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What is better than a small fortune?  A frenzy of fortunes, of course.  As a patron of Juicy Stakes Casino, you are eligible for a cash fiesta – and the showstopper is not only one, but two trademarked Betsoft slots.

Play High Stakes and Exploit Fat Bet-Based Bonuses

If you want to play for high stakes, there is no time to delay.  At Juicy Stakes Casino, we have a pair of classic slots with seriously large bet-based bonuses.  Throw in prize multipliers and recurring respins and the Fortune Frenzy or Frenzy Fortune (FF) slots more than live up to their reputation as veritable cash machines.

It is Lucky 7s Against Super-Hot 88s

What is fascinating, to say the least, is that the two casino games we are referring to – 7 Fortune Frenzy and 88 Frenzy Fortune online slots – are essentially the same game.  The only exception is the theme… and even that is hard to separate.

Both are big on numerals, as all good classic 3-reel slots are.  7 Fortune Frenzy is basically a conventional lucky sevens slot, with two and three bars to complete the symbol configuration.

FF Slots Are a Perfect Match at Stakes Casino

88 Frenzy Fortune has swopped lucky sevens for double eights… and bars for golden carp.  It has also swopped the key words in the title around.  Other than that, they are a perfect match, including the payouts on the respective pay tables.

Now, why would anybody develop precisely the same game and clad it in two different skins… and why would Juicy Stakes Casino feature both the games?  As to the first question… the jury is out on that one.  We can, however, elucidate our players as to the second.

We’re Geared Up for an Online Gaming Gold Rush

The reason for featuring both games is quite simple.  The way in which these online slots are configured has created the gaming equivalent of the Gold Rush.  There are so many players clamouring to claim their share of a fortune, we have effectively doubled the access points.

With so many players boarding the FF train, we’ve avoided a system overload and opted for the smart solution instead.  Rather than featuring just one FF slot, you – and all the other players at Juicy Stakes Casino – have unlimited and seamless access to what has quickly become the gaming trend of the year.

Classic 3-Reel Slots with Gratuitous Grunt

What is driving the remarkable popularity of Betsoft Gaming’s FF slots at Juicy Stakes Casino?  Aside from the in-game features, which we will expand upon a little further down the page, these games are not quite traditional 3-reel slots.

Yup, they have the sevens, eights and bars, with carp as a fishy stand-in for the usual cherries or bells.  They also have one central payline.  Where they really do shatter convention is through the unique reel structure.

Wait for It… A Bonus Reel!

When you load one or other of the FF slots in your device’s browser, you will immediately notice that the 3 reels are, in fact, 4!  All are perfectly synched – but the fourth reel is a bonus reel.  Rather than featuring standard symbols, it is plastered with an assortment of fabulously rewarding bonus icons.

How do you gain access to the special bonus icons when playing FF slots at Stakes Casino?  You hit a paying permutation featuring any three symbols on the centre payline.  When that happens and a bonus icon lines up on the fourth reel, you are in for the real money.

Big Bonus Awards Coming Your Way

Here is how it works.  The standard payline win is displayed on the gaming interface and added to the total tally.  Thereafter, you are awarded the bonus prize, which can be one of the following:

  • 8 x or 18 x bet multiplier
  • 2 x, 5 x or 8 x win multiplier
  • Respin

The bet and win multipliers are self-explanatory.  They either multiply the value of the current bet by 8 or 18 or boost the payline win by up to 8 times.  Now can you see why playing the high stakes game can pay serious dividends at Stakes Casino? When you bet the $30 maximum per spin, you can scoop up as much as $540, over and above the payline win!

Multiplier Enriched Recurring Respins – Up to Five Times

The respin may not sound all that exciting but in reality, it can be a game changer.  Respins can recur up to five times, provided the respin icon appears on the fourth reel.  What is more, a random multiplier value of 1 x up to 4 x is applied to the initial triggering payline win – for one, two, three, four or five respins of the reels!

High Hit Frequency Via the Fourth Reel

Based on our experience of the FF slots, you will be delighted to know the symbol configurations required to unlock the bonus icons appear quite frequently.  In fact, six of the first 10 payline wins were boosted by bonus features.

That is not to say you are guaranteed a win on every spin.  There are plenty of blanks to spoil the payout party.  In these modified 3-reel slots, three symbols on the one and only central payline are required to open the money taps.

What Can You Win Playing Betsoft FF Slots at Stakes Casino?

Here are the payouts for 7 Fortune Frenzy and 88 Frenzy Fortune online slots, available at Stakes Casino, respectively.  Wins are awarded for three gaming symbols on the fixed central payline:

7 Fortune Frenzy

88 Frenzy Fortune


Flaming 7s

Flaming 88


Gold 7s

Gold 88


Silver 7s

Silver 88


3 Bar

2 Carp


2 Bar

1 Carp


Any 3 7s

Any 3 88s


Any 3 Bars

Any 3 Carps


Any 3 Symbols

Any 3 Symbols


As with all the online slots at Juicy Stakes Casino, the payline wins basically keep the credit balance ticking over.  It is the bonus features that have the potential to turn your fortunes around.  In our FF slots, the bonuses are frequently occurring and nice and lucrative too.


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