential real money return will be more than the initial outlay.  In our situation, it would cost $131,00 to buy in to the feature.  As you can see from our free spins forays, we would be down $21,60 in the first instance and up $79,40 in the second.

When you play Juicy Stakes Casino slots online, you have to remember that there are no guarantees.  Even if you do manage to activate a bonus feature, you may win nothing at all.  On the flipside of that, you may very well bank enough wins to buy a Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch to get you up off the couch!

Go for Gold when You’re in the Black at Juicy Stakes Casino

A good strategy is to only buy in to the feature when you have gained a profit.  That way, you are basically funded by us lot at Juicy Casino – and that is a smart way to play any online casino game.  You’ll either end up with a win-win situation, or you’ll end the session with no loss to your original bank roll.

Are you ready to meet the sun god?  All that is required is a quick account registration and you are free to login to Juicy Stakes Casino, deposit, bet and play.  You will find there are plenty of free spins bonuses and promotions to help you on your way.


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