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Slots, in all shapes and sizes, are the mainstay of Juicy Stakes Casino.  Some are dazzling in design; others are more utilitarian in appearance.  All offer an adrenalin-pumping experience defined by big wins and even bigger jackpots… but is there a technique to hitting the big time?

Unlike games of skill like blackjack, Caribbean Stud and Jacks or Better video poker – online slots are games of fortune.  As a result, there is no available strategy to demonstrate exactly how to play the game in order to enhance the payout rate.

Nope… Your Fortunes are Based on Luck Alone

When you play slots at Juicy Stakes Online Casino, you can’t predict which symbols are about to appear on a payline or determine when a progressive jackpot is in play.  The only element you can rely on is luck and, as we all know, luck is capricious by nature.

Can a Methodical Approach Improve the Win Rate in Online Slots?

That said, there are tactics you can adopt in your slots-playing sessions.  By taking a methodical approach to gambling online, you can give yourself the very best chance of breaking even or ending a gaming session with a few dollars in the pocket.

When you choose the online casino games wisely and have a clear plan in place, you can maximise the probability and turn the long-term odds of winning, in your favour.  What kind of tactics are we referring to?

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Juicy Stakes Casino Slots

Here is a brief synopsis on how to get the best out of the slots’ genre at Juicy Stakes Online Casino:

Your choice of casino games is paramount to success.  The key elements you should be looking for are payouts, variance and bonus features.

It is the Frequency of Wins That Count

Ideally, you want an online slot that pays out frequently.  It is not the value of the wins that is critical but rather the frequency of wins.  Accumulating cash prizes may not be as exciting as hitting a constantly accumulating, network funded jackpot but you will be amazed at how quickly the small payouts add up.

When you play low variance slots online, you will find the credit balance at the base of the gaming interface is constantly fed with credits.  Your bankroll remains intact longer, enabling more time at the reels and a greater opportunity of hitting at least one or two elusive big wins.

Quick-Activating Bonus Features

In addition to the value of the payouts and the variance assigned to an online slot, the in-game bonus features are vital components.  Again, it is not necessarily how big the bonus prizes are but rather how easy the features are to activate.

There is no point in a playing an online slot with an expanding wild multiplier if it rarely, if ever, appears on the reels.  The same goes for a scatter that seldom shows up in the required configuration to deliver eye popping payouts as multiples of the stake – or to unlock the free spins feature.

How do you Find the Best Online Slots at Juicy Stakes Online Casino?

What you do want is the fastest possible access to the in-game features.  The question is – how do you find the slots casino games that tick off the boxes mentioned above?  As with all the good things in life, it takes patience and effort to find the perfect online slots according to our criteria.

We recommend you download the Juicy Stakes Casino software and play the online slots, which look great on paper, in the ‘play money’ mode first.  Alternatively, you can make a point of claiming the free spins bonuses that are always available on the ‘Offers’ page at Juicy Stakes Casino.

Once you have assessed the average payout rate and how often you hit the special symbols and activate the bonus rounds, you can upgrade to the real money mode.  When the data does not meet your expectations, you can discard that particular title without doing any long-term damage to your betting bankroll!

What is the Top Tactic for Profitable Gaming Online?

Other than basing your online slots selection on hard evidence, how else can you improve the overall win rate at Juicy Stakes Online Casino?  A technique that has worked well for us is premised on a quick-activating bonus round.

Now we know it is the free bonus features that have the capacity to produce big, or even mega wins on the reels.  In some online slots, the free spins rounds are boosted by win multipliers that range in value form 2 x up to 8 x and more!

Lastly, Quit While Your Are Ahead

When you access a free round in the first 20 to 30 spins and win enough credits to put you ahead of the game, it is a good time to quit.  You can either move on to another online slot that has met the criteria – or give up on gambling for the day.  In our experience, it is the best way to leave Juicy Stakes Casino with a few dollars in profits.

There may not be a hard and fast strategy for online slots… but if you are smart, you can win more money than you lose.  Why not sign up at Juicy Stakes Casino and give our tactics a fair run?  You may be amazed at the results.


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