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Have you ever wondered what makes good online slots great?  At Juicy Stakes Casino, we highlight a few core features.  If you know how, you can find the big bonus mechanics – these are the elements defined by free gameplay!

Take Your Pick from a Massive Variety

As a genre, online slots are in a league of their own.  They are traditional casino games capable of paying out heaps of coins.  More than that, they are creative, dramatic and brimming with entertainment!  It is a gaming genre that offers the perfect combo of action, entertainment and payout possibility.

When you play World Match, Nucleus and Betsoft Gaming slots at Juicy Stakes Casino, you really are in for a treat.  These top-end software providers deliver only the best in terms of slots development, and you can confidently expect the following:

  • Graphics that are crisp, clear and rendered in high resolution 3D.
  • Animations, which pop from the gaming interface, that are genuinely thrilling.
  • Game themes – ranging from time travel to ancient legends – that add a special allure to the conventional spin-to-win gameplay.

Besides the glitz and glamour, there is action, as mentioned.  Coin values and paylines have to be selected and activated to put the game into motion.  If auto-play is on your agenda, you can set up 20, 50 or even 100 paid spins to deliver continuous onscreen activity.  If you are lucky, you may just rack up back-to-back payline wins.

That is the action in the most conventional sense.  It involves matching identical symbols on the reels.  Your reward?  The payouts posted on the pay table associated with three or more of a particular symbol.  Each game has a unique pay table that you can access from within the game.

The best online slots at Juicy Casino, however, involve a lot more than standard gameplay.  They have a series of bonus features integrated into play.  These are the dynamic little extras that have the potential to turn your fortunes around.

Here are 4 features in online slots that you should make a point of looking out for – at Juicy Casino and elsewhere:

Recurring Payline Wins

You will find several online slots with recurring wins at Juicy Stakes Casino.  As a feature, it is sometimes referred to as avalanche reels, exploding symbol sets or infinity wins.  Regardless of what the game developers call it, this feature is a cracker.  Here is how it works…

Every time you hit a paying combination on the reels, the winning symbols dissolve, explode or disappear… often in theatrical fashion.  A new set of symbols, lying directly above, fall into their place.  When they create a payout permutation, they too explode and are replaced by new symbols.

Gameplay continues until such time there are no line wins on the gaming interface.  That can mean three, four or even five payouts generated by the same paid spin.  In our humble estimation, online slots with recurring wins are about as good as it gets at Juicy Casino!

Prize Multipliers

How do you double, treble or even quadruple your money playing slots at Juicy Stakes Casino?  You choose the games that have prize multipliers in the mix.  As the name suggests, these potentially big paying features automatically multiply payline wins by a defined amount.

Multipliers are available in all sorts of configurations.  There are wild multipliers, which typically double or treble the payouts they are involved in generating.  Then there are multipliers as integrated bonuses exclusive to the free spins feature.

Free spins multipliers often escalate in value.  It may be a random escalation – or de-escalation, for that matter.  Or the value of multipliers may increase incrementally in tandem with the number of free spins.  In other words, the prize multiplier may, as an example, increase from 2 x to 4 x on the fifth free spin.

When you play the Juicy Casino online slots with selectable free spins features, we advise you to choose the options with prize multipliers built into the complimentary gameplay!

Replicating Sticky Wilds

Wild symbols are the equivalent of the jokers in a pack of cards.  They can substitute any standard game symbol to complete a line win.  As we have outlined above, wilds can multiply payouts.  They can also expand to fill an entire reel.

All these types of wild can be lucrative.  None are more so than our pick – the replicating sticky wilds.  In this particular configuration, one or more wild symbols appear on the reels.  They then remain in place for multiple paid spins.  They also randomly transform adjacent symbols into additional wilds.

What that in effect means is it is possible for the entire gameboard to ‘go wild’.  It may not happen very often but when it does, it can be as good as hitting the jackpot at Juicy Casino!

That said, you do not have to achieve a wild gaming interface to be in the money.  Even a limited number of wild symbols can generate payouts that are eye watering in value.  When the wild happens to have a multiplier as a co-joined mate… well, then anything is possible!

High Stakes Scatters

Scatter symbols may not immediately spring to mind as game changing online slots symbols.  That is generally for good reason.  As game icons, scatters are best known for activating the free spins feature.

What is often overlooked is the fact that they typically pay out anywhere on the game board. In other words, they do not have to land from left to right on an active payline to deliver the prize.  What is arguably more significant is the scatter usually pays out a multiple of the total stake.

Why is that notable?  With all the other online slots symbols, payouts are multiplied by the payline bet.  To calculate the prize, you first have to divide your wager by the number of paylines.  The sum of that calculation is then multiplied by the posted payout.

When it comes to the scatter win, you simply multiply the payout by your stake.  What that of course means is there is plenty of money to be made via the scatter.  That is especially true when the posted payout is 100 x or 200 x the total bet!

Finding the Best Bonus Slots at Juicy Stakes Casino

Do you want to hunt down the online slots with one or more of our best-ever bonus features?  If you do, there are two easy options – and the good news is you won’t be charged with insider trading for following our advice!  You can:

  1. Hit the information icon on the online slots thumbnail to get a quick view of the in-game features.
  2. Register an account, download our gaming software, login to Juicy Stakes Casino and play any of our online slots for free in the Play Money mode.

Whichever option you choose, you will have the best online slots available at your fingertips.  Sign up at Juicy Stakes Casino and play – it is that easy to get access to potentially wildly lucrative slots games on demand and cross-platform!


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