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Pirate-themed slots are a dime a dozen online.  They represent a lawless era of seafaring, rum-swilling robber-barons.  In the latest game of this kind at Juicy Stakes Casino, you get the loot.  That is if wild captains and Treasure Reels fulfil their roles!

Find the Best Pirate-Themed Slots at Juicy Stakes Casino

Walking the plank is not traditionally part of Juicy Stakes Casino gameplay.  That said, there is always an element of risk involved.  The key is to choose your real money games wisely.

How do you know which online slots have a greater potential to pay out?  Well, you don’t… but the good news is that we do!  As we value our patrons at Juicy Casino, we’re always looking out for top games to feature right here… and on that note, here is a head-up.

If you are into pirates, privateers and buccaneers, Captain Quest: Treasure Island slot is highly recommended. It is a 5 reel, 3 row and 10 fixed payline Betsoft Gaming creation.  As such, extravagant graphics and animations are a given.

The game is set on a pirate’s galleon as it lies anchored off a deserted tropical island.  Your job is to find the buried treasure.  Be warned, me mateys!  The cranky captain with a hook and cutlass can either help or hinder your quest.

Elements of Both Classic and Video Slots

Captain Quest: Treasure Island has elements of classic online slots.  The wild, which happens to be the captain, is a nudge feature.  He also fills all three spots on the 3-row gaming interface.

What is a nudge feature?  Well, it is a special effect prevalent in slots with 3 rows, in this instance, a 5x3 reel slot.  It kicks in when a symbol appears partially obscured on a reel.  When that happens, the symbol is nudged up or down to produce a full display.

In our pirate-themed Juicy Stakes Casino slot, the captain either leaps up on deck or stamps his way down below.  Notwithstanding which direction he moves, the entire reel becomes wild.  At that point, any partially formed payout permutations are completed. Winnings are summarily paid out.

Expanding wilds aren’t new.  They have been integrated into the best Juicy Stakes Casino slots for the longest of time.  What is novel is the fact that multiple wild reels trigger the free spins feature.  That is normally the job of the scatter.

It is during the free game time where the action becomes more money-oriented.  First and foremost, you need three or more wild reels to activate the free spins.  This is important because each triggering wild reel becomes a Treasure Reel… and that is where the loot resides.

What is so special about the Treasure Reels?  They all start off with a prize multiplier value of 2 x.  This value increases by 1 every time an additional wild symbol lands on that reel.  When more than one Treasure Reel is involved in a payout, those multipliers are also multiplied.

Mmm… it sounds like there really is Juicy Stakes Casino treasure on the reels!  In fact, when you hit the perfect combination of wilds and Treasure Reels, it is possible to have multiplier values of up to 40 x in play.  What more can we say but ‘shiver me timbers!’

Exploit the Buy Feature… If You Can!

In most online slots, you have to wait until the feature is triggered.  That can easily involve more than an hour of gaming online.  Why the potential long wait?

All Juicy Stakes Casino online slots are powered by random number generator (RNG) software.  What that means is all the gaming outcomes are random and unpredictable.  If you are lucky, a feature can be activated on the very first spin.

In practice, that seldom happens.  A more likely scenario is you will enjoy access to the in-game bonus at around 50 to 100 paid spins or more.  The reality is that not everyone has the bankroll to sustain gaming sessions – in the absence of any luck – for that length of time.

Here is the good news folks.  In Captain Quest: Treasure Island slot you have the option to buy your way to the ‘big time’.  All you have to do is engage the shopping trolly icon on the bottom left of the game board.

Then it is simply a matter of making a selection based on what you can afford.  It is a bit like cheating your way into what would otherwise be a search for the most valuable treasures that are still missing.  In this Juicy Stakes Casino game, you have a choice of three purchases, each escalating in cost:

  1. 10 free spins with 3 triggering wild reels
  2. 10 free spins with 4 triggering wild reels
  3. 10 free spins with 5 triggering wild reels

Cost of Purchasing Access to the Feature in Captain Quest: Treasure Island Slot

The amount you pay for access to the feature depends upon your betting stake at the time:

Current Bet

Purchase Price - Option 1

Option 2

Option 3













































What you have to consider is whether the winnings will outweigh the cost.  Remember, there is no way of influencing the outcome of the feature.  Everything – from the number of Treasure Reels in play to the appearance of wilds on the free spins game board – is pre-ordained by the RNG.

If you have plenty of money in your online casino account and a positive gut feel, go for it.  Buying into the feature can be the quickest and easiest way of making a profit... or not!  That said, your first mission is to become a signed up member at Juicy Stakes Casino to partake in our pirate-themed gambling fare!


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