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When it comes to strategy, exploiting Juicy Stakes free spins bonuses is one way to up your win rate.  Here are a few other useful tactics to add to your gaming repertoire.  They may not amount to a definitive strategy, but they can maximize time spent at the casino!

The Dual Impact of Juicy Stakes Free Spins

Before we explore an online slots strategy, let’s focus on the initial tactic mentioned in our introduction.  That of course is taking full advantage of Juicy Stakes free spins.  In the context of gaming, free spins can be one of two possible concepts.

The first is a standalone free spins bonus.  This is an incentive that functions like all other online casino bonuses at Juicy Stakes.  It offers a defined number of free spins, either on one particular slot, or a group of slots – for instance, slots by a specific game developer.

What Juicy Stakes free spins bonuses do is provide players with sponsored gaming sessions.  The gameplay is covered by the casino, plus the winnings are completely authentic.  In other words, whatever you win playing slots online for free is yours to keep.

As with all bonuses, there is a caveat.  You have to clear the wagering requirement attached to the bonus.  Once you have done that done and dusted, you are free to cash out your winnings in crisp dollar bills via your withdrawal method of choice.

The second free spins concept is also a bonus… but this time around it is a special effect built-in to the game.  When you trigger the feature, you are allocated a specified number of free spins on that particular slot.  The number of free spins depend entirely on the game and the feature – and free spins features can often be retriggered.

Up until that point – and immediately after the feature – you cover the cost of all the bets.  Trigger a free spins feature and the gaming software then awards the unpaid spins of the reels.  Whatever you win during the in-game Juicy Stakes free spins feature is automatically added to your gaming balance.  It is real money wins straight off the bat.

As Juicy Stakes free spins can give you a double boon, you have to use both concepts strategically.  In other words, you have to choose the best bonus in terms of the:

  • available number of free spins
  • qualifying online slot and its special features
  • playthrough, roll over or wagering requirement
  • maximum withdrawal limit

That way you are assured of getting the best possible value from the free game rounds.  When you choose a bonus attached to an online slot richly endowed in free spins, you are in the pound seats!  Now back to an online slots strategy… that’s if indeed there is one!

What is a Strategy in Online Gaming?

In the generic sense, a strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term goal.  In the world of real money gaming, a strategy outlines the best moves you can make according to your current position in the game, such as what cards you are holding.

Online casino games like blackjack, video poker, Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride and Texas Holdem have defined strategies.  The common denominator in all these games is you can influence the outcome.  They are games of skill – with a dash of luck – rather than pure games of fortune.

By learning the theoretically best way of playing the game, you can improve the overall payback percentage.  You can do that by memorizing the basic strategy of that particular online casino game.  Take it a step further and study and memorize all strategies and you can gain a solid advantage.

Online slots, on the other hand, are considered pure games of fortune.  There are no skillsets a player can use to impact the results, and neither are there any strategy charts to refer to.  In the strictest sense of the word, there is no strategy for online slots.

That said, there are certain approaches you can take to improve your chances of winning.  Here are a few tactics to adopt prior to playing slots online:

Compare Online Slots Pay Tables

Pay tables are the key to an enhanced win to loss ratio.  They inform players of what they can win by matching symbols on the reels.  When the posted payouts in the base game are high, you have a better chance of gaining a profit.

The pay table is also an invaluable source of information when it comes to bonus features.  When there several extra ways to win on the reels, the odds of ending the session in profit are skewed in your favor.  Features like cascading wins, expanding or walking wilds and Juicy Stakes free spins can be worth their weight in gold.

A general rule is to select slots that offer 1,000 x or more for the highest-paying symbol in the game.  When the rest of the icons pay similarly then, well, it is a good time to add the title to your favorites list!  The great news is that we offer plenty of slots with high-paying symbols.

Last but not least, the best software developers publish the slot’s payback percentage on the pay table.  The payback percentage is the long-term average of what the game pays out.  It is a basic indication of what you can win over hundreds of thousands of spins.

What is a good payback percentage – also known as return to player (RTP) – when it comes to online slots?  The industry average is 95%.  Anything higher than that and we recommend you fire up the game engines and play right away!

Select Slots with Prize Multipliers

Online slots with prize multipliers can be particularly lucrative.   When the multipliers are part of the in-game Juicy Stakes free spins feature, then even better!  That way you can win double, treble or even quadruple the posted payout for absolutely no financial outlay at all.

You will find multipliers are expressed as 2 x, 3 x, 4 x the prize and so.  In some games, there are 10 x or 20 x multipliers up for grabs.  That is why comparing pay tables is so critical in addition to looking out for Juicy Stakes free spins.

If you fail to do the groundwork at Juicy Stakes Casino, one thing is for sure.  You might very well miss out on a fabulous opportunity sporting in-game Juicy Stakes free spins, high-paying symbols, and great features.  That is simply not a good strategy at all!

Avoid Progressive Jackpot Slots

Contrary to popular opinion, progressive jackpot slots do not offer the best value.  The reason being is a maximum bet is usually a mandatory requirement for unlocking the jackpot.  That of course means you are likely to deplete your bankroll in double quick time.

What is more, the odds of winning a jackpot are negligible.  If the prize is a network jackpot, you will literally be competing against hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions of other players.  That does not bode well for you… even if you are born under a lucky star.

Your best bet is to claim a Juicy Stakes free spins bonus.  That way, you can enjoy the best classic and video slots developed by Betsoft Gaming, Jackpot Software, World Match and Nucleus Gaming… compliments of the casino!


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