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You have experienced the thrill of ‘play money’ gaming at Juicy Stakes Casino.  The next step is to fund your account.  The question is: how can you be sure your money will be safe and personal information kept under wraps?

Fortunately, you don’t have to take a leap of faith when you deposit funds at Juicy Stakes Online Casino.  As a licensed and regulated operator, we are fully compliant, in every sense of the word.  From our financial validation process to our high-end encryption capabilities, we are seized with safeguarding your data and transactions.

Ring-Fenced Deposits and a Digital Money Trail

How effective are we at ring-fencing your funds?  At Juicy Stakes Casino, we have adopted a policy of funds segregation. The money that comes into the casino is isolated from the cash we use for our day-to-day operations.  In other words, your deposit is utilised solely for its intended purpose – to bankroll your gaming sessions online.

What that of course means is your cash can’t and won’t disappear into a black hole.  You can view your account status at the ‘Cashier’ and track every financial transaction you make.  As each deposit and withdrawal is carefully captured and catalogued, there is no opportunity for malfeasance of any kind.

Unintelligible Transactions

Besides our commitment to transparency, we have implemented a host of cybersecurity measures to boost client confidentiality.  The first is our use of sophisticated SSL encryption technology to protect sensitive financial and identity data from being hacked or intercepted.

What this technology actually does is scramble banking and personal information using a combination of private and public keys.  The end result is indecipherable transactions that are no use whatsoever to keyloggers, hackers and other cybercriminals.

How can you be sure your transactions are secure and encrypted?  The Juicy Stakes Casino site bears the hallmarks in the form of the padlock and https in the address bar.  That is our contribution to safeguarding your information.

If you’re wondering what those two icons mean, it shows that the website’s server uses an encryption protocol to encrypt communications between the casino and your computer.  It is independent proof that the data you enter at Juicy Stakes Online Casino is, in fact, incomprehensible to prying eyes.

Reliable Payment Gateways

The payment gateways we have partnered with to facilitate deposits and withdrawals at Juicy Stakes Online Casino have their own security features and protocols.  We have, without saying, partnered with only the most trusted and reputable companies.  Some of the security measures our payment processors have incorporated include:

  • Dedicated servers
  • Firewall protected vaults
  • Credential confidentiality
  • Advanced anti-malware protection
  • Multi-factor authentication

These are added precautions used to protect your dollars and cents as they are virtually transferred to and from the casino!

Payment and Identity Validation

At Juicy Stakes Casino, we validate all cashout requests.  We verify the person who has requested the withdrawal matches the details of the casino account holder.  We use the information provided during the registration process to verify identity and banking details.  The upshot is the winnings always get to the intended recipient and cannot be siphoned off by someone else posing as a patron at Juicy Stakes Casino.

In addition to validating all transactions, we require a completed credit card authorisation form before any payout is processed to your credit card.  Although it may seem tedious to submit documentation every time you cashout, it is another layer of protection we have introduced to keep your funds safe.

What You Can Do to Protect Your Cash

The only way you can be absolutely sure your money and data won’t be compromised is to beef up your digital security.  Gambling safely online requires a commitment on your part too.  Keeping your Juicy Stakes Casino login details confidential is one step you can take.

Securing your device with a strong password and using two-factor authentication doubles your defensive line.  Investing in a VPN allows you to connect privately at all times… and helps to put would-be hackers off your scent.  Make sure you don’t have adequate protection in place and try to avoid public Wi-Fi networks when using your Juicy Stakes Casino account.

By implementing these simple measures, and gaming at Juicy Stakes Casino, your money is as safe as it would be in Fort Knox.  With that in mind, why not login to Juicy Stakes Online Casino now and play the best online casino games in the real money mode.  Your cash is safe with us!


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