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Three cards, three bets and three ways to win – that is the story of Triple Edge Poker, a casino game with juicy stakes at its heart. If you want to find all the vital game statistics and get a good idea of what you can win, read on… there is even the added allure of a Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus thrown in!

How do you turn a trickle of money into a flood? By playing Triple Edge Poker right here at Juicy Stakes Casino of course. It is the kind of poker that reached notoriety in the saloons of Amarillo, Tombstone and Deadwood long before migrating to the sawdust joints of Downtown Vegas.

Now you and I can ante up, blow big rings of cigar smoke at our screens and saddle up for a gambling session that promises even money pays, ante bonus wins and phew-we dollar routs thanks to the Pair Plus side bet! What is more, the entire time you are slamming money onto the table you are juicing your Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus – and that is a doggone delight!

All the Game Stats Point to a Poker-Fuelled Payday
The beauty of this critter of a card game is three-fold – it has got a two-step strategy, an edge that gets better and better and payouts that soar to mind-numbing odds of 40:1. With those kinds of vital statistics only a fool would swagger on by the opportunity to lock and load Triple Edge Poker onto a device – any device – provided it is a PC, tablet or smartphone.

What are the standout features of Triple Edge Poker? To start off with, the dealer only qualifies with a queen and up. If that doesn’t float your boat, maybe the fact that you only have to make three key decisions will spur you into action. They are:

How much should I bet?
How about the optional Pair Plus side bet? Yes or No?
Should I raise or fold?
I guess what you are really waiting for is that bit about how much you can bank when you do beat the dealer and hit a paying poker hand. Well, as I have already mentioned there are essentially three ways to win. When you beat the dealer, the ante and call bets pay out even money. Wait, there is more. Hit a three-card straight, three of a kind or straight flush and you bag the Ante Bonus that pays at odds of 1:1, 4:1 and 5:1, respectively.

The Pair Plus Bonus Paytable at Juicy Stakes
That is great and all but here is where the serious money lies and that is the side bet activated Pair Plus Bonus. What is your potential payday for the Pair Plus? Here goes:

40:1 for a straight flush
30:1 for three of a kind
6:1 for a straight
4:1 for a flush
That is a 1-2-3 heap of moola that could be yours! Factor in that every bet you make – and we trust that it will be at least two wagers per round – generates Frequent Player Points that, at some point, turn into Gold Chips that you can convert into a free cash Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus! Does ‘wow’ kind of cover your sentiments right now?

What are the House Edge and Payout Rate on Triple Edge Poker?
OK, you now have a good idea of what you can win in terms of dollars and cents when you play Triple Edge Poker at Juicy Stakes. Now for the even better news – and it has to do with the average payout rate. You know, the theoretical percentage of all wagers that is paid out to players?

It just so happens that in the case of Triple Edge Poker, the payout rate on the ante bet is 96.63% - a rate that rises to 97.58% on the Pair Plus side bet! That of course means the house edge – the tiny slice Juicy Stakes retains to pay all our overheads – is 3.37% on the ante bet and 2.32% on the Pair Plus Bonus! That begs the question; is the optional side bet a good idea? Honestly, the stats speak for themselves… but I will give it to you in black and white – the answer is: you betcha!

An Added Bonus? Yes Siree, The Juicy Stakes No Deposit Bonus
At Juicy Stakes we are known for many things like featuring games by multiple game developers, offering cashback on weekends and processing cash outs at the speed of light. We are also known for our unique Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus that can be used interchangeably between our casino and poker room.

What makes our iteration of a no deposit bonus so refreshing is that it is not a one-off. Oh no, for the rest of your days playing cash games, slots tournaments and blackjack jackpot events right here at Juicy Stakes you will have access to free cash via the – wait for it – Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus, of course.

Sign Up and Settle In for the Long Haul
Our no deposit bonus is a self-sustaining circle of good will that gets incrementally bigger the more you stay and play real money slots, table games and video pokers at Juicy Stakes. Aside from boosting the Juicy Stakes no deposit bonus, the Frequent Player Points that you earn determine your status in the multi-tier and multi-level loyalty club. The higher you climb, the richer the rewards… in every sense of the word.

Do you want to benefit from an endless stream of player-centric incentives? If you do, hit the Join Now button and follow the prompts… it really is as easy at that to become a cash cowboy with casino poker at heart!


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