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Online poker rooms rely on Texas Holdem to draw the crowds.  It is a game associated with fortune and fame and everyone wants a cut.  Holdem poker, especially in the no limit format, takes top billing at marquee events and poker sites alike.  The question is why?

Popular at Online Poker Rooms and Major Events

Of all the poker games, Texas Holdem is king.  It has a kind of mystique that Razz, 7 Card Stud and 5 Card Draw simply do not have.  Without exception, Holdem is the game of choice at all the best sites for online poker.

What we do know for sure is the Texas variation of poker is embedded in popular culture.  Books, movies and even songs have memorialized the game for future generations.  Now, pundits are trying to figure out why it is considered the best – at live tables and online at the leading poker rooms.

Experienced players will tell you it is the simplicity of the game that is key.  Unlike other variations of poker, the rules of Texas Holdem are easy to grasp.  That makes it a shoo-in for amateurs – the very same players pros like to predate on.

In reality, Holdem is deceptively simple, which you'll come to learn in no time at the best poker sites, like Juicy Stakes Poker.  That said, it is easy to play but difficult to master.  This is why it is the go-to game for skilled online poker players.  They know there is plenty of money to be made off rookie mistakes in the poker rooms.

What makes Texas Holdem one of the more complex games at online poker rooms though?  That would be the fact that there are three areas of focus.  When you play Holdem at the best sites for online poker, you have to:

  1. play your own hand
  2. play against your opponent’s probable holdings
  3. influence the outcome of the game through bluffing, slow playing and other forms of misdirection.

That takes some doing, even for experienced players who have a solid poker strategy in mind.

An Element of Luck and Skill is Required to Win

Yet another factor that makes Texas Holdem poker unique, is the 50/50 skill-to-luck ratio.  Both elements can have an impact on the outcome, to a greater or lesser extent.  That is unlike games of pure skill – like chess or the Rubik’s Cube – or games of chance, like online slots and roulette.

The luck element is represented by the fact that you can’t control which hole cards you are dealt.  Similarly, there is no way of influencing which combination of cards shows up in the flop, turn and river.  Over the short-term, luck dictates the action in the initial betting rounds.

Where the skill factor comes in, is your ability to control the flow of the game.  You can do that by:

  • playing more or less aggressively,
  • being selective as to which hands you play and
  • inducing your opponents to either fold or raise.

What that basically means is players of any skill level can win… but only over the short term.  To be consistently successful over the long-term, however, requires the development of certain poker skills – calculating the odds, adopting a good pre-flop strategy, always playing position and so on.

A good way of honing your skills is to play low-stakes cash games at online poker sites.  That way, you won’t lose heavily when you make inevitable mistakes.  Poker rooms like Juicy Stakes poker offer No Limit Holdem at low, medium and high stakes.

Fewer Cards, More Players, Bigger Online Poker Pots

Then there are the mechanics of the game.  Factors like the number of cards dealt and turnover of hands can make poker more or less playable and enjoyable.  In this context, Texas Holdem more than holds its own.

For one, fewer cards are dealt to each player.  As a result, up to 10 players can get into the action.  That means higher value online poker pots, especially in no-limit games.

It also means hands are dealt more quickly than Stud and other poker variations online.  More hands translate into more opportunities to win… or lose.

Secondly, there is an entire 5-card poker hand at your disposal following just one round of betting.  Thereafter, the volatility of hand values drops, making it easier to determine your opponent’s holdings.

When you play the no-limit format of the game at high-traffic poker rooms, one thing is for sure.  The probability of winning plenty of money is good.  That is especially true when there are rookies around the table!

When there is no limit to bets, players can wager whatever they want.  They can even go all-in with their entire chip stack, if they so wish.  Large online poker pots typically have a negative impact on inexperienced players, who tend to get overly excited.

The consequence?  Costly mistakes compounded by ill-advised moves – and ones that you can exploit!   That is the beauty of No Limit Texas Holdem Poker… but only if you have the requisite skill sets to play and win.  Now, you don’t need the skills of the top names in the Poker Hall of Fame, which is the game’s equivalent of the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Where to Play No Limit Texas Holdem Online

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