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Juicy Stakes offers a new player poker bonus. A true new poker player needs help getting started as a poker player. We will discuss several aspects of online poker for new players.

First, however, we will give you the happy details about the Juicy Stakes Welcome Package. The Welcome Package is just one of many promotions we run here at Juicy Stakes Poker. It calls for a 200% bonus for up to $1000.

Is That a Good Bonus?

It is, indeed!

The first thing to notice is that the bonus rate is extremely high at 200%. To receive the entire $1000 bonus, you need only deposit $500. With the bonus, you will have $1500 to play poker with.

The second thing to keep in mind is that we will be encouraging you, as a new poker player, to start out at low stakes. Since the blinds (in Texas Hold’em) will be for less than one dollar, your $1500 in poker money will go a very long way. Consider the $500 as your tuition in poker “school” and the $1000 as free money to help further your poker “education”.

Online Poker is Different Than Live Poker

We are going to concentrate on online poker here. Th main difference in live poker is that you can see your opponent. It is easier to size up an opponent in live poker. We contend however that playing online is a lot more easily controlled. Just as you can better size up an opponent in live poker so can an opponent size you up.

If you are a true beginner, you will want to stay as anonymous as you can while you are racking up hand after hand. It is the experience of playing many hands that is the primary educational aspect of poker. It is too important not to mention that each hand, in and of itself, is a teaching moment for new poker players. By playing online poker you can learn as much as possible from each hand while keeping your own weaknesses as hidden as possible. Thus, online poker for beginners will be a giant boon to your burgeoning poker development

Why Should I Start at Low Stakes

We touched on one main reason above: that a $1500 bankroll goes much further at low stakes than at high stakes. We also said that your poker play is a lot more controllable at Juicy Stakes Poker Online than it would be at a land-based poker room.

Money Management

This brings us to sound money management. Sound money management is actually about more than money. If you play in relatively short sessions, you will be managing your money by managing your time. A short session might be an hour or so. Some new players think that they have to invest hours at a time in order to speed up their learning curve.

The number of new poker players who can successfully play in long sessions and improve their game in that way are very few. You are much more likely to learn the most by playing the least!

Everyone Tries to Manage Their Money

Some new poker players think that if they don’t go all out playing poker, they are not serious about becoming excellent poker players. Here is a short list of areas in which people manage their money well and don’t think that they are not serious about the activity they are pursuing.

  1. When we buy anything at all, we look at the price tag and, if it is too high, we look to buy something less expensive.
  2. People shop around for the best mortgage.
  3. People use a shopping list when they go to the supermarket.
  4. People calculate the cost of taking care of a pet.
  5. People decide whether to shovel the snow themselves or hire a neighbor’s kid to do it.
  6. Some people rent a car in New Jersey to save money over renting the car in Manhattan.
  7. Even if we can afford a new telephone, computer, television screen, sofa, kitchen table or whatever else we are of a mind to renew, do we really need it?

In a nutshell, good, sound, and correct money management is a major part of becoming a good poker player!

New Players Should Expect to Lose for a While

Unless you are a natural, you will probably lose money in the first several sessions you play. At low stakes, the amount of money you will lose will be as minimal as possible.

There is nothing inherently bad about losing money as you start out. Most new businesses lose money in the first year or two as the owner(s) learn as much as they can about the business, their customers and suppliers, and so much else they need to learn.

Amazon Can Teach New Players a Thing or Two

It is said that in the early days of Amazon, the workers celebrated when Jeff Bezos bought tables so they didn’t have to work on the floor! Amazon did not make money for several years but we all know how that ended up!

Combining short sessions at low stakes with good money management and the expectation that you will lose at first, means that the losses will be small even as the learning curve is very great!

Pay Attention

For new poker players it's crucial to pay close attention to your opponents. You can observe their playing styles. This includes tendencies and observable patterns. Close observation of your opponents will give you good insights into their “poker personality”.

M. Scott Peck showed in his great book The Road Less Travelled that paying attention is hard work! That’s yet another reason to schedule relatively short sessions.

Poker personality is a term we have made up. It is an all-inclusive term for how an opponent acts, behaves, and so on. It also considers your opponents’ maturity level. If he or she tilts on a bad beat, you could take advantage of that tendency on a later hand.

Cultivating Maturity is a Challenge Worth Accepting

Maturity in poker is a lot more than if the player tilts on a bad beat. Some players tilt if they lose a few hands in a row especially if they were hands that the player should have folded.

One more word about low-stakes games. They often have a more relaxed atmosphere, which creates an environment conducive to learning and improving your overall game.

Juicy Stakes Poker Serves You

We offer everything a new or experienced online poker player could want. This includes a low rake, many stakes levels, a good choice of games, and of course our library of helpful articles about poker.