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Juicy Stakes Casino offers a full gamut of bonuses.  One such free offer is the Blackjack Jackpot.  It is a bonus that only surfaces occasionally.  When it does, here is what you do.  Login to Juicy Stakes Casino, hit the Tangente tab and load blackjack in the browser!

What is the Blackjack Jackpot Bonus at Juicy Casino?

When you play blackjack online at Juicy Stakes Casino, you can rev up your chances to bag more cash.  Every now and again there is a Blackjack Jackpot on the ‘offers’ page.  In tandem with the usual 3:2 and even money odds, that means there is a bonus payout up for grabs.

How do you win a bit of extra cash at Juicy Stakes Casino?  You hit a special event... and nope, we are not referring to an all-night rave, a marathon or the Queen’s jubilee.  These events involve a little virtual party for one that entails you hitting a precise combination of cards.  To be exact – cards that all add up to twenty-one.

What do these ‘blackjack events’ look like?  The first is a natural suited blackjack – in spades, hearts, diamonds or clubs.  When the two initial cards you are dealt are an ace and 10-value card, you are in the money.  The only exception would be if the dealer happens to have a natural blackjack too.  In this instance, the hand will sadly result in a push.

If it is not a push, you will – along with the usual 3:2 payout – get an extra $5 in hard cash.  Here is the kicker.  The probability of hitting a blackjack with eight decks of cards in-play is around 4.7%.  Throw a matching suit into the fray and the probability plummets to 0.08%.

What that tells you one thing – achieving a suited blackjack is a rare event indeed!  That said, it is not an impossibility.  As there is no extra cost involved in chasing the event, and so, you really have nothing to lose.  After all, we are not talking about an optional side bet here.  We are referring to a free Juicy Casino jackpot… and it could be heading your way!

What Else Can You Win in Jackpot Blackjack?

Overall, the Blackjack Jackpot has a cash value of $2,000.  If the suited blackjacks account for just $20 of the $2k, what are the other events?  How much do they pay?

These big paying hands are not traditional blackjack hands, per se.  They are suites of cards with a sum of twenty-one.

  • Small suite 21 – 6-7-8 in any order.
  • Big suite 21 – A-2-3-4-5-6 in any order.
  • Suited big suite 21 – A-2-3-4-5-6 in any order but in one suit.

Hit any of these events at Juicy Stakes Casino and you bank a cool $10, $20 and $500, respectively!  That is over and above the traditional 1:1 odds for 21.

Qualifying Games for the Blackjack Jackpot Bonus

The Juicy Stakes Casino Blackjack Jackpot has limited validity and it only applies to the games developed by Tangente Gaming.  That means you can fire up Blackjack 21, Double Draw and Perfect Pairs Blackjack on your device – and claim a share of the bounty.

The question is, which of these online blackjacks is the best in terms of odds and payback rate?  It obviously makes sense to pursue a jackpot when you can load up the payouts.  Before we get into what separates one game from the other, here are the basic similarities.

All the Tangente online blackjacks are played using eight standard decks of playing cards.  They offer 3:2 for blackjack, 2:1 for insurance and 1:1 for a winning hand.  Here are the rules shared by all three variants:

  • Dealer hits on soft 17.
  • Dealer peeks at 10-value cards and aces.
  • Double allowed on any two cards and after the split.
  • Split up to two hands.
  • Only one card to split aces.
  • A-10 after the split pays even money.

If all the Tangente online blackjacks are fundamentally the same, how do you pick the best option?  In one of the three games, the gameplay is marginally different.  That game happens to be Double Draw Blackjack.

In this version of classic 21, you can redraw on the following hard hands – 15, 16 and 17.  By nature, all these hands are tricky to play.  If you hit, there is a good likelihood of the hand busting.  Opt to stand, and the probability of the dealer holding a better hand is steep.

Which Juicy Casino Jackpot Blackjack Has the Best Payback %?

This one favourable online blackjack rule in has an impact on the payback percentage.  Instead of enjoying an average return to player (RTP) of 99.30%, as you would with both the other jackpot games, the payback is 98.85%.  That means the edge is 1.15%, rather than 0.70%.

As we have ascertained, Blackjack 21 and Perfect Pairs have a matching payback rate.  What differentiates the games is the optional side bet available in Perfect Pairs.  This bet pays out when the first two cards are a pair.

  • 5:1 - mixed colour and suit.
  • 10:1 - mixed colour and same suit.
  • 30:1 - matching colour and suit.

Once the side bet is settled, gameplay progresses as it usually would.  That means you can win both bets.  If you are lucky, you could even scoop up one of the Blackjack Jackpot prizes too!  Now that is a thought… and it is definitely one to keep in mind when you gun for the Juicy Casino jackpot, with online blackjack at its core.

To prevail, you might need a combination of the patience, skill, strategy, discipline and accuracy of the likes of a 43th generation Shaolin master.  Alternatively, you can just wing it and hope for the best!

Sign Up at Juicy Stakes Casino: Give Jackpot Events Your Best Shot

Are you keen to dip into the Juicy Stakes Casino bonuses?  Do you have the bottle to play blackjack online and win multiple bets and events?  If your answers and yes and yes, then the simple solution is to register a real money account at Juicy Casino now.  This will grant you access to our entire blackjack menu, along with all associated perks!


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