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What awaits beyond the Juicy Stakes login?  Along with hundreds of cross-developer online slots, there is a jackpot poker in the mix.  Caribbean Stud may be a single player game… but there is money to be made.  Find out how you can claim a share!

Juicy Stakes Login Unlocks the Best Cash Games Online

Hit the Juicy Stakes login button, enter your deets and you are admitted to a world of rousing entertainment.  Key ingredients are the real money online casino games and you can  find them neatly catalogued under the respective game developers.

Besides a legion of 3 reel and 5 reel slots, Juicy Stakes Casino features a selection of table games.  As games of skill, these are the titles that offer the best returns.  The only proviso is that you should learn how to play the games strategically, as this is how you’ll truly benefit.  When we say ‘strategically’, we mean that you play according to the moves that are statistically proven to be the sharpest, the smartest and the best!

Now, finding a strategy to apply to any of the games after you’ve engaged our Juicy Stakes login page is simple.  Search the internet, and you’ll find returned results for every game of skill – with more than one type of strategy or approach for most games.  There are fundamental strategies though – so even armed with the most basic of them all, you’ll play with an advantage.

Among these ‘grown up’ gambling opportunities that warrants a strategy is stud poker, straight from the Caribbean.  It is instantly recognisable from its evocative sunset and palms game logo.  Claiming a seat at the virtual table requires more than the Juicy Stakes login.

Once you are safely in the Juicy Stakes Casino lobby, hit the Tangente Gaming tab… and scroll down.  That is where one of the best-ever single-player online poker games is awaiting your attention!

Differences Between Stud and Draw Poker

With loads of online video poker variants complimented by the likes of Triple Edge Poker, Pai Gow Poker and Oasis Poker, what is all the fuss about Caribbean stud?  Well, first off, it is nothing remotely like draw poker – which, by the way, is the basis of all the video pokers at Juicy Stakes Casino.

With draw poker, you have the option to discard the cards you don’t want.  If you are lucky, you will get replacement cards capable of creating a paying poker hand.  When you play video poker online at Juicy Stakes Casino, you have two shots at a potential pay day.

Caribbean Poker, on the other hand, does not afford you that luxury.  You have to make do with the five cards you are dealt.  If you don’t get at least two high cards, then you can pretty much kiss your chances goodbye.

The other key difference between draw and stud poker is the opponent.  In the likes of Jacks or Better video poker, there is no antagonist – physical or virtual.   The sole mission is to form a hand that pays out according to the poker rankings.

In stud, you have to beat the dealer.  There is one compensation for going head-to-head.  That of course is the fact that the dealer’s hand has to qualify for each game round.

How does the dealer qualify in Caribbean Stud poker?  Well, the dealer has to have at least A-K in the hand.  Anything lower than that and you are in the money.  Well, that is unless there is a tie.  When that happens, the hand is a push and you get your ante bet back.

Why Choose Tangente Gaming Caribbean Stud?

Anyone who has used the Juicy Stakes login will be aware of an intentional double up on our part.  Tangente Gaming is not the only provider of Caribbean-style poker at Juicy Stakes Casino.  Betsoft Gaming has designed almost exactly the same game in the guise of Caribbean Poker.

Although the rules and payouts are similar, there are a few significant anomalies.   The first pertains to the long-term payback percentage.  In the Betsoft game, the average return to player is 94.78%. The advantage to the house is consequently 5.22%.

In the Caribbean Stud developed by Tangente Gaming, the average return to player (RTP) is published on the rules page.  According to the developers, it is 97.45%.  That of course means the house edge is just 2.55%.

The second major anomaly has to do with the potential payouts.  In Betsoft Gaming’s Caribbean Poker, the royal flush pays at odds of 200 to 1.  That is double that of Tangente’s Caribbean Stud.

Here is the kicker.  You may get double your money in Caribbean Poker – but you won’t win the optional jackpot prizes, as they simply do not exist.  When you use the Juicy Stakes login as an access point to stud poker, you can now make the informed choice!

What You Can Win Playing Caribbean Stud

Here is a sneak peek at the Caribbean Stud pay table, together with the jackpot prizes:

Raise Bet

Optional Jackpot Bet

Royal Flush



Straight Flush



Four of a Kind



Full House









Three of a Kind



Two Pair



One Pair






Think about it.  You can win an additional $10k for a royal flush with a $1 side bet in play.  What can $10,000 buy you?  A Chick-fil-A food franchise, of course.  Now that is worth playing for!

How to Win a Jackpot Prize via the Juicy Stakes Login

The first thing to bear in mind is that you have to place an optional side bet, of the same value as the ante bet, to be in line for a jackpot.  Then you follow this simplest of strategies:

  • Raise when you hold a pair or better.
  • Fold when you hold less than the dealer’s qualifying cards which, as we now know, are A-K.

When dealt with A-K as your high cards, you automatically raise the bet when:

  • the dealer shows 2 through Q and it matches one of the cards in your hand.
  • the dealer’s up card is A or K and you hold Q or J.
  • the rank of the dealer’s up card does not match any of your cards, you hold Q and what the dealer is showing is lower than the fourth highest card in your hand.

If you emulate the strategic gameplay to a tee, the odds are you will win more game rounds than you lose.  At the end of the day, it is only the deal of the cards that decides how far you climb up the rankings.

Are you keen to get your hands on the jackpot odds in Caribbean Stud?  Once you are registered member, the Juicy Stakes login is the key to the action.  Sign up at Juicy Stakes Casino now!


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