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Poker variations like Texas Hold Em and Omaha may require different strategies.  That said, the essence of gameplay is basically the same.  There are generic dos and don’ts that apply equally across the board.  If you want to win more money playing poker online, here are the plays and decisions that are best avoided.

Why Every Move in Popular Online Poker Variations Counts

If you have played the most popular poker variations online, you will know one thing.  Getting the best out of poker requires patience.  It also requires smart, strategic gameplay.

Raising the stakes too quickly is not going to cut it.  Similarly, chickening out and folding before the action even begins is an obvious non-starter.  What’s more, that kind of attitude is unlikely to win you any friends.

What you have to bear in mind is every move you make is heavily scrutinised.  Experienced opponents can get a good idea of what you are holding by evaluating what you do and don’t do.  That applies to all poker variations, from 7 Card Stud and 5 Card Draw to Omaha Hi-Lo.

Often times, it is a case of ‘you are doomed if you do and doomed if you don’t.’  Pursuing weak hands is never going to win you the pot.  All that it does achieve is deplete your bankroll… and in double quick time.

Here are a few glaring errors poker rookies tend to make – online and at live tables.  Most of the time, it hits them where it hurts the most… in the pocket!

Underestimating the Importance of Position in Online Poker

Your position at the virtual table should inform you of two critical aspects:

  1. Which bets to make.
  2. Which strategy to adopt.

In almost all poker variations, position lies at the heart of everything.  Besides determining your gameplay, it is the biggest clue as to what your opponent’s next moves will be.  Clues that they can’t and don’t get about you.

When you have the position, you not only know your opponent’s action.  You get more bluffing opportunities.  You also get to control of the pot. When you leverage position like a seasoned pro, you are likely to win more pots than you lose!

Allowing Short-Term Results to Impact Long-Term Returns

Ante up at Juicy Stakes Poker and there is one thing you can bank on.  At some point in a gaming session, you are going to lose and lose badly.  It is the natural progression of all cash games – be it at the online casino or the poker room.

Rather than taking the losses too personally and, in so doing, affect your ability to play clearly and concisely, move on.  You may have lost the proverbial battle but you can still win the war.

A better solution is to acknowledge the losses and start afresh with a positive mindset.  When you focus on long-term gains and believe in your poker playing abilities, future success is virtually guaranteed.

Employing a Slow Play Strategy

Slow play may be a powerful weapon at high-stakes tables and events.  That said, it is not appropriate play for rookies nor in micro and small stakes online poker games.  The point of slow play is to entice players into the pot, rather than folding to the raise.

The strategy basically involves bamboozling opponents by playing a strong hand in a deceptively weak way.  When that happens, it often induces one of two things:

  • players either bluff or
  • stay in the hand when their holdings are not good enough.

For the most part, slow playing is counterproductive.  The pot, when you do win it, is typically small.  That is why it is not a strategy suitable for newcomers at our online poker platform.  Not only is it frowned upon.  You have a much better chance of winning more money by fast-playing instead.

Overestimating Your Abilities

Confidence is the key to success – when playing the best poker variations online or doing most other things in life.  The problem arises when your skill sets are nowhere near as polished as you think they are.  Overestimating your abilities has a habit of backfiring.

Why would that be?  After racking up a few wins, the temptation is to up the stakes.  That in itself is hazardous.   When you are seduced by high stakes tables, the lights should be flashing red for danger!

Rather than risking a ton of money by getting yourself into circumstances you cannot easily escape, think again.  A far better tactic is to stick to low stakes and play well within your current standard of play.  That way you can accumulate pots and hopefully end the session with a small profit.

Players at high-stakes tables are experienced.  They are also ruthless.  The last thing you want to do is play online poker at a level that is not compatible with your disposable income.

You will not only embarrass yourself.  You will end up losing a lot more than what you can afford, notwithstanding your choice of poker variation.

Failing to Adopt a Tried and Tested Preflop Strategy

In poker variations like Texas Hold Em, the real action takes place pre-flop.  It is the first round of betting where you establish your strength against that of your opponents.  It is also where you determine a course for your hand.

Having an understanding of your opponent’s positions – “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu is the perfect guide, and you can apply it to every aspect of life – and which hands to play, is crucial to your success!  With a practical preflop strategy, it is easier to avoid making common mistakes that can cost you the pot.

Ideally, you want to play more hands around the button and fewer hands up front and in the blinds.  As we have already highlighted in the article, when you have the position, you are more likely to win.

The trick is to adopt a proactive, rather than reactive, preflop strategy.  That way, you will have a good head start over your opponents.  That can mean more online poker pots coming your way!

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